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Even in peaceful communities like Roseville, car accidents can happen at any time. The dedicated Roseville auto accident lawyers at Arash Law can help if you suffered injuries due to the negligence of others. You can call (888) 488-1391 or contact us online to take advantage of a completely free initial consultation.

Roseville is the biggest city in Placer County and is slightly northwest of the Greater Sacramento Area. The county extends all the way to the western edge of Nevada. According to the 2020 United States Census, Roseville had a population of 151,901 as of July 1, 2021, and 51.1 percent of the population was female, while 23.5 percent was under 18 years of age, 16.2 percent was 65 years of age or older, and 6.0 percent was less than 5 years of age.

Of the Roseville population, 65.2 percent were white alone (not Hispanic or Latino), 15.8 percent were Hispanic or Latino, 11.9 percent were Asian alone, 8.9 percent were two or more races, 2.0 percent were Black or African American alone, 0.4 percent were American Indian and Alaska Native alone. The mean travel time to work for Roseville residents was 27.6 minutes between 2017 and 2021, with 64.7 percent of residents being in the civilian labor force during those years.

Our Roseville auto accident lawyers have a wealth of experience assisting people with all kinds of accident claims in Placer County and many other surrounding areas of California. We understand the many ways in which automobile accidents can impact people’s lives, and we work hard to ensure that people can recover all of the financial compensation they are entitled to.

Arash Law’s auto accident lawyers in Roseville can fight to help you recover all of the money you need to cover your medical expenses, lost income, and many other kinds of damages in these cases. We represent every client on a contingency fee basis, which means that you do not pay us anything to handle your case because we only recover a portion of your ultimate winnings. We do not get paid when we cannot help you recover something.

Car Accident
A farm worker, suffered multiple broken bones and other orthopedic injuries resulting from an auto accident where the defendant driver attempted to make a left turn in front of our client in heavy fog.

Where Do Car Crashes Happen in Roseville?

KXTV-TV reported that there were 1,195 collisions in Roseville in 2021, which was more than the 1,241 collisions in 2020 and the 1,677 collisions in 2019. The top 10 locations listed by KXTV included the following (with excessive speed being the most common factor):

  • Douglas Boulevard and Sunrise Avenue
  • Riverside Avenue and Cirby Road
  • Galleria Boulevard and Roseville Parkway
  • Sunrise Avenue and Cirby Way
  • Pleasant Grove Boulevard and Highland Pointe Drive
  • Pleasant Grove Boulevard and Fiddyment Road
  • Pleasant Grove Boulevard and Foothills Boulevard
  • Foothills Boulevard, Baseline Road, and Main Street
  • Pleasant Grove Boulevard and Roseville Parkway
  • East Roseville Parkway and Taylor Road

In March 2022, KTXL-TV reported that Roseville Police Department data showed five high-risk locations:

  • Galleria Boulevard and Roseville Parkway
  • Foothills Boulevard and Baseline Road
  • Blue Oaks Boulevard and Woodcreek Oaks Boulevard
  • Cirby Way and Sunrise Avenue
  • Riverside Avenue and Cirby Way

Roseville Today also reported that the ten worst intersections in Roseville were:

