[04-01-2021] San Bernardino County, CA – One Person Killed After a Fatal Pedestrian Accident in Twentynine Palms

A 25-year-old woman identified as Amanda T. was killed after a fatal pedestrian accident in Twentynine Palms on Thursday night, April 1.

[04-01-2021] San Bernardino County, CA - One Person Killed After a Fatal Pedestrian Accident in Twentynine PalmsAccording to the initial reports from local authorities, the accident took place on Twentynine Palms Highway near Estrella Avenue at around 8:27 p.m.

The victim was struck by an unspecified vehicle on the roadway. How the accident happened, and the reason why it occurred has not been established.

Paramedics later arrived at the scene and found the victim lying on the roadway with serious injuries. She was immediately taken to High Desert Medical Center, where she was later pronounced dead.

Details about the accident are limited at the moment. The identity of the other party has not been disclosed. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department is currently investigating the case.

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Fatal Pedestrian Accident Statistics

Pedestrians are more vulnerable to the dangers on the road compared to passengers of private vehicles and motorcycle riders. It’s because pedestrians do not have any form of protection that can help reduce fatal injuries if an accident happens.

According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the federal agency responsible for ensuring the safety of those on America’s roadways, more than 5900 pedestrians were killed in 2016 across the entire United States.

Pedestrians need to exercise extra careful behavior in California. This is a sad fact of living in the Golden State. While the law may require drivers to act a certain way, any Californian who walks anywhere regularly can tell you that most drivers in the state ignore the law. Some common reasons for pedestrian accidents are negligent driving, speeding, and drivers failing to yield to pedestrians.

Wrongful Death Attorney for Victims of Pedestrian Accident in San Bernardino County

It can be quite stressful and devastating to suddenly lose a loved one due to a fatal pedestrian accident. A California wrongful death lawsuit must also be brought within two years of the date of the accident. A family member is precluded from bringing a wrongful death lawsuit if it is not filed within that time period.

Our attorneys from Arash Law will vigorously fight for their client’s rights and best interests while ensuring that the liable party will be held accountable for their negligence. Attorneys can also negotiate with insurance companies on behalf of their clients to ensure that they are compensated fairly.

Do you have a case? Give us a call at (888) 488-1391 for a FREE Consultation with a wrongful death attorney in California.

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