[02-23-2024] Sacramento County, CA – Driver Killed, Two Passengers Injured Following Single-Vehicle Crash in Rancho Cordova

[02-23-2024] Driver Killed, Two Passengers Injured Following Single-Vehicle Crash in Rancho CordovaA driver was killed, and two passengers were injured following a single-vehicle crash in Rancho Cordova on Friday morning, February 23, 2024.

According to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, the crash happened around 4:30 a.m. on Grant Line Road between Douglas Road and White Rock Road.

Authorities stated that the driver was ejected from the vehicle after he traveled southbound, overcorrected, and rolled over on the opposite side of the road.

Emergency personnel continued life-saving measures, but the man died at the scene. Two passengers were transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Police said that speed may have been a factor in the crash.

No further information was disclosed. The investigation continues.

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Steps to Take Following a Car Crash in Sacramento County, CA

It is impossible to predict a car crash or collision, but you may get ready for one. Keeping a car accident checklist at your disposal will assist you in remaining composed and well-prepared after a vehicle collision. It can provide guidance on actions to take, actions to avoid, and the most effective ways to safeguard your rights. If you have been injured or if a loved one has been killed in a car accident, here are the steps to take:

  1. Remain Calm — Stay at the location and ensure that everyone is alright. Assess your injuries first, and then assess the physical conditions of others. Stay composed and avoid accepting responsibility.
  2. Move to Secure Area — If possible, relocate disabled vehicles to the side of the road. Activate your hazard lights to reduce the risk of additional accidents. Find a secure location to wait for the authorities.
  3. Contact 911 — Reach out to the authorities to inform them about your accident. Law enforcement can record the event, collect information, and include it in an official file.
  4. Gather Relevant Information — Exchange names, phone numbers, and insurance details with the other driver(s) involved in the accident. If possible, capture images of the automobiles, registration plates, and other essential particulars.
  5. Do Not Admit Fault — Limit your discussion with a police officer to the objective details of the incident. Please provide a thorough account of the collision.
  6. Seek Medical Help — Visit the hospital or your doctor as soon as you can. Seeking prompt medical attention can aid in minimizing the harm caused by injuries. Examinations and imaging can detect interior damage that may not exhibit symptoms yet.
  7. Notify Your Insurance Company — Many insurance providers have specific timeframes during which you are required to inform them of an accident in California. Contact promptly and according to the agent’s instructions for reporting your collision.
  8. Contact Insurance Adjusters — Shortly after your accident, you can receive a phone call from the insurance company representing the other party. You can talk to the claims adjuster, but avoid providing any additional information beyond what is essential. Do not provide a statement or agree to an insurance settlement offer until you consult with a lawyer.
  9. Make a File of the Accident — Keep papers relating to accidents together and structured. Please include a duplicate of the police record, medical bills, the identity of the other driver, injury treatment plans, and any other documentation you have gathered about the occurrence in your file.
  10. Contact Our Car Accidents Lawyers — If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Call (888) 488-1391 today. We provide complimentary consultations so you can talk about your vehicle accident in California without any risk or commitment. We can assess the validity of your case, aid you in communicating with insurance companies, and support you in submitting a personal injury claim if needed.


Car Accident Statistics

In the United States, car accidents are responsible for the highest number of unintentional fatalities and injuries. As per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there have been 42,795 deaths in 2022 alone.

In 2020, there were 3,847 deadly car accidents in California. Around 59% or 2,260 deaths occurred due to accidents with a single vehicle. A total of 1,587 deaths, which accounts for 41% of all fatalities, occurred as a result of crashes between two or more cars.

Two cars were part of the majority of collisions (72% of all collisions, 71% of collisions resulting in injuries, and 77% of all injuries). Angle collisions, meanwhile, resulted in the highest number of fatalities and injuries, with approximately 8,000 in 2020.

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