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Our California Uber Accident Lawyers Have Won Hundreds Of Millions For Injured Clients

Booking an Uber to get to your destination means trusting your safety to an unknown driver. Despite Uber claiming to hire professional drivers, the risk of getting into an accident remains. If you are injured in one, the California Uber accident lawyers at Arash Law will fight for your rights and recover the maximum compensation for your claim. Contact us at (888) 488-1391 for a free case evaluation.

Since its official launch in 2009, the rideshare service Uber has flourished from a small startup originating in San Francisco to a worldwide phenomenon. With a user-friendly app that provides modern convenience and lower prices compared to traditional taxis, Uber has progressed rapidly to the top of its industry. Uber’s success, however, has not been without drawbacks, as rideshare vehicle accidents continue to be an issue.

Aside from traffic incidents, incompetent drivers and even acts of violence have all occurred under the company’s watch. If you’ve recently suffered injuries and damages in a car collision involving Uber, whether as a passenger or another driver, contact an established personal injury law firm with extensive rideshare claim experience. Trust California’s most dependable Uber accident lawyers, with a 99% success rate.

What Our California Uber Accident Lawyers Offer

The Uber accident lawyers from Arash Law offer aggressive representation for rideshare victims in California. Under the guidance of the esteemed Arash Khorsandi, Esq., we’ll make sure you receive proper compensation for the damages you suffered in an Uber accident.

Uber often tries to avoid liability in accidents involving its drivers, passengers, and other third parties. They may go to great lengths to deny your claim or convince you to accept a lower settlement. Our Uber accident lawyers are well aware of this and will work hard to protect your rights.

Our personal injury lawyers specialize in ridesharing cases, including Uber and Lyft. We’ll use our expertise to build a solid claim for you. Our legal team will investigate the incident and gather sufficient evidence to determine who’s at fault. We will also assess the full extent of your damages and make sure you receive the highest reparation you can get. Our lawyers will represent you in communication and negotiations with the liable parties.

If both parties can’t reach an agreement after these negotiations, we can take your case to court and file a lawsuit. Our expert litigation attorneys are prepared to go against a big company like Uber if it means getting you the justice you deserve.

Clients tend to receive higher settlements with legal representation. Our lawyers know the legal system’s intricacies and the strategies to get you the most favorable outcome. We will review your case thoroughly so we don’t miss even the smallest details and opportunities we can leverage for your claim.

By hiring our Uber accident lawyers in California, you are more likely to receive fair treatment from the ridesharing company and obtain the financial recovery you deserve.

How Uber Works

With just a few taps on your phone, you can book a ride that will pick you up from your location and take you to your destination. That’s how easy it is to use rideshare services!

Here’s a quick overview of how Uber works for both passengers and drivers:

  1. The passenger opens the app to book a ride. They enter their pickup and drop-off location, choose their preferred ride option, and confirm the booking.
  2. The passenger waits until a driver accepts their ride request. After they’re matched with a driver, they wait to be picked up.
  3. Once the driver arrives at the passenger’s pickup location, they verify each other’s names and the trip details. Then, the ride toward the destination starts.
  4. During the ride, the app’s navigation will help the driver arrive at the drop-off location through turn-by-turn directions.
  5. Once they arrive at the destination, the passenger gets out of the vehicle. Then, the driver and rider give each other a rating from one to five stars. The rider also has the option to tip the driver through the app itself.
Car Accident
Our client was driving with his wife and son on a two-lane highway when a drunk driver crossed the double yellow lines, causing a head-on collision that claimed the life of a loving wife and mother.
–  Arash Khorsandi

Uber’s Insurance Periods For Accidents

The state of California defines three periods for rideshare drivers. Our Uber car accident lawyers will investigate which period the accident occurred to determine the amount of coverage that will apply to your case.

Here are Uber’s insurance periods in more detail:

  • Period 1 – This is the time when the Uber driver goes online and is available for a trip.
  • Period 2 – This period starts when the driver accepts a matched trip and is en route to pick up the passenger.
  • Period 3 – This period starts the moment the passenger steps into the vehicle and ends when they step out after the trip.

