[06-13-2022] Humboldt County, CA – Woman Suffers Broken Arm Following Hit-and-Run Crash in Cutten

[06-13-2022] Humboldt County, CA - Woman Suffers Broken Arm Following Hit-and-Run Crash in CuttenOne woman identified as Lisa H. was left with a severely broken arm after a hit-and-run crash in Cutten on Monday, June 13, 2022.

The crash occurred on a Monday morning near Walnut and Primrose Streets.

Harris was parked in her Honda Accord when she pulled into the traffic lane and was hit by an unknown driver.

The driver collided with the front of Harris’ car and did not stop while passing by.

Harris had his arm broken. A passing motorist, who happened to be a nurse, came to Harris’ aid. Harris was taken to St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka by the nurse for further treatment.

The identity of the suspect has not yet been disclosed.

The suspect’s vehicle was described as a green or teal pickup truck with a camper shell.

The right front or right side of the vehicle had been possibly damaged.

The crash remains under investigation.

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Hit-and-Run Accident Statistics

One of the worst things that can happen to you is a car accident caused by another driver’s carelessness. Things will only get worse if the other driver does not pull over and accept responsibility for the collision.

Unsafe driving conditions are further worsened by an excessive number of hit-and-runs. Hit-and-run accidents claimed the lives of 2,049 Americans last year. According to a recent study, more than 680,000 hit-and-runs are reported in the United States each year. At least one pedestrian is hit and run over by a car or truck every single week.

Most pedestrian accidents are the fault of careless motorists, and there is no legal recourse for the unfortunate victims.

People may choose to leave the scene of an accident for a variety of reasons. Because of the uncertainty that comes with being an immigrant, you have a higher risk of being involved in a car accident.

Humboldt County Hit-and-Run Accident Lawyers

After a hit-and-run accident, you should call a lawyer right away. Medical bills, lost wages, and emotional suffering may all be covered by a personal injury lawsuit.

Our Humboldt County hit-and-run accident lawyers at Arash Law will fight for your rights and secure the compensation you deserve if you or a loved one was injured.

The number of traffic fatalities and injuries in places in California cities is higher than you might expect. Our company provides service to a wide range of cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oceanside, San Diego, Visalia, Riverside, and San Francisco.

Let us know as soon as possible if you or a loved one has been injured in a hit-and-run accident so that we can set up a meeting time that works for you. Call us at (888) 488-1391, or use our online contact form to speak with one of our experienced attorneys.

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