[01-01-2021] San Mateo County, CA – Hit-and-Run Crash Injures One Bicyclist on Tilton Avenue

An unidentified 68-year-old man was hurt after getting struck by a hit-and-run driver on Tilton Avenue on Friday morning, January 1.

[01-01-2021] San Mateo County, CA - Hit-and-Run Crash Injures One Bicyclist on Tilton AvenueAccording to the initial reports from local authorities, the accident occurred at around 9:33 a.m. in the area of Tilton Avenue and North Humboldt Street. The victim was riding a bicycle on the roadway when he was suddenly struck by an unspecified vehicle.

How the collision occurred and the reason why it happened has not been established. The driver that struck the victim did not stop to render aid and fled the scene.

The victim sustained severe injuries from the accident and was immediately taken to an area hospital. The suspect later turned himself in to local authorities. Additional details about the accident are currently unavailable.

Hit-and-Run Bicycle Accident Investigation is Underway

The San Mateo Police Department is further investigating the accident. It is apparent in this case that the hit-and-run driver will be held liable for the accident as they brazenly fled the scene instead of helping the victim.

Unfortunately, hit-and-run accidents are not an uncommon occurrence on U.S. roadways. Approximately 682,000 hit-and-run crashes occur annually since 2006 in the U.S. There are several reasons why hit-and-run drivers flee the scene. They might be intoxicated or impaired by drugs, face legal difficulties, be uninsured, or be illegal aliens.

Although various laws now protect bicyclists in the U.S., bicycle accidents are still an inevitable occurrence. In 2018, approximately 800 bicyclists in the U.S. were killed, with California leading the nation in the most number of bicycle crash deaths annually.

Bicycle crashes often happen in urban areas, where cars and bicycles interact the most. Cars hitting bikes is the leading cause of bicyclist injuries and deaths throughout the state. Common reasons for this are drivers failing to yield the right of way, running a stop sign or red light, or not paying attention enough on the road, and texting while driving. Drunk driving and careless driving can also lead to a fatal bicycle collision.


San Mateo County Personal Injury Attorney for Victims of Hit-and-Run Accidents

The victims may find it challenging to handle the case independently while attempting to recover from their injuries after the accident. It is recommended that they seek an experienced hit-and-run accident attorney for filing for a personal injury claim.

After sustaining injuries from an accident, getting a personal injury claim is necessary to reduce the considerable weight of the victim’s shoulders. The victims will be entitled to seek financial compensation for the medical expenses, lost earnings, emotional trauma, and pain and suffering that the accident has caused them through the personal injury claim.

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