California’s Proposition 22 classifies rideshare drivers as independent contractors. Under this law, rideshare drivers are not subject to the same regulations as taxi drivers and are not considered regular car drivers.

This initially posed a challenge in determining who should compensate victims of rideshare-related accidents. The implementation of these periods makes it easier to manage claims and identify the degree of liability that companies like Uber have in an accident.

Our attorneys for Uber accident cases are well-versed in these rideshare periods, as well as how they apply to personal injury claims in California. We will be able to explain these to you in further detail and make sure you clearly understand them.

Rideshare Insurance Requirements In California

In 2015, California passed Assembly Bill 2293, which requires rideshare companies and drivers to carry liability insurance coverage. Ridesharing companies must provide a minimum of $1 million in liability insurance to cover the driver from the time they accept a ride request to the time the passenger exits the vehicle.

Currently, however, the law does not require rideshare companies to carry collision or comprehensive coverage. The driver can carry these types of insurance on their personal policy.

Under AB 2293, the rideshare driver, the Transportation Network Company (TNC), or Uber’s affiliate will maintain primary third-party liability insurance in these amounts during Period 1:

  • $50,000 per individual
  • $100,000 per accident
  • $30,000 for property damage

Apart from this, Uber must carry $200,000 in excess liability coverage. The new law also means that a driver’s personal auto insurance coverage will not apply while the driver is logged into the rideshare app — unless the driver has specifically purchased insurance that includes ridesharing.

The $1 million in liability, uninsured/underinsured motorist, and contingent collision/comprehensive insurance (up to actual cash value) does not come into effect until Period 2. The same policy applies to Period 3, but during this time, the coverage extends to Uber passengers.

Once the passenger leaves the vehicle, the insurance provided returns to Period 1 insurance if the driver remains on duty. However, if the driver exits the app or goes offline (also referred to as Period 0), their personal insurance policy kicks in.

If you want to know more about how these insurance policies apply to your claim, feel free to discuss them with our California Uber accident attorneys.

Is Uber’s Insurance Coverage Enough In Case Of An Accident?

After an Uber accident, insurance questions and claims can be complicated. Despite having $1 million in liability insurance, the company’s policy has a gray area as to who is liable after a crash. In fact, there is fine print in Uber’s policy terms stating that passengers use the ridesharing platform at their own risk.

It holds that the company is not liable for the safety of its drivers or the quality of its services, which contradicts the company’s insurance policy. This contradiction has led to several lawsuits against the company for failure to pay for driver and passenger damages.

After a rather minor car accident, passengers may easily file a claim with Uber’s insurance company and receive a settlement offer. This, however, is not always the case. The company may deny its liability for your accident for a number of reasons, leaving you to file a claim with the driver’s insurance or with your own.

Whatever the case, if Uber’s insurance coverage isn’t enough to cover your damages, a third-party insurer may pay leftover costs.

A personal injury claim often results in greater compensation than an insurance claim. So, it would be worth your time to reach out to our personal injury attorneys after an Uber accident and discuss your chances of filing a claim against a responsible party.

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Examples Of Uber Accident Cases Our Attorneys Handle

Despite Uber drivers’ greater responsibility on the road for carrying paying passengers, they still make the same mistakes other regular drivers commit. Here are some real-life examples of Uber accident cases that have shaken the headlines in recent years:

  • A 23-year-old motorcyclist in Sherman Oaks died in a three-vehicle collision involving an Uber driver. The investigation stated that the Uber driver stopped on northbound 405, and the motorcyclist slammed into the rear of the vehicle. Investigators have not released who was at fault for the crash.
  • In Seattle, an Uber driver carrying passengers struck another vehicle before crashing into a gas station, causing a fire and explosion. The driver of the other vehicle later passed away from his injuries. The Uber driver got away with no injuries.
  • In Dallas, Texas, a woman sued Uber and Honda for her crash-related injuries, which resulted in her paralysis. In this collision, the Uber driver ran a red light and crashed into a pickup truck, causing the vehicle to roll over and trap the victim. The victim’s spinal cord sustained severe injuries, paralyzing her from the chest down. The lawsuit revealed that the Uber driver had a criminal background and was driving an uninsured car he did not own.

