[05-13-2023] San Joaquin County, CA – One Killed, Two Others Suffered Injuries Following Car Crash in Stockton

[05-13-2023] One Killed, Two Others Suffered Injuries Following Car Crash in Stockton One person was killed, and two others suffered injuries following a car crash in Stockton on Saturday afternoon, May 13, 2023.

According to the Stockton Police Department, the crash was reported around 4:27 p.m. at Thornton Road and AG Spanos Boulevard in north Stockton.

Authorities stated that the paramedics took all three people to the hospital, but unfortunately, one of the patients passed away after being treated there.

No other information about the vehicles involved has been released. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the authorities.

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Notable Accident Lawyers in Stockton, San Joaquin County

If the victim’s loved one was killed or seriously injured, the victim’s family may sue the negligent driver. You should consult a personal injury lawyer if you were injured in a car accident that was not your fault.

During this free consultation, one of our experienced attorneys will review your case, review the following steps, and discuss the factors that may influence the final settlement amount.

Our notable Stockton car accident lawyers at Arash Law, led by Arash Khorsandi Esq., have the recognition and vast experience to advocate for accident victims, with awarded compensation totaling $500 million as of yet.

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What to Do After a Fatal Car Accident

Although we cannot predict car accidents, we can prepare for them. Keeping a checklist in your glove compartment allows you to remain calm in the aftermath of an accident. It can advise you on what to avoid and how to protect your rights. You can follow these guidelines:

  • Make sure everyone is safe and keep calm.
  • Move to a safe spot and wait for assistance.
  • Call 911 and exchange information with all relevant parties.
  • Even if the cops arrive, they do not acknowledge the blame.
  • Seek medical attention and notify your insurance provider.
  • Consult with insurance adjusters, but seek legal counsel before settling or providing recorded statements.
  • Gather and arrange all pertinent incident documentation.
  • Contact a reputable car accident lawyer in California right away.
Fatal Car Accident Statistics

Automobile accidents are the leading cause of accidental deaths and injuries in the United States. Two million people are killed each year, and ten million are injured in car accidents.

According to the National Safety Council, traffic fatalities in the United States increased by 8.3% in 2020. In 2021, 46,980 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents.

In 2019, 39,107 people were killed in car accidents in the United States. Unfortunately, by 2020, that figure had risen to 42,338.

In 2020, 3,847 people were killed in California road accidents. One-car accidents killed 2,260 people, accounting for 59% of all fatalities. Collisions involving several vehicles killed 1,587 people (41% of the total fatalities).

Most collisions involved two cars (72% of all collisions, 71% of collisions that caused injuries, and 77% of all injuries). Angle collisions killed and injured the most people in 2020, accounting for approximately 8,000 deaths and injuries.

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