[10-06-2019] San Francisco Sideshow leaves Family Man Dead and Two Injured

Karen Dominique sat on a seat at an Oakland dog park waiting for her younger brother. She had only spoken with him on the phone. Lee Andrew Dominique Jr. intended to meet her later leaving a dog park throughout the bay, in San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood, with Tigger, his 5-year-old short-hair Chihuahua mix. An hour passed, then 2. Karen Dominique waited a little longer, & then she got a call. Her 50-year-old brother was killed in a car crash.

San Francisco Sideshow leaves Family Man dead and two injured.

On Sunday, October 6th, at approx. 3:40 pm Karen Dominique got a call no one wants to get – Her 50-year-old brother had been killed in a head-on car crash.  The victim was a resident of San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood. Police said that 2 vehicles collided head-on close to Evans Avenue & Hunters Point Blvd. One of the vehicles rolled.

Lee Andrew Dominique Jr. planned to meet his sister Karen after leaving a dog park with his little Chihuahua – Tigger. However, Lee never made it.

A yellow Corvette driven by a 25-year-old-man collided head-on with Lee’s sedan, causing it to roll over and leaving Tigger – his Chihuahua – waiting for help outside Lee’s car after the accident.

Emergency responders had to use hydraulic rescue tools to pry the sedan open. The Corvette driver sustained life-threatening injuries, and a teenage passenger suffered severe injuries, police said. Both remained in the hospital as of Monday afternoon.

Deadly San Francisco crash was caused by Corvette Driver Doing a Sideshow


Neighbors at the scene state the yellow Corvette had been performing spinning doughnuts on the road for the crowd hanging out in the area. No information about the cause of the accident was immediately available. Police are still investigating and have not yet determined if an arrest will be made.

Seeking justice for her beloved brother, Karen reached out to Arash Law, a respected wrongful-deaths injury law firm in California.

Attorney Arash Khorsandi, Esq, has a track record of successfully handling tragic cases like these and states: “We will use all of our resources to help Karen and her family during this dark and difficult time. We are here to help this wonderful family get justice.”



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