[12-12-2022] Sutter County, CA – Hit-And-Run Driver Flees After Colliding with Male Pedestrian in Yuba City

[12-12-2022] Hit-And-Run Driver Flees After Colliding with Male Pedestrian in Yuba CityAuthorities reported that a hit-and-run driver struck a pedestrian in Yuba City on Monday morning, December 12, 2022.

The collision reportedly occurred around 7:00 a.m. near Garden Highway and Bogue Road.

According to authorities, they discovered the man lying in the street and informed them that he had been hit by a car before transporting him to an area hospital.

Reports state that the victim was heading east along Bogue Road and triggered the pedestrian light button to continue walking.

While the man was standing at the southeast intersection, a dark-colored pickup stopped for a red light, and the truck went right, striking the victim.

The truck shoved the man, drove over him, stopped, reversed up, and continued south on Garden Highway around the injured victim.

Several more vehicles drove around the man, but no one alerted authorities, and there were no other witnesses to the collision.

The truck is described as a dark-colored Dodge Ram 1500 with a ladder rack and a toolbox in the truck bed.

Anyone with information on the collision or the vehicle is urged to contact 530-822-4660.

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Hit-And-Run Crash Statistics

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, hit-and-runs cause injuries or fatalities to 680,000 Americans annually. The number of people who died in hit-and-run accidents has been increasing in recent years. In 2020, these occurrences accounted for 24% of all pedestrian fatalities.

According to recent data, California has the highest fatality and injury rates for pedestrians compared to other states. In 2012, approximately 893 pedestrians were murdered, and almost 14,000 were injured in California.

A hit-and-run crash happens when one vehicle collides with another, and the driver flees without stopping to assist. Besides the pain and suffering and the economic and social consequences of an injury accident, hit-and-run instances can compound outcomes because victims are usually delayed or do not receive medical attention.

If an automobile fails to yield to pedestrians or brakes suddenly, they are more likely to be killed or wounded. Pedestrians should walk on sidewalks wherever possible, avoid walking with drugs and alcohol, and exercise caution when crossing parking lots and driveways.

Trusted Hit-And-Run Accident Lawyers in Yuba City

Accidents that result in life-threatening injuries can leave victims with medical costs and a few years of unemployment. Victims may also suffer from emotional and psychological distress and physical agony.

Filing a claim and obtaining compensation can be complex and time-consuming. When dealing with an insurance company, having a lawyer on your side is the best approach to safeguard your rights. The recorded information could lead to a claim being denied or liability being reduced.

Our hit-and-run accident attorneys in Yuba City will investigate the situation as soon as possible. We negotiate actively throughout the settlement using tried-and-true legal tactics to guarantee that damages are adequately assessed.

On behalf of our clients, we have recovered $400 million in claims. We can address your problems and provide legal advice based on our years of legal knowledge.

To schedule a free consultation, call (888) 488-1391 or fill out the “Do I Have A Case?” form online.

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