[03-10-2023] Kern County, CA – Multi-Car Crash on Highway 223 Forces Road Closures and Traffic Delays

[03-10-2023] Multi-Car Crash on Highway 223 Forces Road Closures and Traffic DelaysA multi-vehicle crash led to traffic delays and road closures in Arvin on Friday morning, March 10, 2023.

According to reports, the collision occurred around 8:00 a.m. near Highway 223 and Edison Road.

Authorities confirmed that one vehicle rolled over on its roof, and how many people were injured remains unclear.

The CHP and emergency personnel responded to the scene.

Motorists were advised to avoid the areas if possible while officials investigated the cause of the crash.

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Multi-Vehicle Crash Statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a car accident occurs every 60 seconds. In 2016, approximately 3,300 people were killed in these accidents in California. Over 94% of all accidents are caused by human error.

The National Safety Council reports that one out of ten Americans is killed in an automobile accident every year.

In California, 3,889 people were killed in car accidents in 2019, and approximately 2,765,000 were injured. Since 2013, the number of fatalities and injuries associated with car accidents has increased by 23.5%.

Multi-vehicle accidents occur when three or more vehicles collide for various reasons. Six vehicles may be destroyed following a car accident.

Multi-vehicle crashes cause more fatalities, serious injuries, and property damage than traffic accidents. Situational awareness and loss of control may cause individuals to endanger those around them. Most collisions of this nature occur more frequently.

What Should I Do After an Accident?

Assuming that it is safe to collect the information, a police report should be filed. By doing this, the police can maintain information on what occurred during the accident on a central database within the police department and ensure the information is kept safely.

Even if the police don’t arrive at the scene of an accident, what you can do after the fact is contact the police by phone or in person and file an accident report. As a result, if the police aren’t present at the collision scene, they’ll gather the information themselves, and a police report will be prepared later.

Trusted Car Accident Attorneys in Arvin

Multi-vehicle collisions often result in multiple injuries. Many victims suffer severe head injuries, spinal damage, fractures, and abrasions. Recovering from these conditions may take years of rehabilitation and expensive hospitalization.

In general, accidents negatively affect mental and emotional health and physical well-being. The sooner you seek legal assistance, the better your chances of avoiding future complications.

Our Arvin car accident attorneys at Arash Law, led by Arash Khorsandi, Esq., can assist you in these legal proceedings. They regularly handle cases of this nature and have extensive experience in this field.

Our legal team works hard to ensure each client obtains the legal compensation they deserve.

Call us today at (888) 488-1391 or use the “Do I Have a Case?” form online to speak with a lawyer.

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