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It is difficult to know what to do after a motorcycle accident. You need the advice of an experienced Los Angeles motorcycle attorney to help protect your legal rights. Our acclaimed motorcycle injury law firm knows how to handle motorcycle cases, and our attorneys are skilled motorcycle accident lawyers.

Let us deal with the insurance company so that you can focus on recovering from your injuries, secure in the knowledge that your claim is being handled properly.

A motorcycle accident claim can be overwhelming – especially if you have never had to deal with an insurance company. As a victim, it’s important to understand that the insurance company handling your case will do everything it can to pay you as little as possible. Fortunately, with the help of an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles, you can protect your rights.

In the material below, you will learn about the causes of motorcycle accidents and the common injuries that they cause. We will also discuss your legal right to compensation and how you and an attorney can ensure that you get the compensation to which you are entitled under California law.

Car Accident
Our client was driving with his wife and son on a two-lane highway when a drunk driver crossed the double yellow lines, causing a head-on collision that claimed the life of a loving wife and mother.
–  Arash Khorsandi

Why So Many Motorcycle Accidents Happen in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to major industries. Fashion, finance, media, entertainment, and international finance have all established major hubs here in the greater L.A. area. We also have many educational institutions and academic programs. These factors have brought a wide variety of people from all over the world to our sunny shores.

Los Angeles also has an ideal climate for motorcycle riding. We enjoy sunshine all year long, and our temperate climate means riders don’t face seasonal weather challenges. Without much rain, snow, or ice, motorcyclists can usually ride all year long.

Unfortunately, this means that there are a lot of motorcycles on the road all year long. Combined with our infamous L.A. traffic, this can be a recipe for disaster. Motorcyclists are at an increased risk of being involved in an accident in heavy traffic. When motorcycle accidents do occur, motorcycle riders sustain far more serious injuries than the occupants of passenger vehicles do.

The Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

There are many, many ways that a motorcycle rider can be injured while on the road. Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Los Angeles have seen all kinds of motorcycle accidents. Though not every accident can be avoided, it is still important to be aware of some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents.

Doing so can help reduce your risk of being involved in a deadly motorcycle accident. Here are some of the most common problems motorcycle riders encounter on the road:

  • Speeding
  • Being impaired by alcohol, drugs or prescription medications
  • Weaving in and out of traffic
  • Tailgating
  • Lane splitting
  • Other riders who don’t have experience riding a motorcycle in traffic
  • Poor weather conditions (rain, sleet, ice, clouds)
  • Nighttime riding
  • Poorly maintained roads (potholes, cracks, etc.)
  • Failing to wear a helmet (California law requires helmets for both drivers and passengers)
  • Improper use (or the failure to use) protective leathers and other safety gear
  • Manufacturing defects in the motorcycle (especially in the brakes)

A common problem for motorcyclists is that drivers simply aren’t looking out for them. Being smaller and having less lighting, motorcycles are more difficult to see in the roadways than larger passenger vehicles.

This is especially true at night, in cloudy weather, and during other times of limited visibility. Motorcycle riders should be aware of the possibility that drivers will not see them. Use your light and horn as necessary to alert drivers to your presence. Allow plenty of space between your bike and other cars in the roadway.


The Injuries That Can Occur in A Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle riders – whether they are the driver or the passenger – are more susceptible to being injured than someone inside a vehicle. Riders’ higher injury risk because passenger vehicles have comprehensive safety systems that protect their occupants during a collision. Seat belts and airbags drastically reduce the severity of injuries that victims suffer in an accident.

Even a vehicle’s steel frame is designed to absorb the force of an impact, making vehicle occupants much safer. Motorcycle riders have none of this protection. Often, their bodies absorb the full force of a collision with a tree, the road, or another vehicle. This force causes serious injuries that are fatal in far too many cases.

If your injuries are not fatal, they can still endanger your life. These life-threatening injuries often have permanent consequences. Common examples include: 

  • Brain Damage
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Amputation of an arm or leg
  • Internal Bleeding
  • Blindness
  • Broken Bones

Less serious injuries might not be life-threatening, but they are still incredibly painful. Some examples are: 

  • Road rash
  • Facial disfigurement
  • Scarring
  • Concussions
  • Nerve damage (this can impair both sensation and movement)
  • Eye injuries
  • Hearing damage

Long-term damage can also affect your mental health. Understandably, an injury victim will feel frustrated after a long and painful recovery for a permanent injury. Issues with mental health can lead to irritability, difficulty sleeping, mood swings, depression, or anxiety.