Unfortunately, reckless Uber drivers are quite a common cause of collisions. Despite the company’s “focus on safety,” Uber-related accidents still often occur, and many are excluded from their safety reports.

Our California Uber accident attorneys encounter cases like these, and we understand how life-altering they can be. Obtaining justice for you is our personal commitment. You can trust that we will use our knowledge, skills, and resources to secure the most favorable outcome for your claim.

Uber accident in California

Most Common Causes Of Uber Accidents

Driver error is the leading cause of Uber accidents. However, vehicle defects, dangerous roadways, and inclement weather also contribute to these incidents. Skilled Uber accident lawyers will look into these factors closely to establish liability:

Driver Error

Uber drivers do not receive any training before accepting their first ride, which means they can easily make the same mistakes as other drivers. These errors include:

  • Distracted Driving – Drivers need to have their Uber app open while driving. The constant need to check their phones for directions and trip details can divert their full focus away from the road, increasing the risk of accidents.
  • Reckless Driving – To earn more income, Uber drivers try to complete as many trips as quickly as possible. Some violate traffic laws and drive over the speed limit, run red lights, or make illegal turns, significantly increasing the risk of accidents.
  • Driving Under The Influence – Many Uber drivers get away with driving intoxicated or drugged. Alcohol and drugs impair a driver’s alertness, reaction time, and coordination.
  • Making Navigation Errors – Uber drivers unfamiliar with an area can sometimes drive in the wrong direction on a one-way street. They also frequently stop where they shouldn’t to pick up or drop off a passenger.

These errors aren’t exclusive to rideshare drivers, though. Our California Uber accident lawyers have also filed claims against third-party drivers who primarily caused the collision. Nevertheless, the company should consider providing their drivers with proper training to reduce the risk of accidents caused by human error.

Uber Negligence

Uber’s negligence is sometimes the direct cause of an accident. The company must perform background checks on applicants before hiring them. Drivers must also pass the annual check in order to continue driving for the company. Despite these measures, accidents occasionally occur because Uber isn’t thorough with its obligations.

If the company hires or retains a driver despite a criminal or driving record, it may be liable for negligence. The same goes if it fails to terminate a driver’s contract after multiple passenger complaints of unsafe driving.

Do you want to know if you have a valid claim against the ridesharing company? Talk to our Uber accident lawyers. We will review your case to determine Uber’s potential liability.

Vehicle Defects

Accidents involving Uber can also occur due to defective car parts or mechanical failures. Faulty brakes or tires can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles.

Ridesharing drivers have the responsibility to conduct regular maintenance checks on their vehicles. However, since Uber does not mandate drivers to ensure their vehicles are in top condition, accidents caused by malfunctioning components still occur frequently.

Dangerous Roads

Certain accidents can occur due to poor traffic conditions, like broken traffic lights, insufficient warning signs, cracked pavements, and inadequate lighting. The government entity responsible for road safety can be held responsible for a resulting accident, especially if it’s found that it had reasonable time and resources to deal with the issues.

Inclement Weather Conditions

Most of California experiences a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Despite its generally pleasant weather, sudden downpours and strong winds can make it challenging for drivers to navigate the road. Accidents are more likely to happen due to low visibility and slippery roads. Liability in weather-related collisions is often unclear, but our California Uber accident attorneys can review your case, identify the cause, and determine who is at fault. 

Sometimes, the driver could be to blame, even if the conditions are beyond their control. They are still expected to exercise caution by reducing their speed or even pulling over to the side of the road. They could face liability if their poor judgment causes an accident.

Determining Liability In An Uber Accident

Based on the causes mentioned, these are the parties that could be liable in an Uber accident:

  • The Uber driver
  • Another driver
  • Uber

  • The vehicle manufacturer, parts supplier, or mechanic
  • The government

Our California lawyers will investigate your case and work with other experts to determine where the fault lies in an Uber accident. Then, we will help you pursue a claim against the liable party and ensure you receive compensation for your injuries and losses.

