[09-25-2021] Orange County, CA – One Person Killed, Two Children Injured After a Fatal E-Bike Crash in San Juan Capistrano

A 36-year-old woman identified as Jennifer M. was killed while her two children were injured after an e-bike crash on San Juan Creek Trail on Saturday night, September 25.

[09-25-2021] Orange County, CA - One Person Killed, Two Children Injured After a Fatal E-Bike Crash in San Juan CapistranoAccording to the initial reports from local authorities, the accident happened along the San Juan Creek Trail at around 8:30 p.m.

The woman was biking with her two young children when, for unclear reasons, they crashed and fell off onto the rocks on the side of the trail. Unfortunately, the mother was pronounced dead at the scene.

Meanwhile, her two children suffered from varying degrees of injuries. One child sustained major trauma while the other child sustained minor injuries; both were taken to an area hospital for treatment.

Additional information about the accident has not been released. Local authorities are further investigating the factors and the cause of the crash.

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Fatal E-Bike Accident Statistics

MetroBike, B-Cycle, and Bike Nation are examples of relatively new bike-sharing programs that have changed the way people get around. But these initiatives are not without issues. Despite their widespread support in cities worldwide due to their environmental benefits, electric vehicles have been linked to an increase in traffic congestion, traffic accidents, bike injuries, and fatalities.

In the United States, e-bikes and electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular. Still, powered bikes have a higher risk of severe injuries than traditional bicycles and a different pattern of injury risks compared with scooters. There were 3,075 injuries caused by e-bikes or 0.13 per 10,000 people in the study population.

Additionally, of the 9.4 million injuries caused by pedal bicycles, 385.4 were severe enough to require treatment at an emergency department. However, e-bike accident victims made up 17% of those who suffered internal injuries, while powered scooter and pedal bike users made up the rest. Accidents involving an e-bike can result in severe injuries or even death. Electronic bicycles are faster and heavier than conventional bicycles, so they significantly impact pedestrians.

Wrongful Death Attorney for Victims of Fatal E-Bike Accidents in Orange County

It’s distressing to lose a loved one in a tragic accident suddenly. Family members of the deceased are likely to be distraught and in need of the services of an experienced wrongful death attorney after their loved one has passed away. Filing a wrongful death claim ensures that the deceased’s family is compensated for the financial and emotional hardships the tragic accident has caused them.

This includes medical bills, lost wages, and emotional trauma. In this challenging time, attorneys can be a compassionate and helpful guide for grieving family members. To protect their client’s interests, they will vigorously pursue justice while ensuring the negligent party is held accountable.

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