[02-17-2021] Los Angeles, CA – Three People Injured After a Major Two-Vehicle Collision in Hollywood Hills

Three people sustained varying degrees of injury after a major two-vehicle crash in Hollywood Hills on Wednesday morning, February 17.

[02-17-2021] Los Angeles, CA - Three People Injured After a Major Two-Vehicle Collision in Hollywood HillsThe collision took place in the 3293 block of West Cahuenga Boulevard near the Universal Studios Boulevard exit on the 101 Freeway at around 8:08 a.m.

Two unspecified vehicles collided on Cahuenga Boulevard. The circumstances leading up to the collision have not been established.

Firefighters and emergency personnel immediately went to the scene. One person was extricated from their vehicle.

Three people were injured as a result of the collision. Two of them suffered from minor injuries, while one sustained serious injuries.

It is unclear whether drugs or alcohol were a factor in the collision. Additional details about the crash are unavailable at the moment.

Local authorities are currently investigating the case. They will attempt to determine the cause and the liability in the accident.

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Car Accident Statistics

When a car accident occurs, the victims, their families, and the entire community are often devastated. The California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) reports that there were 3,563 car accident fatalities throughout the state in 2018 alone. Thousands of people must deal with grief and sudden loss in the wake of California’s deadly accidents.

Getting around downtown involves hundreds of pedestrians and bicyclists. Drivers must pay strict attention at all times. A car crash can occur in the blink of an eye. Driving anywhere in California is risky. The majority of collisions, however, are preventable. 94% of all accidents are attributable to human error.
When facing cases like this, it’s essential to have an experienced California personal injury attorney conduct a private investigation to prove the negligence of the guilty party.

Aside from the criminal charges, the victims can also seek compensation through a civil lawsuit filed against the guilty party. With the help of a professional California personal injury attorney, the legal process would be easier for the victim. Personal injury attorneys can re-interview important witnesses, analyze relevant surveillance videos from the crash scene, and gather phone and texting records of the liable party.

Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney for Victims of Two-Vehicle Collisions

Insurance companies tend to pressure their victims to settle for a quick payout even though the case is worth more. They would attempt to limit the compensation and disregard the long-term consequences and suffering that a victim might experience.

While the investigation is on-going, victims are encouraged to file a personal injury claim with their personal injury attorney’s help. This enables your attorney to negotiate with an insurance company on your behalf. Attorneys will actively fight for their client’s rights and ensure that they are treated with respect and compensated reasonably financially.

Attention to the road, competence behind the wheel, and proper vehicle maintenance can reduce the odds of getting into a collision. Negligence, recklessness, and breaking the law are at the heart of most “accidents.” At Arash Law, we’ve represented clients in dozens of car crash cases.

We understand the common causes, defendants, and how to fight for compensation for collision-related injuries. Whether you suffered burns, broken bones, brain injury, a spinal cord injury, or other damages, talk to our attorneys. The road to recovery starts just a phone call away. Call (888) 488-1391 right away.

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