Sometimes all of these symptoms will occur after you are injured. It is important to take care of your mental health after an accident, just as you take care of your physical health.  Make sure you speak with a motorcycle injury attorney right away.

Why California Motorcycle Riders Are at an Increased Risk of Injury and Death

California is currently the only state in the U.S. that allows lane splitting, a controversial (and potentially deadly) practice in which a motorcycle drives between two lanes of cars that are either stopped or moving very slowly. Because drivers are rarely expecting to find another vehicle between lanes of traffic, they can hit motorcycles while changing lanes.

Motorcyclists also contribute to the danger by driving too quickly. Motorcyclists should avoid lane splitting when traffic is moving faster than thirty miles per hour. Riders should also not go too much faster than the traffic surrounding them. Despite these risks, some motorcycle riders drive too fast when lane splitting and cause their accidents.

Lane splitting has an unusual legal status in California. It was never officially made legal – instead, the legislature never passed a law prohibiting it. In its place, the California Highway Patrol has issued recommendations for how to lane split safely. Because lane splitting is not illegal, you cannot receive a traffic citation for doing so safely.

But if you negligently drive while you are lane splitting, you can be found at fault for any accident that occurs. Being liable for an accident prevents you from being compensated for your injuries from another driver. You might also have to cover your property damage and pay increased insurance premiums.

Motorcycle Accident

Largest motorcycle settlement in Tulare County in 2021; client suffered spinal and wrist injuries.

–  Judd Ross Allen

What You Should Do After Being Involved in a Motorcycle Accident

Any auto accident can be an overwhelming experience. If you know what to do after a collision, you will be better prepared to address your medical and legal needs. Here are a few steps to follow after being involved in a motorcycle accident:

1. Call 911

It is always important to call 911 after being involved in an accident. Even if you are not injured, someone else on the scene might need medical attention. And even if no one appears to need an ambulance, you still want the police to respond to the scene. Insurance companies consider police reports to be strong evidence of what occurred in an accident.

Unlike the involved drivers, who are considered biased witnesses, a police report is prepared by a third party who wasn’t involved in the accident. Police at the scene will also ensure that everyone involved exchanges all insurance and identifying information properly. Obtaining this information is the first step toward filing a claim with the other driver’s insurance company.

While you are on the scene, it is important not to discuss what happened in the accident. These statements could be used against you later. Simply find out if anyone needs medical attention. Do not admit fault for the accident. Do not get into an altercation with the other driver. Simply make sure everyone is taken care of and get the necessary insurance information without discussing the case.

2. Address Your Immediate Medical Needs

Many injury victims do not want to leave the scene of an accident in an ambulance. You should not hesitate to let the emergency medical technicians take you to the hospital if needed. Not only will they be able to administer medical care along the way, but they are also trained to transport you without exacerbating your injuries. If you try to go to the hospital yourself, you might further complicate a bone fracture, or aggravate painful nerve damage, or increase the rate of internal bleeding. It is simply not worth the risk of aggravating your injuries into a potentially life-threatening condition.

If you do not feel it is necessary to go to the hospital in an ambulance, you should still let a doctor check you over as soon as possible. You do not always know that you are injured immediately after an accident. Some injuries can only be detected by a doctor. If, for example, you are bleeding internally, you might not feel any pain or other warning signs. But a doctor might be able to diagnose this by monitoring your low blood pressure. Internal bleeding can lead to death within hours or even minutes if left untreated.

After you finish up with the police on the scene of the accident, you should visit an urgent care facility or the emergency department of a nearby hospital. If you can visit your primary care physician, that is also a good option, but do not wait too late to make an appointment. If your primary care provider cannot see you for a few days, your injuries could worsen. Not only will this needlessly endanger your health and cause you more pain, but it can also impair your legal right to compensation.

The insurance company could claim that you made your injuries worse by failing to get medical care right away. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can help defend you from these claims. Still, it is important to be able to document that you did take the necessary steps to get appropriate medical care.

3. Consult With a Lawyer

As we have discussed, your legal rights can be impacted as soon as an accident occurs. Anything you say at the scene of the accident can be used against you. If you do not have an attorney, the insurance company can call you and ask for a recorded statement about what happened in the accident. This, too, can be used against you. You have the right to decline to make this statement and consult with a lawyer.

