[11-23-2021] Riverside County, CA – Pilot Killed After a Fatal Plane Crash in Temecula

[11-23-2021] Riverside County, CA - Pilot Killed After a Fatal Plane Crash in TemeculaA pilot was killed after a deadly plane crash near French Valley Airport on Tuesday morning, November 23, 2021.

The accident happened at approximately 10:30 a.m. in a field southeast of French Valley Airport in Temecula.

A single-engine Zodiac 601XL crashed into a field for unclear reasons. Emergency personnel later arrived at the scene and found the pilot as the sole occupant of the plane.

Unfortunately, the pilot sustained fatal injuries in the accident. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The identity of the pilot has not been disclosed.

The FAA and the National Transportation] Safety Board are currently investigating the cause of the accident.

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Fatal Plane Crash Statistics

Airplane travel is faster and safer than driving or riding the train, yet airline mishaps frequently kill or hurt passengers. Plane crashes are often caused by equipment failures, design defects, faulty repairs, and pilot errors.

Over the recent years, the total number of accidents involving civilian planes registered in the United States dropped from 1,347 to 1,302.

In 2018, there were 395 fewer civilian aviation deaths than in 2019. Most of the 452 persons who died in 2019 were on a ship, except eight. At least four of the victims were killed in an airplane crash.

Plane crashes frequently result in fatalities and severe injuries, but those affected and their families are entitled to compensation for their losses.

Fatal Riverside County Accident Lawyers for Victims of Plane Accidents

Plane crashes harm or kill many individuals in California each year. Because every accident is unique, you’ll need attorneys with a unique combination of expertise and skill to manage your case and obtain the compensation you deserve efficiently.

Regardless of the statistics on aviation accidents, one thing is certain: an investigation into an aviation accident is lengthy and difficult. In the event of an aviation-related lawsuit, it’s also a requirement. As soon as you or a loved one has been hurt or has died due to an airline accident, you should contact an attorney right away. You may only have a limited amount of time to file your tax return. It’s best to seek help from a professional law firm to handle your claim.

Arash Law’s professional legal staff is close by, no matter where you live in the state of California. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Riverside, San Jose, San Diego, Sacramento, and Sherman Oaks are just a few of the cities where our California personal injury attorneys represent clients.

An experienced Arash Law plane crash lawyer in Riverside County is ready to fight for your legal rights. To arrange a no-obligation consultation, please get in touch with us at (888) 488-1391 or via e-mail.

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