[04-28-2021] Los Angeles County, CA – Deputy Injured After a Motorcycle Crash in Santa Clarita

A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department motorcycle deputy was injured after a traffic collision in Santa Clarita on Wednesday morning, April 28.

[04-28-2021] Los Angeles County, CA - Deputy Injured After a Motorcycle Crash in Santa ClaritaThe accident happened at Creekside Avenue and McBean Parkway in Santa Clarita at approximately 7:20 a.m.

A semi-truck reportedly did a left-hand turn in front of the motorcyclist and failed to yield oncoming traffic.

The deputy then collided head-on with the 18-wheeler. The deputy sustained serious injuries from the mishap. He was taken to an area hospital for treatment.

Additional details about the accident are unavailable at the moment. Local authorities are currently investigating the case.

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Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Motorcycle riders are more vulnerable to the dangers on the road in comparison to passengers of private cars. According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics, motorcycle riders have 16 times the risk of injury and 35 times the risk of a fatal crash compared to car passengers.

Although a variety of laws protects motorcycle riders, motorcycle accidents are still an inevitable occurrence. Motorcycle accidents often result in serious consequences for the motorcycle rider. Roughly 80% of all motorcycle cases result in injury or death.

Motorcyclists are highly vulnerable in collisions and can easily sustain catastrophic and fatal injuries. Some of the common causes of motorcycle accidents are distracted driving, speeding, drunk driving, reckless driving, bad weather, wrong-way driving, and failure to follow traffic laws.

After a motorcycle accident, you likely have a lot of pressing questions. You might have serious injuries that require immediate medical attention. You may wake up in the hospital days after the crash, dazed and confused. No matter your circumstances, know that you can speak to an attorney regarding your injuries and property damage right away. The sooner you consult with an attorney, the better.

Personal Injury Attorney for Victims of Motorcycle Accidents in Los Angeles County

Dealing with severe injuries from a motorcycle accident can be overwhelming as it can affect all aspects of life, such as family, work, and finances. While the official investigation is ongoing, the victim is entitled to pursue a personal injury lawsuit.

When filing a personal injury claim, the victim needs to have an experienced California personal injury attorney by his side. Personal injury attorneys can negotiate with insurance companies on behalf of their clients while ensuring that their clients are compensated fairly.

The dedicated legal team at Arash Law in California has the experience, skill, and compassion to help guide your claim toward its best possible resolution. Your rights and continuing recovery are far too necessary to leave to chance – or the insurance company involved.

Our law firm has locations conveniently found throughout California with offices in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco, Riverside, Orange County, San Jose, and San Diego. But we are more than happy to meet with you at your home, office, or anyplace else in the state of C.A. We’re here to help you 24 hours a day and seven days a week – whenever you need us – so to find semi-truck accident lawyers near me, Call (888) 488-1391 today.

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