The sooner you have an attorney fighting on your side, the better protected your legal rights will be. Once you have hired a motorcycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles, the insurance company can no longer contact you about the accident. All communications must go through your attorney’s office. You should meet with a lawyer as soon as your medical needs have been addressed, and you can safely do so.

Even if you are not able to go out and meet a motorcycle injury attorney in person, you can still have a telephone consultation. Our attorneys may also be available for video conferences and other virtual meetings. Do not wait to get advice from an attorney. The sooner you have a motorcycle accident lawyer on your side, the better protected your legal rights will be.

Emperatriz Ayala
Emperatriz Ayala
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My husband had an accident 2 years ago, a 85 years old man hit him, the Arash law group works very well on my husband case that took 9 month and he won the case and my husband was happy with the results. A year later I got into an accident as well and I’m still waiting in my case is almost resolving and it’s 9 months already. This people knows the law and they do their job right to help you out in getting the most for you to fight on your behalf. I strongly recommend the Arash Law firm they do things right in a efficient and professional manner.
Chris Zavala
Chris Zavala
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Had a great experience with all the people at Arash law. Long story short was in a bad car accident. It was overwhelming and the whole process was a lot, but they kept me in the loop. They answered all my questions and gave me great advice. Couldn't be any happier. Would definitely recommend anyone looking for a personal injury lawyer. They'll guide you through the whole process!
Jill Smith
Jill Smith
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Having Arash Law handle my auto accident was the best decision I could have made. Everyone I interacted with was kind, professional and detail oriented. I am extremely happy with the outcome and would recommend them highly.
Joseph R. Porter
Joseph R. Porter
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From start to finish, Arash Law firm is there every step of the way with close, constant, personal contact and attention. I never knew a Law firm could actually care so much for me as a person and what I was personally going through as well as the settlement I was going to recieve once my case was finally completed. Thank you to everyone at Arash Law for your ongoing support and communication. You are the ONLY firm I will ever recommend to someone who is need of a great attorny.
Monica Parra
Monica Parra
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I had an excellent experience with Arash Law. I will definitely recommend to my family and friends. I interviewed a few firms before deciding to work with Arash Law. What made my experience excellent was (i.e. head attorney being accessible to talk to and he answered all my questions and concerns, sensitive and thorough personel who completed in home intake & follow up process, being connected immediately to quality Physicians who addressed my injuries and recovery process, clear contract-read throughly to ensure its something you can commit to). Being in a car accident is a traumatic experience and I had a sense of peace knowing Arash Firm was walking with me throughout the whole process. Thank you Arash Firm for all your hard work and help. I am so grateful and appreciative for you all! 🙏 With Gratitude, Monica Parra
Follow Up on Your Medical Care
4. Follow Up on Your Medical Care

It is rare for a doctor to release an injury victim from their care without making recommendations regarding future treatment. You might need to consult with a medical specialist. You might need x-rays or other diagnostic testing or imaging. You might need rehabilitation services with a speech pathologist or occupational therapist.

You might need pain management arranged by a physical therapist or pain specialist. Or maybe the doctor simply wants to see you in a few weeks to be sure your injuries are healing as they should be. Whatever the recommendations are, be sure to follow them.

Insurance companies flag claims when there is evidence the injury victim did not follow through on recommendations for medical care. The claims adjuster might try to make a lowball offer, claiming that you exacerbated your injuries, and they are not liable for all of your pain and suffering. In some extreme cases, the insurance company might try to deny liability for your injuries altogether.

An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles can usually prevent your claim from being denied if the accident was caused by the other driver. But it is difficult to fight for the compensation you deserve if you cannot document that you followed your doctor’s recommendations for consultations, treatment, rehabilitation, and other services. By following through, you are not only giving your body the best possible chances for recovery, but you are also protecting your legal right to be compensated for all the injuries you have suffered.

5. Do Not Discuss The Accident Until Your Case is Resolved

Anything you say or do can be used against you when it comes time to prove your claim. This includes information that you think is private. Insurance companies can subpoena your employment records, medical records, and other information that is relevant to your claims for injuries or lost wages. They can even take information from your social media accounts.

This has become a favorite tactic of insurance investigators: because people voluntarily place so much information online, investigators now simply have to find a way to access it. Do not think you are safe just because you have private account settings. First, it is important to double-check your account and security settings as soon as possible. Make sure that no information is publicly available. 

Do not accept any connection requests from users who you do not know in person. Do not click on any suspicious links. Second, you should not post information about the accident, even for your friends. The information could be shared without your knowledge or consent. 

