[03-23-2024] Los Angeles County, CA – 35-Year-Old Man Killed After Being Struck By Hit-And-Run Vehicle in Westlake

[03-23-2024] 35-Year-Old Man Killed After Being Struck By Hit-And-Run Vehicle in WestlakeA 35-year-old man was killed after being struck by a hit-and-run vehicle in Westlake, Los Angeles, on early Saturday morning, March 23, 2024.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the collision happened around 12:54 a.m. in the area of 8th and Alvarado Streets.

Authorities stated that a pedestrian was walking in a marked crosswalk when a vehicle heading westbound on the 8th collided with him.

The pedestrian, identified only as an unhoused man, was pronounced dead at the scene. His identity was not immediately available.

Police said that the suspect immediately drove away from the area after the crash. There was no description released about the driver’s vehicle. Anyone with information on the case can call LAPD at 1-877-275-5273.

No further information was disclosed. The investigation continues.

Renowned Hit-and-Run Accident Victim Attorneys in Los Angeles County

It is beneficial and ideal to seek legal counsel from a personal injury attorney if you or someone you know has been involved in a car accident due to another person’s negligence.

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What To Do After A Hit-and-Run Crash in Los Angeles County

If you are involved in a crash with a driver who flees the scene, you can take particular steps to protect your ability to recover a settlement. The steps you choose can help authorities to catch the driver, and they can help to establish your claim for damages. Those actions consist of:

  1. Move to a safe location. If possible, move yourself or your vehicle to a safe location to avoid further collisions or injuries.
  2. Stay Calm: Stay on the scene and make sure everyone is okay. Check yourself for injuries first, and then check others. Remain calm and do not admit fault.
  3. Collect as much info as possible while at the scene of the accident. Depending on your condition, you might have the ability to get the car’s license plate number and the make, model, and color of the vehicle. If you can not note this info, you need to at least attempt to snap a few photos of the car (maybe using your cell phone).
  4. Call the police as soon as possible. The quicker you report the accident to authorities, the faster they can act to arrest the driver. Also, when you call the police, you develop a record of the accident. Within a few days, you can order a collision report from the police station that took it or through the California DMV. If you are having trouble securing the accident report from the authorities, our hit-and-run accident victim lawyers in California can assist you in communicating with them.
  5. Get the names and contact info of any witnesses. You need to remember that individuals who witness an accident may stay to check on your condition, but after the cops and ambulance show up, they may quickly leave. You should get their names and phone numbers as soon as possible. Witnesses could play a crucial role. For example, a witness might verify that another vehicle collided with your car.
  6. Get immediate medical attention. You need to see a doctor as soon as possible for your well-being and get examined for injuries. Furthermore, if you see a doctor, it produces a record of your injuries. You must stick to your medical professional’s treatment plan as you improve.
  7. Report the crash to your own insurance company. While you ought to do this as fast as possible, you must stick with the facts. You do not have to admit or designate any fault. Plus, you should only give a recorded statement or accept a settlement agreement once you have talked to a California hit-and-run lawyer about your case.
  8. Consult with experienced California hit-and-run attorneys. They can help you navigate the legal process and maximize your chances of compensation.


Hit-and-Run Accident Statistics

According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 737,100 documented cases of hit-and-run accidents in the US in 2015, equating to approximately one incident occurring every 43 seconds.

Between 2012 and 2021, the number of hit-and-runs increased significantly. In 2021, there were 2,783 fatal crashes involving hit-and-runs, an 89.4% increase from 2012’s 1,469 incidents. Over the past decade, fatal accidents have increased by 27.4%, highlighting the need to improve road safety.

Hit-and-runs accounted for 7.0% of fatal crashes, a 48.7% rise from 2012’s 4.7% in 2021. California had the highest share of hit-and-run-related fatal crashes at 10.1% over the decade, followed by Nevada (8.5%) and New Mexico (7.8%). Furthermore, over 6 in 10 fatal hit-and-runs involved pedestrians, underlining the pressing need to ensure pedestrian safety and curb the alarming rise in fatal hit-and-run incidents.

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