[11-10-2023] Kings County, CA – 29-Year-Old Man Seriously Injured After Reckless DUI Vehicle Crash in Hanford

[11-10-2023] 29-Year-Old Man Seriously Injured After Reckless DUI Vehicle Crash in HanfordA 29-year-old man was seriously injured following a reckless DUI vehicle collision in Hanford on Friday afternoon, November 10, 2023.

According to the Hanford Police Department, the collision occurred around 2:00 p.m. on the 600 block of Parsons Street.

Adan Q., a 30-year-old man, was driving his Mitsubishi SUV at high speed from Davis Street to Parsons Street and failed to turn southbound. He struck a tree and flipped the vehicle onto its side in a residence’s front yard.

Authorities found the 29-year-old passenger partially ejected from the vehicle and pinned under it. Neighbors helped police lift the vehicle to extricate the man, and he was airlifted to a nearby hospital with major injuries.

The driver was also transported and was later arrested and booked into the Kings County jail for DUI-related felony charges and probation violations. His records indicate that he was also on Post Release Community Supervision for previous DUI offenses.

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What To Do After a Reckless Driving Accident

No one can predict a reckless driving accident, but you can prepare for one. A reckless driving accident checklist in your glove box can help you stay calm and organized after a crash. It can tell you what to do and what not to do, and how best to protect your rights.  When in doubt, give us a call. Keep our phone number, (888) 488-1391, in your phone or written down in case the worst occurs. You aren’t alone after a serious collision. Whether you are the injured victim or the family of a killed loved one, here’s what to do after a reckless driving accident:

  1. Don’t panic – Stay on the scene and be sure everyone is fine. Before checking others, check yourself for injuries. Don’t admit fault, and remain calm throughout the process.
  2. Move to a safe place – Move disabled vehicles to the side of the road if you can. Use your emergency flashers to prevent further collisions. Get somewhere safe to await the police.
  3. Contact 911 – Call the police to report your accident. Unless your crash was minor, without any injuries or property damage, you should call the cops. Authorities can record the incident, gather information, and make it part of an official document.
  4. Exchange information – Swap names, telephone numbers, and insurance information with the other driver(s) involved in the accident. Take photographs of the vehicles, license plates, and other vital details.
  5. Don’t admit fault – Stick only to what occurred when talking with a police officer. Be as detailed as possible in your description of the collision.
  6. Seek medical attention – Visit the hospital or your primary doctor immediately. Immediate medical care can decrease the damage you suffer from injuries.
  7. Inform your insurance provider – Most insurance companies have time constraints for how soon you have to report an accident. Call quickly and adhere to the agent’s instructions for reporting your crash.
  8. Speak to insurance adjusters – You might be given a telephone call from the other party’s insurer on the day of the crash. You may speak to the claims adjuster, but don’t give any more information than is needed.
  9. Create a file – Maintain accident-related files together and organized. Your file should have a copy of the police report, medical bills, the other driver’s information, injury treatment, and any other files you have collected about the incident.
  10. Talk to our reckless driving accident lawyers in California. We can determine whether your case has merit, help you talk to insurance companies, and assist you in filing a personal injury claim if necessary.


Reckless Driving Accident Statistics

Road rage incidents, traffic accidents, and fatalities are caused by the reckless driving of Americans every year. Distracted driving is becoming more prevalent in California, leading to traffic violations and serious criminal offenses.

As reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, traffic regulation violations can significantly impact other people’s quality of life. As part of the 11,258 traffic fatalities in the United States in 2020, speeding was also a contributing factor.

According to California Office of Traffic Safety data, there were 28 speed-related crashes and  113 DUI arrests in Hanford in 2020. The greatest level of caution is required when driving in a city with an average population of 58,544.

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