Driver Suspected of DUI Involved in Collision

Driver suspected of DUI Arrested

On January 27, near West Ball Road and Gilbert Street, a driver who was suspected of driving under the influence was pulled over by police through the use of a PIT maneuver, which caused the suspect’s vehicle to crash into several other vehicles, according to reports.

The incident happened just before 10 in the evening.

The reports show that in an attempt to pull over a vehicle for a code violation, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department used an unincorporated area in Anaheim, due to a code violation.

It appeared that the person who was driving was under the influence. The deputies continued to pursue the driver through areas of Anaheim and Garden Grove.

Using a PIT maneuver, the Anaheim police were able to stop the driver close to the intersection of West Ball Road and Gilbert Street.

According to the reports, the driver’s vehicle spun out and proceeded to crash into two other vehicles that were stopped at the light.

Methamphetamine was found on the driver, according to reports, and more was found contained in plastic bags. The identity of the driver, including the person’s name, age, gender, and the city of residence has not been reported.

The identities of the people who were driving the vehicles that were struck by the suspect’s vehicle have not been reported, including their names, ages, genders, and cities of residence.

It is not known if anyone else had been traveling in the vehicles. The types of vehicles involved have not been described, nor the kind of damage the vehicles had in the crash. Reports say that no one was injured in the PIT maneuver, also known as the Pursuit Intervention Technique.

The suspect’s car then spun out and proceeded to hit two other vehicles before it came to a stop. On the suspect, nine grams of methamphetamine were found, according to the authorities, while an additional 57 grams were discovered inside the vehicle in separate clear plastic bags alongside a scale.

Thankfully no one was hurt during the PIT maneuver.

The suspect was arrested by authorities for felony evading, possession for sale, and suspicion of driving under the influence. The evidence in regards to the crash is still being examined by investigators.

The suspect was booked at the Orange County Jail for felony evading, possession for sale, and suspicion of driving under the influence.

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