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Our Expert California Beauty Salon Injury Lawyers Will Get You What You’re Owed

People often think of beauty salons as relaxing places that make people feel and look better, but they have also become quite a nightmare for some. If you were injured in a recent salon visit, our California beauty salon injury lawyers can help turn your tragedy around. By working with us, you’ll get fair compensation and justice. Contact Arash Law today at (888) 488-1391 for a free initial consultation.

People typically go to the nearest salon to take their minds off the day-to-day grind while receiving the pampering they deserve. Unfortunately, the crowded salon environment and the wide range of tools used by salon professionals can cause dangerous situations. Additionally, certain safety risks can lead to serious and expensive injuries. These injuries can all be grounds for a personal injury claim, regardless of whether they resulted from a slip-and-fall incident on a wet floor, a burn injury from a negligent hairdresser, or electrocution from faulty salon equipment.

At Arash Law, every case—big or small—is important. Our esteemed beauty salon injury lawyers who handle accident cases will approach your situation with the utmost respect and great care. Look no further than our track record of winning over $500 Million for our clients as proof of our capabilities. You can rest easy knowing you are working with the best. 

Why Do You Need Beauty Salon Injury Attorneys To Represent Your Claim?

Legal representation from qualified California beauty salon injury attorneys is essential after a salon accident. Having dealt with similar personal injury claims and having knowledge of the law, they know what to do to win yours. With the help of a trustworthy California personal injury lawyer, you can feel assured that your rights are being safeguarded during the process. 

Salons are the go-to place for beautification. Still, the fact remains that these aesthetic treatments can cause serious injuries. One wrong move or lapse of judgment, and you can find yourself injured and in need of help. That’s what we’re here for.

If you’ve been recently injured at a beauty salon, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced beauty salon injury attorneys today through our contact form. Our team will be with you every step of the way. 

How Our Lawyers Can Help With Your Claim

With our expertise and experience, we’ve helped injured victims, including those harmed in beauty salons, recover compensation for their damages. Each day, countless people receive different services at beauty salons. While most instantly feel at home inside these establishments, the opposite is true for some. This anxiety, typically from new clients, is valid for various reasons.

Mistakes will inevitably be made, and they can leave victims with permanent injuries. They may have the right to sue the salon if there is evidence that negligence from its employees, managers, or owners caused damages, including pain and suffering.

Here are some of the ways the top-rated beauty salon injury lawyers in California can help you with your case:

  • Evaluate your situation – During your consultation, our team will carefully assess your complaint. We will leave no stone unturned in an effort to build a stronger case.
  • Connect you with top-notch medical professionals—We genuinely care about you and your full recovery, and we can connect you with a respected medical team near you.
  • File the claim – We will ensure that all necessary documents are submitted correctly and timely. You can leave all the paperwork duties to us while you focus on recovery.
  • Negotiate with insurance companies – Our team knows how insurance companies operate. We have the negotiation skills to ensure that no entity will undercut you. With us, you will get what is right for you.
  • Represent you in court – If negotiations fail, our California beauty salon injury attorneys can fight for fair compensation in court on your behalf.

For us, our clients are family. You can refer to the long list of positive client testimonials on our website to see why we’re the beauty salon injury lawyers California chooses for justice.

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Premises Liability In Beauty Salons

Injuries sustained within beauty salons often fall under the scope of premises liability lawyers. Essentially, property owners are accountable for accidents and injuries that take place on their premises. In this case, the injured party must prove that:

  • There was a duty of care that the property owner owed to the plaintiff.
  • The property owner violated the plaintiff’s right to due care.
  • If the duty of care had not been breached, the plaintiff would not have sustained injuries.

The first one establishes the property owner’s duty of care to the plaintiff and is frequently evident. Property owners are responsible for maintaining the space in a reasonably safe state for all individuals present on the premises.

In addition, the property owner is also responsible for addressing any dangers on the site. This obligation includes identifying any undiscovered hazards and providing warnings about potential dangers within the premises.

If a property owner fails to recognize or fix a known danger and/or does not warn anyone about the known risk, then they have breached their duty of care. The victim needs to establish these two aspects and causation to have a strong claim against the property owner. You can leave it to our beauty salon injury attorneys in California to demonstrate these things.

