[05-21-2020] Kern County, CA – 1 Person Killed in a Fatal Multi-Car Crash in Bakersfield

An unidentified woman died after a three-vehicle traffic collision in Bakersfield on Thursday morning, May 21st.

Niles StreetAccording to the initial reports from the California Highway Patrol, the fatal multi-vehicle traffic collision occurred at around 2 a.m. at the intersection of Mt. Vernon Avenue and Niles Street, near Bakersfield High School.

A Honda Civic ran a red light at the intersection and crashed into a Volvo C70 and a Nissan Sentra. The driver of the Honda Civic was later identified as a 22-year-old woman named Ashley Garness. She sustained moderate injuries while her passenger was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Volvo driver sustained minor injuries while the Nissan driver was unhurt and drove off after the accident. The Civic driver was later arrested for DUI.

Fatal Multi-Vehicle Collision Investigation is Underway

Local authorities are currently attempting to determine the cause of the accident through the official investigation.

According to the statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 3,304 fatal car accidents in California in 2017. Although head-on collisions only represent 2 percent of accidents, they account for 10 percent of fatalities on U.S. roadways. These types of accidents are caused by a variety of reasons, such as distracted driving, drunk driving, and driver over-fatigue.

When facing cases like this, it’s essential to have an experienced Bakersfield accident attorney specializing in fatal multi-vehicle collisions to conduct an independent investigation. Attorneys have the resources that can help them prove the negligence of the liable party. They can re-interview important witnesses, review relevant surveillance footage from the scene, and obtain the responsible party’s phone and texting records.


Kern Wrongful Death Attorney for Victims of Fatal Muti-Vehicle Accidents

BakersfieldSuddenly losing a loved one due to a fatal multi-vehicle accident can be quite devastating and stressful. While waiting for the results of the official investigation, the victim’s family is encouraged to pursue a wrongful death claim with their attorney’s help.

Through the wrongful death claim, the victim’s family can seek compensation for the damages (such as loss of companionship and income, funeral expenses, pain and suffering, and emotional distress) caused by the fatal car accident.

Attorneys can serve as a compassionate, helpful legal guide during this difficult time for the grieving family. They will vigorously fight for their client’s rights and best interests while ensuring that the liable party will be held accountable for their negligence. Attorneys can also negotiate with insurance companies on behalf of their clients to make sure that they are compensated fairly.

If you have a nagging suspicion that someone is to blame for the death or injury of your spouse or family member, contact Arash Law. We have the resources you need to pursue justice for wrongful death and the experience to ensure that you get fair compensation. We’re conveniently located throughout California, with offices in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco, Riverside, Orange County, and San Diego, and are happy to visit you at your home or office. Call (888) 488-1391 for a FREE Consultation with a wrongful death attorney in California.

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