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    Orange County is a beautiful county with a rich history that goes back hundreds of years. It is located in the metropolitan area of Los Angeles, and at the 2019 census, had a population of 3,010,232. In Orange County, there are 948 square miles in the entire county and 3,979 people per square mile.

    That makes for a densely populated county, but it hasn’t always been that way here. When California became part of the United States in 1848 and a state in 1850, it did so with thousands of gold panners, ranchers, and miners. California’s addition to the United States resulted in a thriving economy for the state, which continues today.

    Orange County is now the third-most populous county in California, after Los Angeles with 10,081,570 million and San Diego with 3,316,073. The most populated cities here are Anaheim, Irvine, and Santa Ana. These cities and others in the county are home to some of the richest attractions in the world.

    That includes Disneyland, Angel Stadium, Knott’s Berry Farm, Balboa Island, Mission San Juan Capistrano, and the glorious Angel Stadium, among many other attractions. Orange County is a busy place to be! There is always a lot of people here, and a lot of activity. When you get a lot of people doing a lot of things, from driving to sporting, you are going to see larger incidents of traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

    In America, approximately 1.7 million people will suffer from a brain injury every year, and it is a leading cause of death. Of these:

    Approximately 5.3 million Americans struggle with the aftermath of traumatic brain injury every day. At Arash Law, we have been working with brain injury victims and patients for decades. When you have suffered a traumatic brain injury, your entire life is going to be thrown out of balance.

    Most of these injuries happen through error or liability, and you might deserve compensation for your suffering. Call the Orange County brain injury attorneys at Arash Law at (888) 488-1391, and we’ll review your case for free.

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    Causes of Brain Injury

    To suffer a brain injury, a blow to the head in some way must occur. The skull is the series of bones of the human skeleton that encases the brain for protective purposes. It can only do so much when it has been dealt a significant blow.

    For a brain injury to occur, the skull must be injured enough that it comes into contact with the brain and causes injury. The injury can range from mild to severe in terms of immediate injury; however, the injury could have lifelong consequences either way.

    The most common causes of this kind of injury are:

    Although the causes of TBI can vary, the outcomes are very similar. It is very difficult to completely recover after a brain injury of any kind. The brain does not have cells that can reproduce or regenerate the way other body systems can.

    Moving, controlling emotions, and understanding basic senses (such as smell and sound) can all be very difficult after a brain injury. Among the traumas with these injuries, often a brain injury is caused by someone else. At Arash Law, we help people with these injuries every day. We know that there is nothing we can do to restore your function, but we also know that the law provides for compensation for your financial losses.

    Contact our Orange County brain injury attorneys for help in filing your claim. We’ll fight for you to get the compensation you deserve. We will help you file a lawsuit against the party that did this to you until you get justice. Book a free review of your case today at (888) 488-1391.

    Brain Injury Justice Resources in Orange County, California

    When you have been victimized with a brain injury in Orange County, you will need resources for justice. Use these Orange County justice resources to find a courthouse, track your case, and learn what you need to know when fighting for justice for your brain injury.

    700 Civic Center Drive West
    Santa Ana, CA 92701
    4601 Jamboree Road
    Newport Beach, CA 92660-2595
    341 The City Drive South
    Orange, CA 92868-3205
    1275 North Berkeley Avenue
    Fullerton, CA 92832-1258
    8141 13th Street
    Westminster, CA 92683-4593
    909 N. Main St.
    Santa Ana, CA 92701

    Civil Complex Center

    751 West Santa Ana Blvd
    Santa Ana, CA 92701
    27573 Puerta Real
    Mission Viejo, CA 92691

    Department CJ1, Orange County Men's Jail

    550 N Flower St.
    Santa Ana, CA 92703

    Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury

    Although there are many commonalities with brain injuries, every case will be different. That is because while some physical symptoms will be the same, every person’s brain is different, and psychological impacts will vary from one person to the next. Symptoms may appear immediately after the injury or even months down the road. Initial symptoms include:

    Some of the psychological or emotional symptoms will include:

    It is important to note that not every symptom will be experienced by every brain-injured patient. Even so, just one or two of these symptoms can have a devastating impact on the quality of life permanently. The medical costs alone could be lifelong.

    Depending on the nature of the cause of the injury, the pain and suffering could be just as permanent as the brain injury. If you or someone you love has been a victim of a brain injury as a result of someone’s negligence, a personal injury lawyer can help you to get the compensation you deserve. If it is reasonable to conclude that someone else caused your injury, you may be entitled to compensation.

    Costs for this injury will add up and could include lost wages from the inability to work again. It’s impossible for you to know on your own if a judge or jury would award you damages. One of our experienced Orange County brain injury attorneys at Arash Law can review your case for free and let you know what they think.

    We have won brain injury awards and settlements and know what a judge and jury need to hear and see when a brain injury victim files a claim. Call Arash Law today at (888) 488-1391 to book a free review of your case.

    Types of Traumatic Brain Injury

    There are a number of types of brain injury, and they will be classified according to what happens to the brain when the injury occurs. You might also have a brain injury classified by the location, according to what lobe of the brain the injury occurred in.