Common Beauty Salon Accidents

Salon visits should be pleasurable experiences. It is a time to rejuvenate, relax, and, of course, look more beautiful. However, this does not mean the place is flawless and completely safe. Just like any regular business establishment, accidents happen in beauty salons as well. 

According to our California beauty salon injury lawyers, here are the most common accidents everyone should be aware of in these locations:

Slip-And-Fall Accidents

The primary causes of injuries in any business setting are slipping, tripping, and falling incidents. Wet floors, tangled electrical cords, and unswept floors are some factors that can lead to slip-and-fall accidents inside beauty salons. To reduce the chances of these accidents, employees must clean their floors regularly. The establishment should also make sure that its personnel wear comfortable shoes with non-slip soles.

Cutting Accidents

When you are in a salon, sharp scissors or blades are often very close to your head or extremities. Unfortunately, there are times when accidental cuts or punctures happen. Perhaps the nail technician made a mistake and cut your fingers too deeply, or maybe the hairdresser made an error and sliced a piece of your skin with a razor.

Chemical Exposure Accidents

Being around strong chemicals such as bleach, aerosols, and cleaning solutions is expected in hair salons. However, prolonged contact or inhalation of these substances can result in severe illnesses, such as skin and respiratory disorders. To lessen the likelihood of accidents associated with exposure, employers should identify which products have harmful chemicals or substances and label them correctly. 

Electrocution Accidents

Beauty salons have a plethora of electrical tools and appliances. In some cases, employees may neglect maintenance or continue to use broken equipment, resulting in potential electrocution accidents. Alternatively, unknowing customers might use unmaintained plugs inside the building. You can rely on our beauty salon injury attorneys in California to pinpoint the cause of your accident without much delay.

Fire Accidents

Plugging too many electrical devices, like curling irons, dryers, and other items, into an outlet might lead to overloading, resulting in a fire accident. This could easily harm everyone and everything inside: the client, the employees, and even everyone’s belongings. Worse yet, the building could ultimately burn and take multiple lives with it.

Premises Liability In Beauty Salons
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Common Types Of Injuries In Beauty Salon Accidents

When there are beauty salon accidents, there are also injuries to talk about. Here are some of the most common injuries you can get, per our beauty salon injury lawyers:

Cuts And Lacerations

Inexperienced or inattentive hairdressers might be careless in handling razors, scissors, and other blades used for cutting or styling a client’s hair. They can cut clients, especially on the top of their ears. In some cases, hairdressers may also accidentally cut a client’s mole, which can cause heavy bleeding.

Cuts and lacerations may seem like simple issues. However, an inattentive hairdresser might cut too deeply, which may lead to scarring. Ultimately, scarring can negatively affect a client’s mental health, often leading to low self-esteem and anxiety.

Additionally, cuts can get infected, which could result in worse health issues.

Heat Burns

Burn injuries can occur in parlors in many ways. These injuries are particularly caused by tools and products that heat up. That said, please remember that heat burns are different from chemical burns.

Salon goers can get heat burns from the following:

  • Wax – One effective way of removing body hair is waxing. Typically, beads of wax are heated and then spread over the area. However, inexperienced staff may not know the proper way to heat the wax, which can get extremely hot and burn the clients.
  • Hot tools – From straightening irons to curling wands, salons use various hot tools to style clients’ hair. These items can reach up to 450°F within seconds, which can cause first- and second-degree burns when handled improperly.
  • Laser treatments—These days, some salons offer laser treatments for acne, cellulite, spider veins, and body contouring. Unfortunately, these devices can result in laser burns, especially if inexperienced and careless workers are handling them. Using a machine that has excessive power for the client’s skin type may also cause laser burns. Other causes include using a laser on areas that were recently plucked or had specific medications.

Our California beauty salon injury lawyers will carefully review these cases to determine liability. In some instances, a malfunctioning device might have caused the injury, which could make the manufacturer responsible for damages.

Chemical Burns

Burns from chemicals can cause tissue damage for a long time after exposure. As its name suggests, exposure to particular chemicals is what causes this type of burn injury. It is generally more severe than heat burns.

