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There are many ways to cause car accidents, but in recent years, there has been none so common as distracted driving. Drivers have always faced the temptation to take their eyes off the road. In recent years, however, technology has invaded our vehicles like never before. Drivers must be more vigilant than ever about keeping their attention on the traffic ahead of them.

The car accident lawyers specializing in distracted driving in our reputable California car accident law firm work hard to keep the roads of California safe for everyone. Distracted drivers must be held accountable for the injuries and losses they cause. Learn more about how our firm works to protect your legal rights and hold distracted drivers accountable for the injuries they cause.

Distracted Driving Statistics

Bankrate reports that there were over 400 deaths caused by texting and driving in the United States in 2017. Texting while driving affects your cognitive skills in very specific ways. Bankrate reports that you are twenty times more likely to crash your vehicle if you are texting while you are driving.

Texting affects your reaction time in the same amount as consuming four beers in a single hour. And if you are driving 55 miles per hour, you will travel longer than the length of a football in the five seconds it takes to read the average text. Of course, texting while driving is not the only way to be distracted behind the wheel.

Thousands of more deaths were caused by other forms of distracted driving in 2017, and tens of thousands of victims suffered injuries as a result of distracted driving that year. These trends continue year after year in the United States. Hundreds of millions of dollars in damage are done every year by distracted drivers.

States continue to enact driving laws that prohibit the use of cell phones while driving. It is, however, vital that all drivers accept personal responsibility for keeping their attention on the road. The law requires this. Negligent drivers who cause accidents because of their distractions are legally responsible for compensating the victims they injure.

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Our client was driving with his wife and son on a two-lane highway when a drunk driver crossed the double yellow lines, causing a head-on collision that claimed the life of a loving wife and mother.
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The Many Types of Distractions You Face Behind the Wheel

Though most of the attention is on texting and driving, this is not the only distraction you face when you get behind the wheel. It is important to be aware of all potential distractions both in and outside the vehicle. This way, you will be prepared to avoid them and resist the temptation to take your eyes off the road. What follows are some of the most common distractions of which drivers should be aware.

Electronic Distractions

Your smartphone has many different distractions built into one small device. Texting, phone calls, emails, apps, notifications, and hundreds of other features can all take your attention away from the road ahead of you. Drivers have a legal obligation not to be distracted by their phones. Try putting your phone out of reach so you will not be tempted to check it.

You should also check out your phone’s “do not disturb while driving” feature. This setting can have your phone automatically respond to texts with a message that you cannot respond to right away. This text can even be sent to callers, as well. There are other settings and apps available that can limit the functionality of your phone while you are driving.

Explore your options, and find the one that best helps you stay off your phone while you are driving. Drivers must also be sure not to become distracted by their other devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartwatches. Smartphones are not the only electronic device that can distract you while you are driving.

Consider all the electronic devices that are built right into new vehicles, such as navigation programs, entertainment systems, DVD players, and many other features now standard with new vehicles. Drivers must not become distracted by these functions while they are driving, especially since many of these features are available right on the driver’s screen.

Drivers should take time to become familiar with their built-in electronic systems. Disable any unnecessary features, and explore settings that will reduce your distraction. Remember that you have a legal obligation not to be distracted, even by the settings and features that are right under your nose while you are driving.

Passenger Distractions

It can be easy to forget just how distracting passengers can be. A conversation with a passenger – even a simple one – takes your attention away from the road. Passengers can also distract a driver by playing loud music, talking on their phones, laughing loudly, or doing many other things that can easily distract the driver.

Drivers must take the initiative to ensure their drivers do not distract them. Remember, if your passenger distracts you while driving and an accident happens, you are the one who is responsible – not them. Let your passengers know if they are too loud.

Turn down the music, pause conversations, and let them know what you need to drive safely. Teen drivers are especially susceptible to accidents when there are passengers in the car. Parents should carefully monitor their teen’s driving habits to ensure they learn not to be distracted by passengers while they are driving.

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Traffic Distractions

Often, a traffic accident causes secondary accidents because drivers are watching the crash scene instead of paying attention to the traffic ahead of them. This “rubbernecking” is highly dangerous. Drivers have a legal responsibility to pay attention to their surroundings. At a crash scene, you must be even more careful because there are many hazards on the road.

The cars might be stuck in the middle of the road. There could be debris in your lane, or a victim could be running from the car to safety on the opposite side of the road. Drivers must be prepared to react to these hazards and avoid secondary accidents at any crash scene.

Unnecessary Tasks

For as long as cars have existed, drivers have attempted to multitask while driving. Doing so can be highly dangerous. Think about how many drivers you see not paying attention during their daily commute by eating or drinking, trying to apply makeup or shave, or even brushing their teeth when they should be paying attention to traffic.

None of these tasks are necessary while operating a motor vehicle. Drivers who allow themselves to be distracted can be held financially responsible for the injuries and property damage they cause. Of course, some tasks seem to be a little more necessary. For example, you might have a child or a pet in the car that requires your attention. Even these situations cannot be allowed to divert your attention from the road.

Why Distracted Driving Is More Dangerous for Teen Drivers

Distractions are more dangerous to younger drivers than they are for more experienced drivers. While no one should be distracted, experienced drivers are often better able to respond to changing traffic conditions. Bankrate reports that 94 percent of teens understand the dangers of texting and driving, but 35 percent of them admit to doing it anyway. reports that 58 percent of crashes caused by teens involve texting and driving. Surprisingly, texting and driving was not the leading distractor in these cases. Passenger interaction was the leading contributor to accident rates.

Studies have shown that having other teen-aged passengers in the vehicle significantly increases the likelihood that a teen driver will have an accident, which is why many states have enacted laws that prohibit new teen drivers from driving with other teens in the vehicle.

Sadly, this means that texting and driving is not even the worst distraction for teen drivers. Parents must be careful to enact driving rules that address all the likely causes of teen driver accidents. Consider limiting the number or age of passengers that your teen is allowed to have in the vehicle.

Be sure that your teen driver knows that texting while driving is never allowed. Encourage the use of “do not disturb while driving” features that reduce the temptation to check your phone while you are behind the wheel. Ensure that seatbelts are worn any time the vehicle is in motion. Create a consistent dialogue about the family driving rules and the importance of staying safe on the road.

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