[11-16-2023] San Bernardino County, CA – Driver Killed, Two People Hospitalized After Pursuit Led to Reckless Crash Along Interstate 215

[11-16-2023] Driver Killed, Two People Hospitalized After Pursuit Led to Reckless Crash Along Interstate 215A driver was killed, and two people were hospitalized after a pursuit led to a reckless crash in San Bernardino late Thursday morning, November 16, 2023.

According to the San Bernardino Police Department, the fatal crash happened around 11:00 a.m. between 2nd Street and Interstate 215.

A red SUV was speeding while being pursued by the SBPD when the driver lost control, causing the vehicle to overturn until it hit a street light pole.

The driver was declared dead at the scene, while two unidentified victims were taken to a nearby hospital for unknown injuries.

Further information about the cause of the pursuit and the crash remains unavailable.

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What Should You Do in Case of a Car Accident?

Since car accidents are unexpected, it can be confusing to know exactly what to do after being involved in one. First, you should check on all passengers, drivers, and pedestrians involved. If they need medical help, call for an ambulance immediately. Make sure that you don’t move anyone who is unconscious or reports back or neck pain unless their life is in imminent danger, for example, from a fire or oncoming traffic. You also need to do the following:

  1. Call the police to report any deaths, injuries, or substantial property damage. Get the names and badge numbers of the officers who are at the scene of the accident. Later, you need to call the police department and request the accident report.
  2. Take pictures of all parties involved, including their driver’s licenses and insurance cards.
  3. Take pictures of all vehicles involved, including their license plates, any visible damages, and points of rest of the automobiles.
  4. Take pictures of street names, traffic lights, and signs.
  5. Take pictures of all skid marks.
  6. Take pictures of witnesses and obtain their phone numbers and addresses.
  7. Preserve evidence by taking pictures of your injuries.
  8. Seek medical attention, even if you feel like your injuries are minor.
  9. Call our firm’s California reckless driving accident lawyer for a free case review.

You should also get the names, drivers’ license numbers, telephone numbers, and addresses of anyone involved. Get their license plates and insurance information. Be sure to get passengers’ names, addresses, and phone numbers. If there are any eyewitnesses, have them jot down their version of what happened and their contact information.


Fatal Reckless Driving Accident Statistics

Automobile crashes are the leading cause of unintentional deaths and injuries in the US. Every year, car accidents claim the lives of two million people and injure ten million more.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines reckless driving as “willful disregard” for the safety of other road users. The NHTSA also recorded 11,258 fatalities caused by speeding in 2020.

The AAA estimated that between 2003 and 2007, 56% of all traffic accidents were caused by reckless driving.

In San Bernardino, 1,509 victims were either injured or killed because of crashes, based on California Office of Traffic Safety data.

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