One of the most common causes of chemical burns in salons is hair dye. It contains chemicals like ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and lye, which can damage hair, hair follicles, and skin. Bleaching and hair dyeing often cause mild irritation. Salon goers would often feel some itching, tingling, and burning. However, these discomforts should only be mild. Have the hair dye rinsed off immediately if the burning sensation is intense. Additionally, these products should not stay in the hair for more than 30 to 35 minutes.

A chemical burn can be classified as follows:

  • Superficial – Also known as a first-degree burn, it affects the outer layer of the skin (epidermis). The area will be red and painful, but it usually has no permanent damage.
  • Partial thickness – Known as a second-degree burn, it damages the top and second layer of the skin (dermis). The affected area may have swelling and blisters. Such burns also usually leave scars.
  • Full thickness – This is known as a third-degree burn. It damages both the layers of skin and the tissue underneath. The nerves may also be destroyed, so you may only feel pain in the surrounding area.

Sustaining a severe chemical reaction to a beauty product in a salon can lead to serious problems in the future. Call our California beauty salon injury attorneys at (888) 488-1391 to learn more about your options for seeking compensation.

Eye Injuries

These days, eyelash extensions are a common salon service. Only experienced aestheticians should perform the procedure because it involves the eyes. Our California beauty salon injury lawyers have heard their fair share of horror stories involving eye injuries. Here are the main problems associated with these services:

  • Allergic reactions – Lash extensions require the use of adhesives, which may contain ingredients that cause allergic reactions. Spot-testing the product in an area other than the face helps avoid such reactions.
  • Eyelid trauma or infection – Eyelash extensions increase the risk of blepharitis or eyelid inflammation. It can occur on the outside of the eye where the eyelashes are located (anterior eye inflammation) or on the inner edges of the eyelids (posterior eyelid inflammation). Symptoms often include light sensitivity, swollen eyelids, irritated or stinging eyes, and foamy tears. In worse cases, it can lead to blurred vision, swelling of the cornea and other parts of the eye, or eyelashes growing in the wrong direction.
  • Corneal damage – Sometimes, aestheticians might use fake lashes that are particularly heavy. They might dangle down as the adhesive wears off, which could scratch the cornea. An eyelash may also get stuck in the conjunctiva or the covering of the eye, causing an inflammatory reaction.

Besides lash extensions, laser treatments may also cause ocular damage. Although rare, a misdirected laser can penetrate the eye even when the lids are closed. This accident can lead to various eye injuries and complications, such as holes in the iris (iris atrophy). To prevent this, salons and spas must ensure their clients have proper eye shields during laser treatments.

Skin Infections

Salon chemicals can cause bacterial or staph infections in untreated or open wounds. Common infections individuals may get in beauty salons include warts, tetanus, MRSA, and flu. In the worst cases, they can also get hepatitis and even HIV infections. 

Additionally, poor hygiene practices can lead to other skin infections. For example, a hairdresser may use a brush on someone with ringworms and then use the same brush on another client without cleaning it. They risk transmitting fungal infections if they don’t sanitize their tools. 

The same goes for head lice, which can easily spread in salons with poor infection control measures. Lice infestations may lead to skin infections due to frequent scratching, which can break the skin on the scalp.

Contact Dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is often a byproduct of the use of unsanitized tools. Symptoms usually go away on their own, but they can be bothersome. In some severe cases, it may even lead to amputations.

If you sustain any injuries during your salon visit, our skilled California beauty salon injury attorneys can help you get the compensation you rightfully deserve, no matter the nature of your injury.

Compensations For Salon Injuries

Injured parties may sue a beauty salon for a variety of damages if the accident occurred on their property. There are many types of potential damages, both economic and non-economic, including:

Medical Expenses

This includes the costs of any medical treatment you get, like doctor visits, hospital stays, and physical therapy. You need to show evidence, such as medical bills and receipts, in order to get reimbursed for your medical costs. That’s why it’s essential to keep track of all your medical expenses, even if your insurance pays for them. These papers can demonstrate the extent of your injuries and the financial impact of the accident. Our California beauty salon injury lawyers can file and calculate all of these.

Lost Income

You will be compensated for any money you would have made if you had not been hurt. In order to calculate lost income, you must provide proof of your job, such as salary records or a document from your employer, together with proof of the period you were absent from work because of your injury. Moreover, suppose your injuries result in a lifelong impairment that affects your ability to earn a living. If that’s the case, you can also receive payment for the income you could have potentially earned in the future.