Injuries Typically Sustained In Uber Accidents

Minor collisions involving Uber usually only cause mild to moderate injuries. You might only sustain minor cuts, bruises, or sprains in a fender-bender. Major collisions, on the other hand, could lead to catastrophic injuries, including paralysis, coma, or even death.

Here are common injuries that our Uber accident lawyers in California have helped victims get compensation for:

Some minor injuries, like scrapes and lacerations, often take a few days to a couple of weeks to heal fully. Even so, victims have to be careful and ensure their wounds don’t get infected. Deep cuts may require sutures and surgery, forcing the injured to stay home and rest. They can miss days of work, which can put a significant strain on their finances.

Blunt-force trauma resulting from a crash can cause blood vessels under the skin’s surface to burst, leading to bruises or contusions. These conditions can last for several weeks or even months. Victims may feel pain or stiffness from the trauma, which could affect their ability to work. If bruising affects the internal organs, immediate medical attention is necessary.

Whether minor or severe, injuries can lead to medical expenses, pain, inconveniences, and other types of losses. You might be eligible to seek financial restitution for your damages. Let’s discuss your options in a free initial consultation with our Uber accident attorneys.

Uber accidents often cause pain, bruising, inflammation, and limited range of motion in the affected area. Soft tissue injuries like whiplash may take several weeks or months to heal and could damage nerves. These conditions are characterized by muscle twitching, numbness, pain, and an inability to sense temperature changes.

One of the more serious injuries in an Uber accident is a bone fracture. This injury can affect various body parts, such as the victim’s limbs, shoulders, ribs, spine, hips, and even the skull. Broken bones typically heal within several months with a cast or brace. In extreme cases, an arm or leg fracture may lead to amputation, while a skull fracture may lead to brain injury or death.

Back injuries sustained in accidents can be life-altering, as even temporary strains or herniated discs cause extreme discomfort with the slightest movement. More severe injuries, like damage to the spinal cord, may result in temporary or permanent paralysis, greatly reducing a victim’s quality of life and ability to earn a living post-accident.

You must seek legal representation from our experienced California Uber accident lawyers. We will help you recover damages for your hospitalization bills, the costs of round-the-clock care, and the income you could have earned if not for your injury.

Some symptoms of head and brain injuries may not always show up immediately after a collision. Victims will have to keep an eye on their condition for at least 24 hours. Report any symptoms right away, including blurred vision, dizziness, vomiting, or ringing in the ears. Moreover, you should take headaches seriously, as they might indicate a concussion. Untreated traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can result in a coma, permanent brain damage, and even death.

Uber crashes can damage internal organs, resulting in lacerations, bruising, bleeding, and ruptures. Victims usually need IV fluids or blood transfusions to treat mild internal bleeding. However, they may need a transplant for organ failure.

Our Uber accident lawyers have also helped victims receive compensation for injuries other than physical harm. Car crashes often leave victims with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental health issues. Emotional and psychological damage can take months or years of therapy, affecting victims more than anyone can imagine. In many cases, the trauma stays with the victims and leaves a lasting impact on how they live the rest of their lives.

Unfortunately, Uber accidents can also lead to death, especially in catastrophic collisions. Some victims die at the scene because of the crash’s impact, while others pass away from complications arising from their injuries. If a loved one has died in an Uber accident, you may file a wrongful death claim with the help of our compassionate Uber accident lawyers in California.

Always remember to seek medical attention for your injuries after an accident. Even seemingly minor injuries or symptoms could become more serious if left untreated. Our Uber accident lawyers can connect you to the top medical specialists in California so that you can get thorough clinical examination and treatment for your injuries.

