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Hi! I’m Attorney Arash Khorsandi and I am proud to welcome you to our award-winning injuries and accidents law firm. When we started Arash Law, we had one goal in mind and that was the client. We have a saying here, “the client is your compass, the number one guiding source in making any and all decisions and taking any and all actions on a matter.”
Everything that I needed from A to Z, all I had to do was ask.
We are the full service concierge, what does that mean? We are here to listen, we care and we will do anything that we need to do to ensure that our clients are happy and that our clients are getting whatever it is that they need.
At our office, we don’t just handle cases but we represent people and their families through their darkest times.
When you are representing a client, you are not just representing that one person, you are representing their family and future generations of that person’s family.
We want an attorney that will treat your case like it was their case, and that’s something that you should look for in your attorney, is that someone that will give you that commitment that you are not just gonna be another case file.
From the biggest case to the smallest case, they matter. Clients get our attention and it’s our job to get them all justice.
I have dedicated the last 12 years of Arash Law to building the strongest team of lawyers, former insurance adjusters, paralegals, and staff to ensure that every client in our office gets the top representation that they can. Arash Law has established a reputation and credibility throughout the industry where everybody knows that we are not going to back down until we win. Arash Law has the industry knowledge, the case results, the experience, and the resources to deal with big and large insurance companies.
The best part of our team is that we are always available and there is nothing that we won’t do to help you with your case. If that means the retention of experts, expensive or not, it doesn’t matter.
We have grown our practice to being one of the best and definitely the most client-centric firm in California and we’re focusing on getting clients the truth, justice and the compassion that they deserve.

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