  • Pleasant Grove Boulevard and Highland Pointe Drive
  • Cirby Way and Melody Lane
  • Douglas Boulevard and Rocky Ridge
  • Galleria Boulevard and Roseville Parkway
  • Orlando Avenue and Auburn Boulevard
  • Douglas Boulevard and Sunrise Avenue
  • Pleasant Grove Boulevard and Washington Boulevard
  • Pleasant Grove Boulevard and Highway 65 Overpass
  • Cirby Way and Riverside Avenue
Sunrise Avenue and Cirby Way was listed as the worst intersection in the city.
Emperatriz Ayala
Emperatriz Ayala
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My husband had an accident 2 years ago, a 85 years old man hit him, the Arash law group works very well on my husband case that took 9 month and he won the case and my husband was happy with the results. A year later I got into an accident as well and I’m still waiting in my case is almost resolving and it’s 9 months already. This people knows the law and they do their job right to help you out in getting the most for you to fight on your behalf. I strongly recommend the Arash Law firm they do things right in a efficient and professional manner.
Chris Zavala
Chris Zavala
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Had a great experience with all the people at Arash law. Long story short was in a bad car accident. It was overwhelming and the whole process was a lot, but they kept me in the loop. They answered all my questions and gave me great advice. Couldn't be any happier. Would definitely recommend anyone looking for a personal injury lawyer. They'll guide you through the whole process!
Jill Smith
Jill Smith
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Having Arash Law handle my auto accident was the best decision I could have made. Everyone I interacted with was kind, professional and detail oriented. I am extremely happy with the outcome and would recommend them highly.
Joseph R. Porter
Joseph R. Porter
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From start to finish, Arash Law firm is there every step of the way with close, constant, personal contact and attention. I never knew a Law firm could actually care so much for me as a person and what I was personally going through as well as the settlement I was going to recieve once my case was finally completed. Thank you to everyone at Arash Law for your ongoing support and communication. You are the ONLY firm I will ever recommend to someone who is need of a great attorny.
Monica Parra
Monica Parra
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I had an excellent experience with Arash Law. I will definitely recommend to my family and friends. I interviewed a few firms before deciding to work with Arash Law. What made my experience excellent was (i.e. head attorney being accessible to talk to and he answered all my questions and concerns, sensitive and thorough personel who completed in home intake & follow up process, being connected immediately to quality Physicians who addressed my injuries and recovery process, clear contract-read throughly to ensure its something you can commit to). Being in a car accident is a traumatic experience and I had a sense of peace knowing Arash Firm was walking with me throughout the whole process. Thank you Arash Firm for all your hard work and help. I am so grateful and appreciative for you all! 🙏 With Gratitude, Monica Parra

Common Kinds of Automobile Accidents Our Roseville Auto Accident Lawyers Handle

The California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) reports that Roseville had 519 fatal and injury collisions in 2020, 54 of which were alcohol-involved, two involving drinking drivers under 21 years of age, and 15 involving drinking drivers between 21 and 34 years of age, while there were 240 driving under the influence (DUI) arrests. Accidents involved 30 motorcycles, 19 pedestrians (five of whom were under 15 years of age and eight who were more than 65 years of age), and 16 bicyclists (five of whom were less than 15 years of age).

Some of the most common kinds of accidents that Arash Law, led by Arash Khorsandi, Esq., assists people within California include, but are not limited to:

  • Truck Accidents
  • Bus Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents
  • Rideshare Accidents
  • Autonomous Vehicle Accidents
  • Distracted Driving
  • Drunk Driving
  • Hit-and-Run
  • Uninsured Motorist
  • Drowsy Driving
  • Auto Part Liability Accidents
  • Catastrophic Accidents
  • Fatal Accidents

Our Roseville auto accident lawyers understand that every car accident is different and involves its own unique factors. Some of the kinds of cases we have experience handling include:

  • Rear-end collisions – Very common collisions in which the front end of one car strikes the rear of another. Rear-end collisions at high speeds can cause serious injuries.
  • Parking lot or parked car damage – Most businesses will have signs on their parking lots expressly stating that any damage to a vehicle while parked in the lot will not be covered by the business, but people can still have options to have repairs covered in these cases.
  • T-bone collisions – The T-bone accident involves one motor vehicle striking the side of another vehicle, and the point of impact can also determine injury severity.
  • Head-on collisions – Any head-on collision will involve two motor vehicles colliding head-on, and injuries are frequently serious in most cases.
  • Sideswipe collisions – The sideswipe collision occurs when the side of one vehicle strikes the side of another vehicle, and such accidents can cause additional collisions in some cases.
  • Rollover accidents – Certain vehicles that may tip over onto their sides or flip over completely in certain accidents.

Arash Law’s Roseville auto accident lawyers have experience investigating all kinds of auto accidents in the greater Roseville area, and our firm knows how to prove that another driver was at fault for your wreck. Our firm knows how to negotiate these types of cases and win them in court when people suffer spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), internal organ injuries, permanent disabilities, or wrongful death.

You can contact us right now to schedule a free consultation. We will be eager to see how we can help.
Common Kinds of Automobile Accidents Our Roseville Auto Accident Lawyers Handle (1)
Causes of Roseville Car Accidents

Causes of Roseville Car Accidents

Car crashes in Roseville occur for a variety of possible reasons. Under the guidance of Arash Khorsandi, Esq., our Roseville auto accident lawyers at Arash Law will know how to completely evaluate all of the circumstances surrounding an accident to determine whether your case involves one of the following common causes of motor vehicle accidents:

  • Driver Error – Many drivers in Roseville commit certain negligent acts, such as texting while driving, DUI, or reckless driving. Drivers who cause accidents are typically liable for damages in these cases.
  • Defective Equipment – People can cause accidents when their motor vehicle does not perform as it is supposed to in certain situations. Mechanical failures, such as blown tires or brake failure can lead to a possible claim against a parts manufacturer or repair company in some cases.
  • Road Conditions – In some cases, it may be possible that a governmental entity is to blame for an accident for not creating a safe roadway. Dangerous road conditions like excessive potholes can make a government accountable.
  • Pedestrian or Bicyclist Error – There are certain situations in which a negligent bicyclist or pedestrian is to blame for causing an accident, and these situations can be very difficult for people to handle.