Types Of Compensation In An Uber Accident

Uber accident victims may be eligible to pursue monetary compensation in the form of economic or non-economic damages. Our California Uber accident lawyers can help you recover:

  • Past, ongoing, and future medical expenses related to the accident
  • Vehicle repair or replacement costs
  • Loss of income and earning capacity as a result of your injuries
  • Emotional pain, suffering, and trauma
  • Loss of consortium for your spouse and companionship for your family
  • Reduced quality of life due to permanent injuries or disabilities

In rare cases involving gross negligence, fraud, malice, or oppression, our Uber accident attorneys can also pursue punitive damages. These awards serve to punish the at-fault party and deter similar behavior in the future.

Our California lawyers, specializing in Uber accident cases, are skilled at giving you an accurate estimate of the value of your claim. We will assess the full extent of your injuries and fight for maximum settlement.

How To Handle Insurance Claims After A Car Accident With Uber

It’s difficult enough to be the driver of another vehicle in an Uber accident, but it’s even more confusing if you’re a passenger. You must speak with the other driver, exchange insurance information, and potentially file a personal injury claim. California laws governing rideshare accidents are not easy to navigate, so you might not know who is responsible for your injuries or what your rights are.

Our California Uber accident lawyers are well-versed in the laws concerning ridesharing and personal injury. We can explain the things you need to know and help you understand how Uber accident insurance claims work.

After reporting the accident to Uber, you would have to wait for an Uber employee to get in touch with you. They will likely confirm the information you’ve included in your report and ask for more details about the accident.

At this point, Uber will either offer a settlement through its insurance company or deny your claim. In either case, our California Uber accident lawyers can help make sure they don’t give you a lowball offer or get away with their responsibility for compensating you.

Statute Of Limitations For Uber Accidents In California

Victims have up to two years from the date of the Uber accident to file a personal injury claim. If you’re filing a claim only for property damage, you have up to three years from the accident date.

Victims of Uber accidents related to road issues that may involve the government only have up to six months from the date of the accident to file with the government agency.

The statute of limitations for car collisions and other personal injury cases can be quite tricky. To make sure you comply with all the legal requirements and deadlines, you can contact our California Uber accident attorneys for help.

An Uber Driver Hits Me. What Should I Do?

Here’s what you need to do after an Uber accident, regardless if you’re the passenger, another driver, a pedestrian, or the Uber driver injured in the crash:

Get To Safety And Call 911

Move to the side of the road or any other safer location near the accident scene. By doing so, you’ll be away from further harm if something worse happens — say, another car crashes into you.

From your safe spot, call 911 or ask someone at the scene to do it for you. Inform the dispatcher of the accident so they can send an ambulance and police officers to your location.

Seek Medical Attention Right Away

As soon as the medics arrive, make sure to get yourself checked, even if you don’t see any injuries or feel any pain. Let the medical professionals examine you to make sure you don’t need urgent care, if at all.

Our Uber accident lawyers strongly recommend that you get a medical assessment. It can serve as strong evidence to support your claim and establish the connection between your injuries and the accident.

Report The Accident

When the police arrive at the accident scene, they will ask you about the details for the official report. Make sure you provide only the facts and avoid adding details you’re not sure of. Filling in the gaps with your speculations might do more harm than good, so stick only with what you know for certain.

You should also report the incident to Uber as soon as possible.

  • For Uber drivers – Access the Safety Toolkit by clicking the blue shield symbol in the bottom left corner of the Uber app. You can select “Report a crash” from there and describe what happened.

    You can also go to the Help section, click on Safety, and select the Safety Incident Reporting Line.

  • For riders – You can also report through the app or complete the form on Uber’s website.
  • For third parties – If you’re not a driver or a passenger, you can report the crash using Uber’s online form.
Collect Evidence And Information

If you can, take photos and videos of the accident scene. Otherwise, ask someone else to do it for you. Document the car’s license plate, vehicle damage, your injuries, and nearby establishments with security cameras that could have recorded the accident. You should also ask for the contact details of any possible witnesses. Your Uber accident attorney may need to contact them later to ask for a statement.

