[06-30-2023] Los Angeles County, CA – Teen Arrested for Fatal Hit-and-Run Collision in Arcadia While Fleeing from Police; Pedestrian Killed

[06-30-2023] Teen Arrested for Fatal Hit-and-Run Collision in Arcadia While Fleeing from Police; Pedestrian KilledA pedestrian was fatally struck by a hit-and-run vehicle in Arcadia on Friday evening, June 30, 2023.

The Arcadia Police Department said the incident occurred at approximately 11:26 p.m. in the vicinity of West Huntington Drive and Santa Clara Avenue.

According to the report, a 17-year-old from San Bernardino was arrested for causing a fatal collision with a pedestrian while attempting to evade the police.

The teenager was spotted speeding, and when officers tried to pull them over, they refused to stop. The suspect then ran a red light, colliding with a pedestrian crossing the road. Regrettably, the pedestrian lost their life at the scene of the incident.

As emergency responders attended to the victim, the underage suspect fled from the accident scene.

The suspect was located a short time later, hiding in some shrubs.

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Hit-and-Run Accident Lawyers in Arcadia, Los Angeles County

If you have been involved in a hit-and-run incident in California and have suffered injuries, options are available for seeking compensation. You can file a claim with your insurance company or take legal action. It is essential to seek the help of an experienced hit-and-run lawyer in California if you or a loved one has experienced significant harm or losses due to someone else’s negligence.

Our team of reliable hit-and-run accident attorneys is ready to provide you with an initial consultation free of charge. During this consultation, we will assess your situation, offer advice on the necessary steps to take, and consider relevant factors that could affect the potential settlement you might be entitled to.

You can rely on our trusted Los Angeles County hit-and-run accident lawyers at Arash Law, under the direction of Arash Khorsandi, Esq., to effectively represent you in these court proceedings. Our firm has recovered more than $500 Million for California clients.

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What to Do After a Hit-and-Run Accident

Despite the driver involved in the accident fleeing the scene, there are still ways to locate them. By taking appropriate actions, you can assist law enforcement in finding and apprehending the accountable person while strengthening your case if you decide to seek legal compensation.

The following instructions provide a framework for the actions to take after a hit-and-run incident:

  1. Get immediate medical help: It is crucial not to delay seeking medical assistance, even if you don’t feel any immediate pain or discomfort. Make it a priority to visit a doctor promptly if you have sustained significant injuries.
  2. Report the incident to the authorities: Immediately inform the police about the incident and ensure that you obtain a copy of the accident report from the police station or the appropriate department, such as the California DMV.
  3. Inform your insurance company: Notify your insurance provider promptly about the hit-and-run accident, providing them with all the necessary details.
  4. Collect evidence from the accident scene: Gather as much information as possible from where the accident occurred. It includes noting the license plate number and the vehicle’s make, model, and color.
  5. Acquire witness statements: Obtain contact information (names and phone numbers) from any potential witnesses present at the scene and do this as soon as possible.
  6. Seek advice from a California hit-and-run accident lawyer: Before accepting any settlement offers from other insurance companies, consulting a lawyer specializing in hit-and-run accidents is wise. They can provide valuable guidance and protect your rights.


Hit-and-Run Accident Statistics

Leaving the scene of an accident without providing assistance or reporting it to the authorities is considered unlawful in the United States. Both causing an accident and fleeing from it are categorized as criminal offenses.

According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 737,100 documented hit-and-run accidents in the United States in 2015. This means that, on average, a hit-and-run incident occurred approximately every 43 seconds. Unfortunately, in 2016 alone, these hit-and-run accidents resulted in the tragic loss of 2,049 lives.

Between 2010 and 2019, California witnessed 2,948 hit-and-run collisions, which led to a devastating total of 3,056 fatalities. Compared to other states, California has one of the highest rates of this particular type of accident.

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