    Anoxic Brain Injury

    When the brain is deprived of oxygen, permanent brain damage begins to occur within four minutes. Brain function begins to slow down when the brain loses oxygen, and vital functions of the entire body slow down, in some cases permanently. Drowning or near-drowning, electrocution or shock, heart problems, suffocation or strangulation, and carbon monoxide poisoning could cause this type of injury. There are rarely good outcomes in these cases.

    Hypoxic Brain Injury

    Oxygen flow is reduced or constricted, not deprived. The quality of life of a victim and their future earning potential could disappear in just a few minutes with a hypoxic brain injury. A hypoxic brain injury can result from a birth injury, drowning, undiagnosed heart failure, or other cause where oxygen flow to the brain is reduced significantly. This injury differs from an anoxic injury, where oxygen completely stops.
    A victim of hypoxic brain injury will experience short-term memory losses, losses in the ability to reason, motor skill losses, problems speaking, and problems concentrating. In some cases, the outcomes are not great; however, there can be some progress made with prolonged medical care. Speech therapy, rehab, and health care services in the home can help with the individual’s quality of life considerably. These are all compensable damages if the injured party was injured as a result of someone else’s negligence.


    Concussions are among the most common type of brain injury. Here, the brain and the skull get bounced against each other in either mild or severe ways, often leading to a loss of consciousness (though in mild concussions, that isn’t always the case). A concussion is diagnosed as mild to severe depending on the amount of time the victim was unconscious.
    Concussions can occur through a wide variety of causes, from slip and falls to sports injuries, and they can also be the result of violence. A concussion may not seem like a major problem at first, particularly if loss of consciousness is minor or minimal. It can still become a major problem, with time from work lost for over a year in some cases.

    Diffuse Axonal Injury (DAI)

    This serious injury is the result of damage to the axons that connect brain cells and will impair quality of life significantly, including lost motor skills and cognitive function. A DAI often causes a coma, and axonal changes can be detected on CT and MRI scans.
    These injuries often occur after a significant impact. That can include being shaken, being involved in a car accident at high speeds, or an injury that might twist the brain in a way that damages the nerve axons. The outcome for these cases is a lowered quality of life that includes impaired brain function, problems with motor skills, and a reduced cognitive capacity and ability. Life changes forever after this injury.

    Frontal Lobe Injury

    The frontal lobe is at the front of the brain across the forehead. It rules our executive function (the ability to organize and plan) and can help to regulate our thoughts. The frontal lobe is also a reasoning center for us. When this part of the brain experiences injury, complications can include an inability to organize or plan, think reasonably, and react to life around us.
    It can also lead to a marked change in personality. People with frontal lobe damage will require extensive health care for the rest of their lives. It will require a significant amount of adaptation by the entire family.

    Parietal Lobe Injury

    The parietal lobe is located between your frontal lobe and your occipital lobe, which is at the back of your head. This lobe works to regulate your sensory information. That means that it takes in information to send to the parts of your brain that can see, smell, hear, and perceive incoming information such as emotion. This lobe will also help you determine navigation senses, depth perception, and the proper use of your spatial senses.
    Injury to this lobe can be catastrophic to quality of life. Victims of this kind of injury will be unable to multi-task, read well, or even distinguish from left and right. A lot of relearning will have to occur, and permanent loss of work is inevitable for many. Many victims will also have to have help for the rest of their lives.

    Temporal Lobe Injury

    The brain has two temporal lobes, located on either side of the head, and is a primary lobe for processing the senses. While the parietal lobe can receive sensory information like smells and sounds, the temporal lobe processes these things in a way that allows us to have other experiences with them. The temporal lobe has some emotional function attached to it. So you might have a feeling, memory, or nostalgic experience with a smell or sound on occasion. That is your temporal lobe at work.
    You can imagine that injury to any of these lobes will impair your quality of life. It’s not just about not being able to remember smells anymore, though. Life just is not enjoyed the same way. Many just do not understand the quality of life impact from a temporal lobe injury, which adds a layer of pain and suffering that is difficult to comprehend until you hear it from the victims themselves.
    This kind of brain injury is common in car accidents. When there is a side-impact crash, for example, such as those that occur at an intersection, the temporal lobe can become damaged. A T-bone collision, a windshield impact, an accident that lands you on the pavement cheek facing down. Any kind of accident that injures the sides of your head could lead to this kind of brain injury.
    Outcomes in these cases include hearing losses or problems, emotional changes, and you may even have difficulties with language problems. With these injuries, long-term care is often required, and your family will undergo severe emotional and financial stress.

    Book a Free Consultation With Our Orange County Brain Injury AttorneysToday

    If you or someone you love has suffered from a brain injury, and it was someone else’s fault, you will be entitled to compensation. You may have to live with a brain injury for the rest of your life. It is also the kind of injury that your family may have to live with for the rest of your life. This experience is not something that you have to go through alone.

    At Arash Law, we have been fighting for brain injury victims for decades. We have been successful in winning brain injury settlements because brain injury victims should not have to pay for someone else’s problem. If you have been the victim of a brain injury, call the Orange County brain injury attorneys at Arash Law at (888) 488-1391 for a free review of your case. You will never be out of pocket; don’t pay until we win.

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