  • For passengers, other drivers, and pedestrians – Get the Uber driver’s information, including their name, license number, and insurance details.
  • For Uber drivers – Exchange information with the other driver. Ask for their name, license number, and insurance details, and then give them yours.
Consult The Best Uber Accident Lawyers California Turns To

Call our Uber accident attorneys so that we can walk you through the legal process and discuss your legal options for compensation. We can advise you on what details to provide to the police, Uber, and insurance companies as soon as they contact you. Our Uber accident lawyers in California can help ensure you don’t accidentally say or do something that would hurt your claim.

Here are some common mistakes people make after an accident:

  • Saying sorry for the accident, even though it’s not their fault
  • Discussing the accident with other people
  • Posting about the accident on social media

Remember, your words can be manipulated and misinterpreted, jeopardizing your claim. Reach out to our Uber accident lawyers at (888) 488-1391 right away to protect your rights and interests.

Uber car in California

Uber Driving And Accident Statistics

Today, Uber is a billion-dollar company with more than 6.5 million drivers and over 28 million trips per day worldwide. It’s a global force that has experienced exponential growth since its launch over a decade ago.

How safe is Uber statistically? According to Uber’s Safety Report, a remarkable 99% of journeys concluded without any safety-related incidents. Despite this impressive figure, our lawyers still handle a significant number of Uber accident cases. This indicates that there are still risks associated with using the ridesharing company.

Due to their increased presence on the roads, Uber drivers have contributed to a heightened risk of collisions. The causes of these accidents are the same as those involving other drivers, such as negligence, carelessness, recklessness, and unlawful acts.

In 2019 – 2020, Uber vehicles were involved in 21 fatal crashes, resulting in 101 fatalities. These incidents usually involved reckless driving behavior, including alcohol impairment, speeding, and wrong-way driving. 

Here are a few other significant Uber statistics:

Uber Drivers Travel Most During The Afternoon

According to the San Francisco County Transportation Authority, in 2020, Uber trips in California typically peak from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Accidents cannot be predicted and can happen at any time, so everyone must be vigilant and prepared for what may happen.

There Are Currently Over 130 Million Uber Users Worldwide

With so many people using the rideshare platform, it’s no surprise that people report Uber accidents regularly. In the bustling city of Los Angeles, there is a higher chance of accidents due to congested roadways. Our Uber accident lawyers have also observed an uptick in car collisions involving the ridesharing company in touristy areas.

The Government Does Not Regulate Uber As It Does Taxi Companies

Uber accidents involve different rules compared to typical collisions. In California, Uber drivers are independent contractors, which would normally protect the company from liability in driver-caused accidents. However, even though drivers are not employees, several complicated lawsuits surrounding this issue have led to convictions against the company.

After a rideshare crash, seek assistance from competent California Uber accident lawyers to help you recover from all the damages you’ve sustained.

Sexual And Physical Assault By Uber Drivers

Uber’s incident history does not involve only vehicle collisions. Uber’s Safety Report in 2022 revealed 3,824 incidents of sexual assault. About 43%, or nearly half, of Uber’s sexual assault cases from 2019 to 2020 involved riders as the accused party. In California, Uber drivers have allegedly committed acts such as:

  • Dragging passengers out of the vehicle
  • Stealing passengers’ phones
  • Threatening to attack passengers
  • Brandishing knives at passengers
  • Kidnapping passengers
  • Sexually assaulting passengers
  • Driving under the influence
  • Impersonating an Uber driver

Sexual and physical assault cases involving an Uber driver can lead to criminal and civil charges. With the help of our Uber car accident attorneys in California, you can file a personal injury claim against the alleged offender at the same time as an ongoing criminal investigation. Filing both types of claims can lead to adequate compensation and justice for your pain and suffering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Uber has a protocol for any safety-related incident occurring during a trip. After ensuring your safety and cooperating with the police, you must notify Uber through its website or app using the instructions outlined in this article. Describe all the details involving the accident. 

If you sustained damages in the accident, our Uber accident attorneys can explain how to file a claim with Uber’s insurance provider. We’ll guide you through the process, ensuring your claim is handled fairly.