Potentially damaging information includes photos, status updates, and other information that can you may share over social media. The insurance company could use something as simple as a gym selfie against you. The insurance company might claim that, if you are healthy enough to work out, you are healthy enough to go back to work. The general rule is that you should not share any unnecessary information with anyone until your motorcycle accident lawyer has resolved your case. 

There are some obvious exceptions: you will need to tell your doctor what happened and what symptoms you are experiencing. You will need to explain to your employer why you need time off work. But in general, you should not share information about your symptoms unless it is necessary. You also should not say anything about the accident to anyone who doesn’t need to know about it. You might enjoy making small talk with your postal carrier or bank teller, but they should not know about your case.

Why You Should Hire a Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

There are many reasons why you should hire a motorcycle injury attorney in Los Angeles. Even if you think you can handle the insurance company, there are many legal issues in play that can quickly get you in over your head. Insurance companies know this. They want people to try to negotiate their claims. Then, the insurance company can swoop in with experienced claims adjusters and an army of corporate lawyers to deny your legal right to compensation for your injuries.

You Are Entitled to Full Compensation For All Of Your Losses
Only a Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney can give you a fair valuation of what your claim is worth. Remember, the insurance company is not on your side. They will try to lowball you and pay as little as possible. Even a motorcycle injury lawyer from another state may not know what your claim is worth. The cost of medical care in your area can affect the value of your claim. 
Here are just some of the many losses for which you have the right to be compensated: 
  • All medical bills made necessary by the accident
  • Any future medical costs you will incur throughout your lifetime due to the accident
  • Lost wages, commissions, and employment benefits
  • Any reduction in your future income as a result of the accident (for example, if you are permanently disabled in the accident and unable to ever return to work)
  • Non-economic damages for pain and suffering and the loss of a spouse’s companionship
  • Surviving family members have a separate wrongful death claim if a motorcycle rider dies from his or her injuries

In some cases, punitive damages are available to punish defendants for particularly bad conduct. For example, if a manufacturer tried to hide the fact that it knowingly sold bikes with defective braking systems, it would likely lead to punitive damages. These kinds of damages are not always available to defendants, but they can greatly increase your recovery. Ask your Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer if punitive damages might be available in your case.

The Insurance Company Might Try to Blame You For the Accident

The person who is at fault for a motorcycle accident has a legal obligation to compensate all injury victims for their losses. This obligation is why the insurance companies begin a claim by investigating who caused the accident. In some cases, like rear-end collisions, liability is obvious. But many accidents are far more complicated.

The other driver’s insurance company might claim that you were partly at fault for causing the accident and try to reduce your compensation accordingly. They might even claim that you were entirely at fault and deny your claim altogether. A Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer can prevent this. Experienced attorneys know how to prove liability for motorcycle accident cases.

There Are Deadlines For Filing Legal Claims

In most injury cases, you are only allowed to file a lawsuit in court within two years of the date of the accident. This fact means that your attorney must investigate the case, open a claim, and begin negotiations with the insurance company in that timeframe. These steps take time. Your motorcycle injury attorney will also need to preserve evidence before it is lost. You should not delay in hiring a Los Angeles accident lawyer. The sooner you have a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer on your side, the better protected your legal rights will be.

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Gabriel M.
Car Accident Settlement
This was a sad and tragic case in which our client was paralyzed after being struck by a distracted driver. The maximum policy settlement was 5.25 million and we were able to settle for the full amount. In addition, we were able to add additional workers' compensation benefits from our client's employer, as he was working at the time of the incident. The parties agreed to settle our client's workers' compensation claim for $2.5 million.
Car Accident Settlement
This was a sad and tragic case in which our client was paralyzed after being struck by a distracted driver. The maximum policy settlement was 5.25 million and we were able to settle for the full amount. In addition, we were able to add additional workers' compensation benefits from our client's employer, as he was working at the time of the incident. The parties agreed to settle our client's workers' compensation claim for $2.5 million.

Consult with a Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorney

In most injury cases, you are only allowed to file a lawsuit in court within two years of the date of the accident. This fact means that your attorney must investigate the case, open a claim, and begin negotiations with the insurance company in that timeframe. These steps take time.

Your motorcycle injury attorney will also need to preserve evidence before it is lost. You should not delay in hiring a Los Angeles accident lawyer. The sooner you have an injury lawyer on your side, the better protected your legal rights will be.

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