Possible Responsible Parties for Car Accidents

Determining liability for a car accident is not always easy, as it may be possible that multiple other parties share blame for a crash. While one driver can have all of the blame put directly on them, there are many other cases in which liability ends up being shared between drivers.
Common liable parties in the cases our Roseville auto accident lawyers handle include:
  • The at-fault driver
  • A driver’s employer when an accident occurred while a driver was on the job
  • Manufacturers of defective products contributing to an accident
  • The municipality where an accident occurred

Kinds of Auto Accident Injuries

All people involved in car accidents in Roseville need to be sure to seek medical attention as soon as possible because many severe injuries can involve delayed symptoms. You do not want to wait and run the risk of a doctor diagnosing you with an injury several days or weeks after your accident because it will only cause problems with an insurance company.

The simple truth of the matter is that all car crashes have the potential to cause serious injuries to all people involved, even in minor collisions. Some of the types of injuries Roseville auto accident lawyers at Arash Law see most frequently and help people recover compensation for include but are not limited to:

  • Bone Fractures
  • Bone Dislocations
  • Severe Puncture Wounds or Lacerations
  • Road Rash
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Concussions
  • Whiplash
  • Spinal Cord Trauma
  • Significant Bruising
  • Internal Bleeding

Arash Law, spearheaded by Arash Khorsandi, Esq., understands that physical injuries are, in reality, only one part of a much bigger picture. Our Roseville auto accident lawyers know that people who suffer severe injuries are going to be dealing with multiple medical checkups to follow up on their care while dealing with many other psychological and emotional harms caused by these accidents.

We will help people pursue adequate compensation that can cover the costs of dealing with their injuries. Arash Law’s Roseville auto accident lawyers regularly help people all over California recover as much compensation as possible for their car accident cases.

Possible Damages in a Personal Injury Case

The money that people seek after a car accident is better known as damages, and California allows every single person involved in a car accident to seek damages for their case. The one catch to the California system is that a person can have their damages reduced by their share of negligence in connection with an accident, meaning a person who is awarded $100,000 for an automobile accident they were found to be 60 percent responsible for will have their award reduced by $60,000 and ultimately receive $40,000.
Our Roseville auto accident lawyers at Arash Law, managed by Arash Khorsandi, Esq., typically help people recover all of the different damages they are entitled to, and the three most common kinds of damages in car accident cases often include:
  • Medical Bills – According to the National Safety Council (NSC), calculable costs of motor-vehicle crashes by injury severity were $1,778,000 for death, $155,000 for a disabling injury, $40,000 for an evident injury, $24,000 for a possible injury, $6,700 when no injury is observed, and $5,700 for property damage only. Average comprehensive costs by injury severity were $12,474,000 for death, $1,016,000 for a disabling injury, $221,000 for an evident injury, $120,000 for a possible injury, and $17,000 when no injury is observed.
  • Lost Income – People can be entitled to recover all compensation they lose from an employer because of their inability to return to work after a car accident. It is important to note that a liable party may have to pay lost income even when a person has paid sick time or vacation time to cover their losses. These claims can also involve lost earning capacity claims if a person cannot make the same amount of money they were making before an accident.
  • Pain and Suffering – Pain and suffering is the most common kind of non-economic damage awarded in many car accident cases because virtually every single car crash will involve a certain degree of pain and suffering. Pain and suffering can be calculated through a multiplier method, under which all damages in a case are multiplied by a figure, or a per diem method that allocates a certain amount for every day a person is in recovery.
Are Punitive Damages Possible?

California Civil Code 3294 establishes that a person can be eligible for punitive damages when they prove by clear and convincing evidence that a defendant was guilty of oppression, fraud, or malice. Malice is defined as conduct that is intended by a defendant to cause injury to a plaintiff or despicable conduct that is carried on by a defendant with a willful and conscious disregard for the rights or safety of others.