A state appeals court ruled on March 13, 2023, that app-based ride-hailing and delivery services like Uber and Lyft can continue to treat their California drivers as independent contractors. This means the tech giants can avoid other state laws that require workers to be protected and get benefits.

If you have an issue regarding an accident, a safety incident involving the driver, or a lost item, you can initiate a claim through the app. Navigate to the “Help” section of the app and search for the topic that pertains to your specific issue. It will walk you through the process of submitting a claim.

After submitting the details, an Uber representative might get in touch with you. Most likely, they will give you some forms to fill out. Don’t forget to make a copy for your own records. Seek the assistance of our California Uber accident lawyers to ensure you know your options and you’re making informed decisions.

Uber has a third-party liability insurance policy for its drivers, providing coverage to those involved in an accident. The company’s insurance provider may be responsible for compensating you if you’re injured. However, its offers often do not take into account the full extent of your damages. Despite having $1 Million in liability coverage, it might offer an insufficient amount. If you want to get maximum compensation, reach out to the Uber accident attorneys California trusts. We’ll evaluate the actual amount you’re entitled to.

In most cases, you won’t need to sue Uber to get compensated for damages. If you’re a rider, you’re most likely covered by Uber’s insurance policy, which offers up to $1 million for injuries. You’ll need to file a claim with their insurance company first. 

If you were the driver or passenger in another vehicle involved in an Uber accident, you can also file a claim with Uber’s insurance. However, depending on the circumstances of the accident, you might need to involve the Uber driver’s insurance provider as well. Our Uber accident lawyers can help you determine which insurance policy applies.

Yes. Uber insurance covers all parties in an accident, including drivers, passengers, and third parties. The coverage depends on the period when the incident occurred.

According to California’s laws on pure comparative negligence, if both the Uber driver and another driver are at fault for an accident, they will both pay for the injured victim’s damages. The actual amount they owe depends on their degree of fault.

This rule also applies to plaintiffs who contributed to the accident. The court will assign them a percentage of liability, reducing their compensation. For example, if the plaintiff has a 10% liability, they will receive only 90% of their damages.

Uber could take several months to investigate an accident. It’s unclear how their process works, but according to an investigation by The Washington Post, Uber is more concerned about its reputation than the safety of its passengers. The investigation takes months or even years because Uber will go above and beyond to find a loophole and slip out of liability in such cases.

If the investigation for your case is taking longer than expected, you can ask for help from our Uber accident lawyers. We will communicate with Uber on your behalf, follow up on your case, and update you about any progress.

Based on the extensive experience of our Uber car accident lawyers, personal injury claims with the company usually take a few months to over a year. Cases where liability is clear could be resolved quickly. However, a case turning into a lawsuit could take up to a year or more to be resolved. Our team of California-based Uber accident attorneys is well-prepared to represent you and fight for your rights. Whether dealing with insurance companies, Uber, or a jury, we are here to help.

The average settlement for Uber accidents ranges from several thousand to a few million dollars. The actual amount will vary depending on the specific circumstances of the case, such as the severity of the injuries and the extent of property damage (if applicable). Reach out to our California Uber accident attorneys so we can review your case and give you an accurate estimate of its value.

Most Uber accident attorneys in California work on a contingency fee basis. This means you won’t pay anything upfront since their fee is a percentage of the settlement or court award you will receive. The typical range falls between 33% and 40% of your final award.

Call The Uber Accident Lawyers California Chooses For Justice!

If Uber denies your claim or offers an amount that does not cover your damages, talk to our Uber accident attorneys. Arash Law can help you negotiate with Uber and file a personal injury lawsuit if applicable.

It can be difficult to understand who might be liable for your crash and who will pay your damages. Working with our Uber accident attorneys in California can give you confidence and peace of mind after a frightening, confusing, and harmful accident.

Call (888) 488-1391 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation with our Uber accident attorneys anywhere in California.

We have experience handling complex rideshare accident cases all across the sunny state of California, with a stronghold in counties like San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose, Sherman Oaks, Pasadena, Oakland, Modesto, Stockton, and Riverside

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