[11-02-2022] Sutter County, CA – Hit-and-Run Accident Leaves a 12-Year-Old Suffered Injuries in Yuba City

[11-02-2022] Hit-and-Run Accident Leaves a 12-Year-Old Suffered Injuries in Yuba CityA 12-year-old boy suffered injuries after a hit-and-run accident involving a car that sped away in Yuba City on Wednesday, November 2, 2022.

According to authorities, the hit-and-run occurred around 12:25 p.m. on C Street. A victim who had been struck was discovered lying in the road and was reported to the police.

Family members reported that 12-year-old Kavon was leaving a relative’s home when the accident occurred. Kavon broke his back, hip, ribs, and ankle, among other injuries.

Hedrick claimed that her son was struck while crossing the street close to the Gauche Aquatic Park on Wednesday while meeting his cousin for lunch.

Call the Yuba City Police Department at 530-822-4661 if you know the suspect vehicle’s and driver’s whereabouts.

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Hit-and-Run Accident Statistics

It’s against the law to leave the scene of an accident. Every day a hit-and-run accident occurs in the United States. Since 2006, more than 2,000 people have perished in hit-and-run accidents in the US.

Recently, there have been more hit-and-run incidents. Hit-and-run motorists are to blame for 7% more fatalities since 2009. Accident fatalities are increasing, and hit-and-run drivers play a significant role in this upward trend.

An average of one pedestrian accident per year occurred over the previous five years. Even though only one in twenty of these incidents results in fatalities, nearly half cause injuries. These accidents typically happen more frequently in the late afternoon and early evening.

To avoid being hit by a car, pedestrians should only cross the street at designated crosswalks and always walk against the traffic flow.

To ensure you have enough time before the next car arrives, Always check both sides of the street before crossing.

Yuba City Hit-and-Run Accident Lawyers

Get in touch with a lawyer immediately if a hit-and-run driver has hurt you. A personal injury claim may cover your injuries, pain, and losses.

If you or a loved one was hurt in a  hit-and-run accident in Yuba City, our firm is here to help. Some of the top attorneys in the country are on our legal team.

Contrary to popular belief, serious accidents happen frequently in California’s major cities. Among the Californian cities, we serve as clients are Sacramento, San Diego, Riverside, and Los Angeles.

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