Oppression means despicable conduct that subjects a person to cruel and unjust hardship in conscious disregard of that person’s rights. Lastly, Fraud means an intentional misrepresentation, deceit, or concealment of a material fact known to the defendant with the intention on the part of the defendant of thereby depriving a person of property or legal rights or otherwise causing injury.

Punitive damages are much more difficult to recover in California because they are not intended to compensate people. The purpose of punitive damages is to punish a party for abhorrent conduct. Punitive damages will be much more common in automobile accidents involving drunk or drugged driving. Our Roseville auto accident lawyers will help you understand the legal process and maximaze the compensation you will receive.
Maria Marroquin
Personal Injury Settlement
In 2019 Maria was struck by a golf ball while she and her husband were out for a walk. The catastrophic accident left her with injuries that impacted her physically, mentally and financially. Setting her on a difficult road to recovery.
Personal Injury Settlement
In 2019 Maria was struck by a golf ball while she and her husband were out for a walk. The catastrophic accident left her with injuries that impacted her physically, mentally and financially. Setting her on a difficult road to recovery.
How Much Liability Insurance Does a Person Need in California?

As the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) notes, evidence of car insurance must be in a person’s motor vehicle at all times and be provided when it is requested by law enforcement, a person is renewing their vehicle registration, or a motor vehicle is involved in a traffic collision. Acceptable forms of insurance in California include a motor vehicle liability insurance policy, a cash deposit of $35,000 with the DMV, a DMV-issued self-insurance certificate, or a surety bond for $35,000 from a company licensed to do business in California.

The minimum liability insurance requirements under California Insurance Code § 11580.1b include the following:
  • $15,000 for injury or death to one perso
  • $30,000 for injury or death to more than one person
  • $5,000 for property damage

When the DMV does not receive proof of insurance for a vehicle, it will suspend the vehicle’s registration, and the vehicle cannot be operated or parked on public roadways until proof of insurance is submitted. California’s Low-Cost Automobile Insurance Program (CLCA) exists pursuant to California Insurance Code § 11629.7 to provide income-eligible people with liability insurance protection at affordable rates and meet California’s financial responsibility laws.

Why Is It Important to Have Higher Liability Insurance Limits?
People should not play it too safe when it comes to automobile insurance because the cost of doubling your policy protection does not necessarily mean you will have to pay twice the cost. Under the Protect California Drivers Act that Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law in 2022, California Vehicle Code 16056 is amended effective January 1, 2025, such that minimum liability coverage required under the law increases to the following amounts:
  • $30,000 for injury or death to one person
  • $60,000 for injury or death to more than one person
  • $15,000 for property damage
These limits will be in effect until January 1, 2035, when the mandatory minimum liability will increase to:
  • $50,000 for injury or death to one person
  • $100,000 for injury or death to more than one person
  • $25,000 for property damage
Motor Vehicle Accident
Settlement in a motor vehicle accident; client suffered internal injuries.
How Much Automobile Insurance Coverage Should a Person Have?
Our Roseville auto accident lawyers at Arash Law generally recommends that people carry at least $100,000 in uninsured (UM) and underinsured (UIM) motorist protection. These are two common policies that many people do not learn more about until after an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver, but both policies can be beneficial for the many situations in which another driver is not properly insured.
Both UM and UIM coverage will be optional, but people should certainly take advantage of these policies. It is important to remember that an insurance company only pays up to the limits of a given policy, and they do not pay anything when there is not an appropriate policy in place.
How Does the California Fault Law Work?
While some states have different rules relating to fault for motor vehicle accidents, California is among the majority of states that have a no-fault policy. A no-fault policy means that the person who is responsible for causing a motor vehicle accident also becomes liable for all damages stemming from the crash.

Under this system, all drivers involved in a car accident caused by one driver’s negligence will file claims with the negligent driver’s insurance company. Timing can be critical in these cases because insurance limits can be hit very quickly.

Insurance policies may differ depending on the party you are filing an action against, as a driver’s employer, a defective part manufacturer, or a road owner can have a different insurance company. The Roseville auto accident lawyers at Arash Law, headed by Arash Khorsandi, Esq., can investigate your accident for causation and help you bring the right claim against the at-fault party.

What You Should Do After a Car Accident?

