What If I Get Injured At Coachella 2019? 8 Tips for Staying Safe!

Explore the various types of festival accidents and injuries, as well as how an award-winning injury law firm can help you if the unimaginable occurs.

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has become a pillar activity for individuals since 1999. Festival-goers from all over the nation, and specifically from Greater Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego flock to Indio to enjoy the entertainment.

While everyone goes there to have fun, be it a theme park or music concert the fact is accidents and disasters do occur. Current examples include a stage Collapse in Indiana (2011) as well as shooting deaths at Las Vegas‘ Stagecoach Festival in 2017.

Between traveling to and from Coachella, along with the festival itself, you can not take your safety for granted. Extreme injuries at entertainment venues, such as serious head injuries, broken bones, spinal cord, and whiplash injuries, as well as traumatic brain injuries and wrongful deaths, do take place.

Typical Festival Injury Accidents in California

  • Vehicle vs Vehicle Accidents such as event Delivery trucks, Food trucks, 18-Wheel trailers, etc.
  • Trip & fall and slip & fall accidents
  • Premises Liabilities and Hazards
  • Crush threats such as Stages, Falling Props, People, and Temporary Structures
  • Heat fatigue and dehydration.
  • Alcohol and drug-related injuries
  • Disorderly people and crowds due to a lack of security
  • Car vs Pedestrian Accidents
  • Assault, battery (physical or sexual), terrorism, use of weapon violence

Teenager Attending Coachella 2016 Dies After Car Accident

An 18-year-old female passed away after being hit by a car near the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California. The victim, recognized as Michala Freeland of Highland, was struck by a vehicle around 8:15 p.m. on Friday evening (April 15, 2016 ) close to where the festival took place. The victim’s family informed news outlets that Freeland was only in town to attend the music event’s Friday night session.

Freehand got rushed to Eisenhower Medical Centre, where she died about an hour after the car accident, according to the Riverside County coroner’s office. The driver of the Jeep Cherokee that crashed into her seemingly cooperated with police in their investigation.

Alcohol and drugs do not appear to be the cause of the accident, according to officers.

8 Great Tips for Staying Safe at Coachella 2019

  1. Hold each other accountable.
  2. Always ask for consent.
  3. Always stay hydrated.
  4. Know where your nearest Safe Space, Medical Tent, and Info/Security Kiosks are located.
  5. Be respectful of other people’s cultures.
  6. Report misconduct to an Info Kiosk.
  7. Challenge yourself and your peers to be more mindful.
  8. Enjoy yourself responsibly and take care of your peers.

Whenever Somebody Else Is At Fault For An Injury

If you get injured because of someone’s negligence, reckless habits, or intentional conduct, then you need a powerhouse personal injury law firm in California to hold at-fault parties accountable. Personal injury lawsuits including festival-associated injuries can be incredibly intricate. The festival itself, suppliers, outdoor security companies, and other organizations might be at fault. Furthermore, contracts between the various at-fault parties, as well as insurance problems, are sure to make complex matters even more.

To ensure your dream trip to the desert doesn’t become a headache, utilize the pal system, let enjoyed ones know where you are, make sure to drink plenty of water, and always know where the security kiosks are. If the unthinkable happens, however, we stand prepared to work relentlessly on your case so you can focus on recovery.

Deadly Accident at Coachella 2019

With Coachella fast approaching just a week away, the two-weekend-long music concert has already claimed it’s the first official casualty. A stagehand who worked with the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival for 20 years (since the beginning of the event) was killed Saturday morning when he fell at least of 60 feet from the scaffolding connected to a stage near Monroe Street and Avenue 50, on the grounds of the Empire Polo Club in Indio.

Late Saturday, April 6, 2019, the Riverside County Coroner’s Office identified the victim as Christopher Griffin, 49, of San Diego. Indio police spokesman Ben Guitron said emergency workers were called out at about 9:30 a.m. to respond to an accident on the Empire Polo Club grounds. The fire department also notified Cal/OSHA since the incident occurred on a worksite and is considered an industrial accident.

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