Pain And Suffering

This kind of reward is not related to financial matters. It is intended to compensate you for the physical and mental distress you experience due to injuries. This could include physical discomfort, psychological anguish, emotional suffering, and a decrease in enjoyment of life. Evaluating compensation for pain and suffering can be more complicated since there is no set formula or standard for determining the value of these damages. Nevertheless, our beauty salon injury lawyers can assess your pain and suffering accurately.

Loss Of Consortium

In certain situations, the spouse or partner of an injured person may be eligible to receive compensation for the loss of consortium. This payment is intended to compensate for the lack of companionship, love, and intimacy caused by the victim’s injuries. The amount of compensation for the loss of consortium will be based on the duration and closeness of the relationship, as well as the impact of the injuries on the couple’s bond.

Punitive Damages

Occasionally, a beauty salon injury case could lead to punitive damages. Punitive damages, as opposed to compensatory damages, aim to penalize the defendant for their negligent behavior instead of providing compensation to the harmed individual. Usually, these damages are awarded if the defendant deliberately causes harm or completely ignores the safety of others.

Our expert beauty salon injury attorneys can help you accurately assess the amount of recoverable damages included in your case. We can assist in clarifying the procedure for submitting a personal injury claim. Furthermore, we’ll negotiate with insurance providers on your behalf to make sure you receive appropriate compensation for your injuries. 

Factors Affecting Compensation In Beauty Salon Injury Cases

Factors Affecting Compensation In Beauty Salon Injury Cases

Numerous factors can affect your potential compensation in a beauty salon injury case, including:

  • The Severity Of Your Injuries – Essential factors in determining the potential compensation you may receive include the kind of injuries you had in the accident and how serious they are. The more severe the injuries and the worse their effect on your quality of life, the larger the settlement you will get.
  • Your Medical Bills And Further Care – If you are injured in an accident that’s not your fault, you should get compensation for all required medical costs. Furthermore, suppose you’re suffering from a long-lasting impairment. In that case, the settlement can involve funds to cover upcoming medical expenses related to future and extended medical treatment. You can count on our California beauty salon injury attorneys to ensure that you are compensated for all the harm you are suffering from.
  • Whether Or Not You Can Work – Your ability to work plays a crucial role in deciding the amount of compensation you can get in a personal injury case. Let’s say the accident made you incapable of working or only able to work in a reduced capacity. In that case, you can be eligible for payment for lost wages, lost ability to earn money, and other financial losses.
  • Comparative Negligence – Beauty salons can also claim that you share some responsibility for your injury. This refers to comparative negligence, where a degree of blame is assigned to all parties involved in a given accident. For example, you got lacerated while on a haircut because you supposedly darted to reach for your phone. If the salon can prove that this behavior also makes you partially at fault for your injuries, the amount of compensation you can receive may drastically decrease.

How To Avoid Getting Injured In Beauty Salons

To enjoy your visit and stay safe in beauty salons, you can take specific steps towards avoiding injuries. Our California beauty salon injury lawyers recommend doing the following to minimize any risk of accidents:

  • Seek a trusted and reputable salon. Google and Yelp reviews can help you decide if the nearby beauty salon has a positive reputation. Take the time to learn about other people’s experiences. If the salon you’re considering has a 4/5 star rating, it’s more or less reliable. If they have a rating of 2 or, worse, 1/5, consider other options. Better yet, stick to the salon where you felt the most satisfaction based on your previous visits.
  • Refrain from distracting your stylist too much. It is only natural to talk to your hair stylist or nail technician. Otherwise, your time at the salon, which can often run for hours, would be boring. Nevertheless, there are occasions when the individual attending to you requires focus. Allow them to work without interruption when they are handling wax, chemicals, or sharp objects near your face.
  • Don’t make unnecessary or sudden movements. It’s best to stay still when receiving services from the salon. Excessive or sudden movements of the head, shoulders, and hands can result in unintentional errors leading to injuries.

Steps To Take After Getting Injured In A Beauty Salon

Following these steps will ensure your safety and well-being if you have suffered an injury while at a beauty salon. 

