[06-09-2022] Humboldt County, CA – One Person Injured After an Injury Crash Involving a Farm Tractor at Salt River Bridge

[06-09-2022] Humboldt County, CA - One Person Injured After an Injury Crash Involving a Farm Tractor at Salt River BridgeOne unidentified person was hurt after getting involved in a crash with a farm tractor on Highway 211 on Thursday afternoon, June 9, 2022.

The accident transpired at approximately 2:23 p.m. in the area of Highway 211 at the Salt River Bridge.

A 2011 John Deere 6430 collided with an unspecified vehicle for unclear reasons. The tractor was left hanging off the Salt River Bridge following the collision.

The tractor was hauling 1,500 pounds of hay bale at the time of the crash. At least one person was injured in the mishap.

Information about the accident is limited at the moment. Local authorities are further investigating the case.

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Farm Tractor Accident Statistics

A few places have a mix of suburban and rural areas, with public roads serving both. Many new villages outside of major cities are constructed on land previously used by local agricultural businesses.

There are times when passenger vehicles and farm machinery don’t get along. Injuries and deaths are common in farm equipment accidents that occur on public roads.

The National Agricultural Tractor Safety Initiative estimates that tractors are responsible for roughly 130 deaths yearly – that’s almost half of all farm worker deaths yearly.

Commercial trucks and passenger vehicles often encounter difficult circumstances when they try to pass slow-moving farm equipment on public roads. During harvest season, the number of fatalities and injuries caused by collisions between farm equipment and passenger vehicles is rising.

They are required by law to obey the traffic regulations even if it appears that agricultural equipment operators do not care about other drivers’ demands on the road.

Farm equipment with a hefty towing capacity Everyone is at risk when vehicles travel at excessive speeds or recklessly attempt to pass a combine harvester, tractor, or other farm machinery that is moving slowly. Drivers of heavy machinery, commercial trucks, and passenger cars are all at risk of causing deadly collisions if they break the rules of the road.

Humboldt County Farm Tractor Accident Lawyers

Tractors are only one of the possible sources of farm accidents. There is also heavy machinery such as balers, combines, and mowers that can cause brutal injuries. In matters of severe injury or death, our experienced farm accident attorneys in California are capable of filing and winning a death or injury claim.

Filing a claim for an injury that happened because of an agricultural-related disaster is a right all farm workers and farm owners are entitled to. Even better, approaching an established law firm that has already dealt in farm accidents makes all the difference in the world.

Our team of lawyers has the ideal legal etiquette and litigation know-how to take over your injury claim process and help you rebuild. Whether the claim is accepted in the first attempt or further investigation requires us to visit the court, we’re equipped with the resources and experience to help our clientele with justice.

Our Humboldt County farm tractor accident lawyers only work on a contingent fee basis. It means they will not charge you a penny until your claim is awarded and you have won. You get their full support and time to ask questions and attend relevant meetings till your case is complete.

Call us at (888) 488-1391 to discuss your legal matter. We’ll determine whether we can help you or not within five minutes. If we cannot, we’ll refer you to a trustworthy partner who is suitable.

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