[11-23-2021] San Diego County, CA – Street Sweeper Injured After Getting Rear-Ended by a Car on Mission Gorge Road

A street sweeper driver was seriously hurt after his vehicle was rear-ended by another car on Mission Gorge Road on early Tuesday morning, November 23, 2021.

[11-23-2021] San Diego County, CA - Street Sweeper Injured After Getting Rear-Ended by a Car on Mission Gorge RoadThe accident happened in the Allied Garden neighborhood in the 7300 block of Mision Gorge Road at approximately 5:00 a.m.

A 34-year-old man reportedly headed westbound on Mission Gorge Road when it rear-ended a street sweeper for unclear reasons.

The driver of the street sweeper sustained major injuries in the mishap. He is suffering from broken ribs, a fractured sternum, and internal injuries.

Meanwhile, the other driver was unhurt in the crash. He remained at the scene and willingly cooperated with authorities.

Intoxicated driving is not considered a factor in the crash. The accident is currently under further investigation.

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Rear-End Crash Statistics

When an automobile in front of you collides with the car in the back, you have a rear-end collision. A rear-end collision is almost often (but not always) the fault of the driver in the rear position because the leading driver cannot generally avert the collision.

Automobile accidents involving a driver’s vehicle being rear-ended are among the most common in the state. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reports that in 2011, 118,029 drivers were injured in rear-end incidents, and 405 drivers died due to those collisions.

Injured driving, distracted driving, tailgating, reckless driving, and driving under the influence are common causes of rear-end collisions.

To prevent rear-end incidents, it’s important to remember that many of the factors that contribute to them—such as following too closely, speeding, having old brakes or tires—are the driver’s fault in the car in the rear position. The rear driver is responsible for these elements, not the front driver.

San Diego Car Accident Lawyers for Victims of Rear-End Crashes

Rear-end collisions are frequently caused by following too closely, driving too fast, using worn-out brakes or tires, or simply not paying attention to the driver in the rear position automobile.

As soon as possible after a rear-end collision, seek the advice of a knowledgeable lawyer. Having taken care of your immediate medical needs, it’s time to begin consulting with lawyers and ensuring that you receive the compensation you deserve.

If a negligent driver has injured you, you need an auto accident lawyer in San Diego. Injury victims have the legal right to be compensated by the person or company that caused their injuries.

This compensation must reasonably account for the full value of a victim’s losses – including pain and suffering, the loss of enjoyment of life, and other intangible losses that occur after a severe injury. You don’t have to fight the insurance company on your own.

The San Diego County car accident lawyers from Arash Law will help protect your rights. Our San Diego auto accident lawyers have decades of experience. They know how to negotiate fair settlement offers with insurance companies. They also know how to fight for your rights in court if necessary. Call (888) 488-1391 to schedule your free consultation.

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