[11-16-2023] Fresno County, CA – At Least One Person Injured After Vehicle Crashed Into Subway in Fowler

[11-16-2023] At Least One Person Injured After Vehicle Crashed Into Subway in FowlerAt least one person was injured after a vehicle crashed into a Subway during a DUI vehicle collision in Fowler on Thursday, November 16, 2023.

According to the Fowler Police Department, the collision occurred around the afternoon at 125 N. Sumner Avenue.

Authorities found a white pickup truck parked on the left side of the restaurant, and an injured person lying on the ground inside. No other visible injuries were reported.

Initial investigation indicates the driver was under the influence of alcohol. The man found on the ground was a customer eating at a table, and only one employee was behind the counter.

No further information is available at this time about the victim’s condition or the incident.

Dedicated DUI Accident Lawyers in Fowler, Fresno County

Whenever a negligent driver on the road injures or kills a victim or a family member, the victim may be entitled to monetary compensation. The assistance of a personal injury attorney can prove invaluable when investigating car accidents involving unintentional injuries.

Contact one of our DUI accident lawyers for an initial consultation. Your free case evaluation with our team of attorneys will provide you with a summary of your case, a possible settlement, and an explanation of the insurance claims procedure.

Pursue legal advice from our qualified Fowler DUI accident attorneys at Arash Law, led by Arash Khorsandi, Esq., who have the recognition and experience to represent victims. Throughout California, we have recovered over $500 Million in compensation for our clients, demonstrating our commitment to justice and financial compensation for our clients.

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Top 5 Ways to Protect Yourself After Being a Victim of a DUI

No one can predict a car accident, but you can prepare for one. A DUI accident checklist in your glove box can help you stay calm and organized after a car crash. It can tell you what to do and what not to do and how best to protect your rights.

When in doubt, give us a call. Keep our phone number, (888) 488-1391, in your phone or written down if the worst occurs. You aren’t alone after a serious collision.

Whether you are the injured victim or the family of a killed loved one, here’s what to do after a DUI accident:

  1. Don’t Agree or Accept Responsibility. Insurance companies often try to shift some blame onto the injured victim after DUI accidents. By doing so, they reduce their liability. This means money comes directly from them. If you have been in a DUI accident, never admit fault. Drunk drivers should be held responsible for their actions. Direct conversations with insurance adjusters about faults are not recommended.
  2. Avoid Making a Statement. After an accident, you don’t have to give the insurance company a recorded statement. An insurance adjuster will call many times, asking for your statement. This is because they seek information against you in the claims process. Ensure that you communicate with the insurance company through your lawyer so that your words are not misinterpreted or twisted.
  3. Avoid Opening Settlement Discussions. Insurance companies have a hard time avoiding liability in DUI accidents. That’s why they changed their strategy. It is common for insurers to limit the amount of a settlement for an injured victim in cases in which liability is clearly evident. The most common tactic used to compensate victims of DUI accidents is to offer a quick, lowball settlement to the victims. Do not settle your claim for less than what you are entitled to. If you are involved in a DUI accident, ensure your attorney handles the settlement negotiations.
  4. Avoid Signing Any Documents. A lawyer should be consulted before signing any documents from an insurance company. Insurance companies often require injured victims to sign a release of their medical records. Do not believe them when they claim a particular document is standard procedure. They are simply seeking information to reduce your compensation. You may not be required to give them full access to your records. By hiring a lawyer, you can ensure that your rights are protected.
  5. Consult a DUI Accident Lawyer. There is no reason why you should compete with a large insurance company on your own. DUI accident injury claims involve a great deal of risk. Insurers will spend considerable resources to reduce your settlement. A California DUI accident lawyer can best protect your rights and interests by dealing with the insurance company exclusively.


DUI Accident Statistics

Driving under the influence of prescription drugs, alcohol, illicit drugs, or marijuana can have serious financial and legal consequences. In California, first-time offenders are estimated to pay almost $13,500 for an infraction.

Based on data collected by the California Department of Motor Vehicles in 2021, there were 455 DUI arrests per 100,000 drivers in 2019. There were 124,121 arrests reported during that year alone. Approximately 27,333 accidents are caused by alcohol, while drugs cause 2,998.

According to the 2020 OTS ranking of the California Office of Traffic and Safety, Fowler had no alcohol-involved fatalities or injuries but has recorded 31 DUI arrests. With an average population of 6,863 in the same year, there were no victims of different accidents.

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