[10-24-2022] Sacramento County, CA – A Two-Vehicle Crash Resulted in a Pickup Truck Landing on its Roof in Citrus Heights, Injuring Four

[10-24-2022] A Two-Vehicle Crash Resulted in a Pickup Truck Landing on its Roof in Citrus Heights, Injuring FourAccording to the local news, four people suffered severe injuries after a two-vehicle collision wherein one of the vehicles partially overturned in Citrus Heights on Saturday, October 24, 2022.

The crash transpired around 9 a.m. close to Roseville and Whyte Avenue.

According to officer Justin Fetterly of the CHP North Sacramento, the crash occurred when Roseville police received a report of a stolen pickup truck.

When the pickup truck collided with another vehicle carrying three people, including a child, a police officer was attempting to approach it without activating lights or sirens, according to Fetterly.

Authorities say they took all four passengers to hospitals with serious injuries.

The only pickup truck occupant was a man in his 30s who was also the driver.

A man in his early 40s was driving the other vehicle and was carrying a woman, 30s, and a male juvenile.

According to Fetterly, the pickup driver is being held at the hospital. It is undetermined what charges he is facing.

The collision showed a pickup truck split in half, with the front cabin on the ground and the bed and rear end resting on top of a dividing wall with a house nearby.

In addition, a wood fence had toppled on a nearby lot, and the other involved vehicle, a sedan, had also sustained significant damage.

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Two-Vehicle Crash Statistics

In the United States, a car accident claims the life of or seriously injures a person every 60 seconds. Given how busy our roads are, this finding is not surprising.

Car accidents are the leading cause of fatalities and severe injuries in the United States. Each year, 2 million car accidents in the US cause harm or death.

Car accidents cause fatalities and severe injuries for Americans between the ages of 2 and 34.

In the US, there are at least four million car accidents that result in injuries every year. The US Department of Transportation’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) calculated that year’s auto accident fatalities at 36,560.

Despite appearing cautious, drivers still risk suffering life-threatening injuries or even losing their lives in an accident.

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