[10-16-2021] Los Angeles County, CA – 64-Year-Old Woman Dead in a Tragic Hit-and-Run Accident in Manchester Square Area

[10-16-2021] Los Angeles County, CA - 64-Year-Old Woman Dead in a Tragic Hit-and-Run Accident in Manchester Square AreaOne 64-year-old woman recently identified as Sherolyn S. was killed after being run over by a motorist in the Manchester Square area of Los Angeles on a Saturday morning on October 16 around 11:35 a.m.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department’s Operations Center, the deadly incident happened on Normandie Avenue and 83rd Street.

The unidentified driver struck Scott while walking in a crosswalk at Normandie Avenue. The driver then fled after his car broke down on 79th Street and was last seen running west on 79th Street.

Scott was pronounced dead at the scene. No further details are reported about the driver as the investigation continues.

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Deadly Hit-and-Run Accidents Statistics

In this case, the person who fled the scene is liable for injuring the victim. Once apprehended, the suspect is likely to face criminal charges. Leaving the scene rather than remaining and awaiting the arrival of authorities is a crime in and of itself. Unfortunately, hit-and-run collisions continue to occur on US highways on a daily basis.

In 2016, the United States reported nearly 2,000 hit-and-run fatalities. Each year, almost 700,000 hit-and-run collisions occur in the United States. Individuals on foot are frequently the victims of hit-and-run accidents. Pedestrians are frequently killed in hit-and-run accidents. They are completely defenseless and vulnerable in the event of another’s negligence.

Los Angeles County Attorney for Victims of Tragic Hit-and-Run Accidents

Having a family member or someone dear to you become a victim of hit-and-run crashes can be devastating. You might feel on the verge of breaking down since it could also cripple your finances while having to bear an immense amount of pain.

Regardless of whether you know it, you’re likely to have uninsured motorist coverage as a California driver. California state laws all have mandatory coverage for that. Having uninsured motorist coverage is not necessary to receive damages after being in a hit-and-run accident.

Competent car accident lawyers can be difficult to come by or even consider — but remember that while a life lost can not be brought back, compensation for your grief and loss is still within your reach. Arash Law’s personal injury and wrongful death lawyers have deep expertise and knowledge regarding fatal hit-and-run pedestrian accidents. For a free consultation regarding hit-and-run cases, call our office at (888) 488-1391.

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