Truck Driver Injured After Colliding with Drunk Driver in Oakland

Baltazar was struck by semi-truck on Highway 12 in Oakland.

A pick-up truck driver identified as Victor B. attained severe injuries after his vehicle collided with a tractor-trailer last February 24. The semi-truck was driven by a 78-year-old man named Zaid Desta, who was suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol

The incident happened at around 10:30 a.m. The driver of the semi-truck made an unsafe left turn to Highway 12, which inevitably caused him to collide with the victim’s 2004 Chevy pick-up. The victim’s vehicle had five other passengers inside. 

The victim and one of his passengers were treated on the scene. The suspect was later arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. 

Semi-truck Driver DUI Crash Investigation

Based on the initial reports, it’s clear that the liability falls on the driver of the pick-up truck as he was driving while he was intoxicated, which is one of the most reckless things a driver can do. 

Unfortunately, recent statistic shows that around 300,000 people in the U.S. annually attain injuries due to drunk driving crashes. When facing a drunk driving case like this, it’s important to have an independent investigation conducted by a seasoned lawyer. When conducting independent probes, it’s essential to consider all other potential factors, such as the results of a test or tests to determine the blood-alcohol content of the suspect. 

Aside from the criminal charges filed against the suspect, the victim is also entitled to seek compensation through a civil lawsuit. When pursuing a civil lawsuit, it’s important to have a lawyer by your side as they can re-interview important witnesses, analyze any surveillance video from the scene of the crash and obtain phone and texting records of the liable important witnesses, analyze any surveillance video from the scene of the crash and collect phone and texting records of the responsible party. 

Aside from guiding the family through the legal process, lawyers will also ensure that the victim’s family’s rights are protected, and the drunk driver will be held accountable. 

Oakland Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help

While the investigation is on-going, the victim has the right to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. Incidents like this can cause tremendous stress and anxiety to a victim, which can disrupt all aspects of life, including family, work, and finances. 

Unfortunately, victims may be vulnerable to some manipulation tactics done by some insurance companies as they attempt to pressure the victims to settle for a quick payout and refuse to pay the victim the amount they deserve even if the case is worth more. With the help of a reliable attorney, they can negotiate with insurance companies on behalf of the victim and make sure that they’re compensated fairly financially. 

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