  1. Seek medical attention. After an accident resulting in an injury, you should always seek medical attention as soon as possible. Any injury, no matter how minor, should be assessed and treated by a healthcare professional. In addition to ensuring proper care, a medical evaluation can also serve as evidence of your injuries when filing a lawsuit.
  2. Report the incident. Before you leave the premises, inform the beauty salon manager about the accident for record-keeping. Inform them about the details of your injury, like where and when it occurred and the possible reasons for it. Also, report the incident to the police for a formal report.
  3. Document the accident. After receiving medical attention, document everything related to the incident. Taking pictures of your injuries and other evidence that supports your claim can help you prove your case. Furthermore, make sure you keep track of all expenses associated with the injury, such as medical bills or lost wages. Gathering the contact information of anyone who witnessed the incident is also important.
  4. Consult with beauty salon injury lawyers. Find attorneys who specialize in beauty salon injuries in California to assist you following an accident. A lawyer can help with submitting claims against the at-fault party and negotiating appropriate compensation for the harm you endured. Keep in mind that time is vital in these situations, so make sure to seek legal help promptly. 
Frequently Asked Questions About Beauty Salon Injury Claims

If you have felt upset because of an injury in a beauty salon, it’s crucial to understand what legal choices you have. Aside from seeking payment for any physical injuries suffered, you could also have the option to submit a claim for emotional suffering. These kinds of claims can include various problems such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

In order to effectively take legal action against a beauty salon for emotional distress, you must demonstrate that the harm caused notable psychological suffering. Plus, you should also be able to prove that the business was negligent. It’s crucial to collaborate with skilled beauty salon injury lawyers who can assist you in handling these intricate matters. Working with us guarantees that your rights are safeguarded during the procedure.

There is no compensation for mental pain due to a poor haircut. However, you could request a refund, depending on the salon’s policy. In the future, consider asking friends for suggestions on stylists they trust and enjoy working with. Next time you visit, have a proper conversation about the haircut before getting started. 

California law mandates that an individual obtain a cosmetology or barber license before opening a beauty salon. To get the license, they need to fulfill the education criteria set by the state at a barber or cosmetology state-licensed facility. It also requires salons to implement sanitation procedures and have licensed staff to protect customers from potential injuries.

Additionally, California law has specific regulations as per the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology applying to the following professions:

If a beauty salon refuses to accept responsibility for your injury, your initial course of action would be to investigate all of your legal options. This is when finding dedicated California beauty salon injury lawyers is crucial. They can advocate on your behalf and persistently pursue the party responsible in your case. Keep in mind that pursuing compensation is not only about monetary benefits. The salon can also be held accountable for its actions and prevent similar incidents from occurring again.

The statute of limitations is the legal time constraint on how long you have to make a claim. In most personal injury claims, individuals have two years from the date of the accident or the day they discovered their injuries to file for compensation. Get in touch with a personal injury lawyer who deals with beauty salon cases in California. They will help you figure out the remaining time you have to file a claim. Furthermore, they can handle the paperwork and keep track of deadlines, lessening your burden and potential headaches.

The duration needed to settle a beauty salon accident lawsuit might vary depending on the specifics of the case. These factors also include the extent of your injuries and the desire of both sides to reach an agreement. Some situations could be settled in a few months, while others might require a few years. Our beauty salon injury lawyers in California can offer a more accurate assessment once they have examined the facts of your situation.

Call The Dedicated Beauty Salon Injury Lawyers California Trusts!

Salon accidents can result in lasting scars, serious injuries, and, in certain instances, death. The employees in beauty salons are in charge of ensuring the premises are clean and operations are safe. If you’re injured in a salon due to their negligence, call Arash Law right away. The esteemed beauty salon injury attorneys California relies on, under the direction of Arash Khorsandi, Esq., are here to help.

We can help you obtain compensation for all the damages you are suffering from as a result of a beauty salon accident. Our California beauty salon injury lawyers near you will stop at nothing to bring the hammer of the law down on the negligent parties in your specific case. Contact us today at (888) 488-1391 for a complimentary legal consultation. Our law firm has branches that cater to clients who have recently been injured in salons all over California. 

Arash Law has a track record of winning personal injury claims, from car accidents to wrongful deaths. We also serve victims from different counties, including, but not limited to, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Pasadena, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Santa Clara, Alameda, Sacramento, Contra Costa, and Fresno.

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