When any person is involved in an automobile accident in Roseville, there will be several important steps for them to take, including contacting experienced Roseville auto accident lawyers. All people should try to make sure they do all of the following after any crash:

  • Call the police – The DMV states that people should immediately report collisions to the local police or California Highway Patrol (CHP). An accident report will need to be completed within 24 hours if a crash involves injury or death. A person must also report a collision by completing a Report of Traffic Accident Occurring in California (SR 1) to the DMV within 10 days when there is over $1,000 in damage to the property of any person or person suffers an injury or is killed.
  • Go to a doctor – All people need to seek medical attention after a car accident, regardless of whether they believe they suffered an injury. Many injuries will involve delayed symptoms, and you do not want to risk seeing a physician several days or weeks after an accident originally occurred. As soon as a person receives medical attention, they will create an important medical record connecting their injuries to their accident.
  • Preserve all available evidence – While the police report will certainly be important to your case, you can also do some things to help collect other forms of evidence. Use the camera on your cell phone to take photographs or videos of your crash scene, being sure to get shots from different angles and distances. Also, look for any potential witnesses to your accident and seek their contact information.
  • Call an attorney – Do not wait too long to get in touch with skilled Roseville auto accident lawyers because you are only going to have a limited amount of time to take appropriate legal action. People who delay can run the risk of a lawyer being unable to accept the case because of a lack of time to perform an investigation. The sooner you get legal help in your case, the sooner you can start getting answers to your legal questions.
  • Contact your insurer – Even when another driver is at fault for a crash, you will still need to notify your own insurance company about the accident. These conversations should not be difficult or contentious, so you should feel free to report your accident to your insurer without too much concern.
  • Continue recommended medical treatment – People should always adhere to whatever treatment guidelines their medical care providers place on them. It is important to comply with all guidelines because deviations may be counted against people, and insurance companies may decline to compensate people who do not fulfill their treatment obligations.

Why You Should Work with Arash Law's Roseville Auto Accident Lawyers

When you are looking at the scores of personal injury law firms handling cases in the Roseville area, it can be easy to wonder why Arash Law led by attorney Arash Khorsandi, Esq., stands out. The first thing we will point to is the more than $500 Million we have recovered for our clients.

Our record of success has included $6.1 million recovered for a 6-year-old pedestrian accident victim, $6 million for a client whose wife was killed in a drunk driving accident, and $5.25 million for a client rendered a paraplegic after being struck by an inattentive driver. Under the leadership of Arash Khorsandi, Esq., our Roseville auto accident lawyers at  Arash Law can be counted on because of their experience in various personal injury matters.

Our Roseville auto accident lawyers provide more than three decades of legal experience handling these types of cases. Furthermore, we make ourselves available to our clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Arash Law led by attorney Arash Khorsandi, Esq., also knows how to work with the relevant experts in these cases, so we can get answers to many of the most pressing questions. We are a multilingual law firm, so we are comfortable communicating with people in various languages.

The experts we work with will also assist in determining the appropriate amount of compensation to be sought in your case. Our firm will spare no expense in examining your recovery and determining the best options for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Roseville Car Accidents

How do you get a police report in Roseville?

People can obtain a police report from the City of Roseville website by submitting pertinent contact and accident information. You can also call (916) 774-5030 Tuesday-Friday from 7 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. to get answers to your questions.

The police report will often be the central basis of most motor vehicle accident claims because it is an independent report from a third party about a crash. Information included within a police report can include damage to vehicles, injuries, witness contact information, and statements of fault for an accident.
What should I do if I am partially at fault for an accident? Do I admit fault?
A person should never admit any degree of fault while at the scene of an accident. Do not get out of your car and immediately apologize, because even your apology can be treated as an admission of guilt.

There are several different factors at play in any motor vehicle accident claim, and you will want to be sure you know all of the facts before accepting any blame. Let our Roseville auto accident lawyers investigate your accident and determine the facts first.

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When you suffer an injury or your loved one is killed in a motor vehicle accident in the greater Roseville area of California, you do not want to wait too long to get yourself legal assistance from proficient Roseville auto accident lawyers. Created by Arash Khorsandi, Esq., Arash Law will be ready to help you with every single aspect of your personal injury case.

Arash Law led by attorney Arash Khorsandi, Esq., has been handling car accidents all over California for decades. We encourage you to review the Success Record section of our website to get a better idea of some of the verdicts we have earned.

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Managed by Arash Khorsandi, Esq., Arash Law led by attorney Arash Khorsandi, Esq., has helped clients in such cities as Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Auburn, Rocklin, Rosemont, Foothill Farms, La Riviera, Orangevale, Rancho Cordova, North Highlands, Lincoln, Fair Oaks, Rio Linda, Carmichael, and Folsom.

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