DUI Arrests During The 4th of July Holiday Were Higher in 2019 Than 2018

The California Highway Patrol has experienced a busy Fourth of July, making almost 600 DUI arrests across the state and even issuing more than 400 speeding citations along Interstate 80.

This year almost 600 suspected drunk drivers were detained statewide and a dozen people killed in crashes since CHP’s maximum enforcement period started for the long period of July holiday weekend, authorities said Friday. To be exact a total of 589 DUI arrests were made from 6 pm Wednesday, and even 6 am Friday, according to the California Highway Patrol.

To put the figure in perspective, last year 389 motorists were detained on suspicion of DUI within a 30-hour period during the Fourth of July holiday in 2018 the CHP reported.

On Wednesday night, CHP’s Central Los Angeles office tweeted a photo of an officer conducting a field sobriety test on a suspected DUI motorist that was ultimately detained.

`He practically made it Home,’ but we might have stopped him from running that red light a few feet away & causing a tragedy,” the tweet said.

DUI arrests over July 4th holiday in San Diego County were higher in 2019 compared to 2018

The California Highway Patrol detained 46 drivers for drunken driving in San Diego County within the holiday season, officials said Friday.

While there were no fatalities on county freeways this calendar year, the CHP said eight people were killed, three without seatbelts, in California during the 30-hour 4th of July holiday period. The CHP holiday reporting period started 6 pm July 3 and even finished at 6 am July 5.

California DUI arrests more than triple July 4 said the CHP,

According to the CHP, since Wednesday night there were 12 people killed in crashes, which include two pedestrians, a 65-year elderly lady from Tustin who had been involved in a three-vehicle accident, and even also a 44-year-old guy from Norco who had been killed when two vehicles collided on Thursday night in Riverside County.

This prior calendar year, 18 people passed-away after car accidents in San Diego during the Independence Day enforcement period.

2019 Deaths Caused by Car Crashes During The July 4rh Holiday

There were 12 driving fatalities in California during the holiday period this year, as reported by all law enforcement agencies. Last year, there were 17. This year, there were 589 DUI arrests throughout California.

Last year, there were 389. Additionally, There were no motorcycle deaths reported statewide. CHP officers are out in full force for the long holiday weekend in an effort to keep impaired drivers off the road.

The maximum enforcement period started at 6 pm on Wednesday and ends on Sunday at midnight.

DUI Accidents in California — Injured Victims Deserve Justice!

Everyone deserves safe roads. Intoxicated drivers put innocent people — and themselves  at severe and unacceptable risk. While California and the United States as a whole have made some remarkable progress on curbing drinking and driving, there is still a very long way to go. According to a study conducted by the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, drunk driving accident fatalities are 50 percent lower than they were 40 years ago. That being said, the scope of the problem is still vast. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that more than 10,000 Americans are killed in DUI crashes every year. Tens of thousands more people suffer severe injuries. Each one of these accidents is its own tragedy.

All drunk driving accidents are fundamentally avoidable, and our car accident lawyers are here to get you the maximum compensation if you were a victim of a DUI in the state of California. 

At Arash Law, we are proud to be aggressive advocates for injured victims. Our Los Angeles-headquartered law firm does not represent defendants nor does it serve insurance companies. We use our skills, knowledge, and legal experience to fight for the interests of injured victims. Following a car, truck or motorcycle accident, you and your family need the very best California DUI victim lawyer on your side. When looking for a ‘DUI accident attorney near me,’ you should consider everything from credentials and experience to industry recognition.

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We will take your case wherever it needs to go to get you the maximum available financial compensation.

Of course, many DUI accident claims are settled without litigation. Indeed, the American Bar Association (ABA) reports that the overwhelming majority of personal injury cases are resolved before a trial. For injured victims, the ideal result is to get a full settlement offer — eliminating all risks and ensuring financial compensation can be accessed more quickly. Of course, defendants and insurers are not always willing to play fairly. Our trial-tested car accident attorneys in Los Angeles, Riverside, Sacramento, San Jose, San Diego, San Francisco and everywhere else in California are always ready to file a lawsuit to hold them accountable in the courtroom.

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