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If you have been injured in a truck accident, you are probably wondering, “what do I do?” and who can help you take the next steps. An experienced San Diego truck accident attorney can protect your right to compensation. It is essential to find a lawyer as soon as possible to protect your claim from being hurt by something you say or do. 

Insurance companies will find any excuse to get out of paying an injury victim. They know the tricks, and you need your own lawyer to fight the big corporation. Here at Arash Law, we hire the best truck accident attorneys in San Diego.  

Learn more about how our injury attorneys can help protect your legal rights after a truck accident. 

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    Getting Around San Diego

    As residents and visitors know, San Diego traffic can get heavy. Truck accidents are most likely to occur wherever there is the most traffic. Use caution on major thoroughfares such as the I-5, the 805, the 52, the I-8, and the Interstate 15. You should also be careful on the prominent surface streets that also attract lots of traffic. Friars Road, Genesee Avenue, La Jolla Village Drive, Clairemont Mesa Boulevard, and Boadway can become congested. Use caution in these areas.

    It would be best if you also watched for trucks in large shopping centers where they frequently make deliveries. Use caution in the Grossmont area of La Mesa or Mission Valley near Fashion Center or the busy IKEA. Other busy grocery stores, department stores, and shopping centers will also have large delivery trucks coming and going. Be especially careful when driving in these areas.



    Common Causes of Truck Accidents in san diego county

    Drowsy Driving

    Many truck drivers feel pressure to work as many hours as possible. This pressure leads to a real safety problem - especially when truck drivers are paid by the mile. Some truck drivers push the limits by driving longer than is safe. Some even try to operate longer than is legal. Federal regulations limit the number of hours a truck may go before taking a break, but some truck drivers try to sneak in longer hours to get more miles and more pay. This situation, unfortunately, can lead to severe accidents.


    Speeding is another problem that occurs when truck drivers are paid by the mile. Speeding can cause severe consequences for anyone who holds a commercial driver's license, so many truck drivers do stay within the speed limit and exercise caution on the road.

    But others still choose to drive faster than is safe for the current weather conditions, traffic conditions, or cargo load they are carrying. Doing this, too, leads to truck accidents. Speed contributes to the severity of injuries that occur in a truck accident. This fact is why truck drivers who speed are more likely to be found negligent - and thus required to compensate you for your injuries and losses.

    Distracted Driving

    Like any driver, a trucker can quickly become distracted while operating a vehicle. In addition to the smartphones, navigation programs, and entertainment systems that distract drivers, truckers also have other unique equipment in the cab. The CB radio and electronic logging device are just two examples of equipment in a truck that are not typically found in a passenger vehicle. A truck driver can also be distracted by complicated maneuvers or problems with the cargo load.

    Inexperienced Drivers

    Large, bulky vehicles are difficult to operate safely. This is why it is so essential for truck drivers to have adequate training and experience before entering traffic in a large vehicle that is heavily weighed down with cargo. A transportation company that sends an inexperienced driver into traffic can be held liable for damages caused by that driver’s negligence. This liability covers a wide range of traffic scenarios that can arise when a truck driver is not experienced enough to handle their vehicle safely.

    Improper Maintenance

    Maintenance is essential in any vehicle. Without regular inspections and work, any vehicle can break down and cause an accident in traffic. Accidents can be even more dangerous when it happens to a large truck. A driver who loses control of a truck can cause severe damage - and serious injuries.

    If the transportation company does not regularly maintain its vehicles, the vehicles can break down. If a driver does not inspect the truck before heading into traffic, he or she can cause fatal injuries. Even something as simple as a tire blowout can be deadly when it occurs in a large, fully loaded cargo truck.

    Defective Parts and Equipment

    In some cases, a truck accident is not the driver’s fault. Defective parts and equipment in any vehicle can lead to a breakdown that causes a collision. In this case, the truck manufacturer (or the part or equipment) can be held liable for the accident. This complexity is why it is so important to consult with a truck accident attorney about your case's specific circumstances.

    If your case involves a defective truck, as opposed to a negligent truck driver, your attorney will need to pursue a claim against different defendants (and their insurance carriers).


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    Finding the Right Defendants IN TRUCK ACCIDENTS

    To get the compensation you deserve for your injuries, you must find all parties considered legally at fault for causing the truck accident. This process can become quite complicated. Fault (known as “liability”) can be split between two or more defendants. It can even be assigned to a company that was nowhere near the scene of the accident. It is crucial to hire an experienced truck accident attorney who knows how to find all potential defendants and prove that they were at fault.

    A Truck Driver

    In many cases, a truck accident is the fault of the truck driver. The driver might have been tired, distracted, or speeding, or simply not experienced enough to know how to handle a large vehicle with a heavy payload. In any of these cases, the driver can be found negligent and at fault for causing the accident. The truck driver’s insurance company will then be contractually obligated to compensate you for the injuries and losses caused by the driver’s negligence.

    The Transportation Company

    There is a general rule of personal injury law in the United States that applies to employers. Employers are liable for any negligence committed by an employee while on the job. This rule means that a transportation company can be held liable for injuries and losses caused by any negligence on the part of its drivers. These companies can also be held liable as the owner or operator of the truck that crashes.

    Because these companies face so much liability, they must purchase broad commercial auto insurance policies. These policies have higher limits than the personal auto insurance policies required of drivers in their own personal vehicles. These more comprehensive coverages make it easier for truck accident victims to get full compensation for all the losses they suffer after an accident.

    A Truck Manufacturer

    If a truck accident is caused by defective parts or equipment on the truck, the company that sold these defective parts might be liable for the accident. Rules of product liability apply to manufacturers of consumer goods, and the Uniform Commercial Code can apply to manufacturers of commercial or specialty goods (such as a large truck). This fact means that your personal injury attorney has several different options for holding a manufacturer liable for injuries caused by a defective truck, parts, systems, or equipment.


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    Some injury victims prefer to handle their insurance claims on their own, without the assistance of a lawyer. While this is certainly your choice, there are many reasons why it may not be the best option. Learn more about the essential things a personal injury lawyer does to protect your legal right to compensation after a truck accident:

    A Lawyer Will Prevent You From Saying or Doing Anything to Hurt Your Claim

    Anything you say or do can be used against you by the insurance company. This includes things you might have blurted out on the accident scene or stuff you posted on your own private social media accounts. Insurance companies are highly experienced in finding this information and using it to justify a low settlement offer.

    They hire private investigators to comb through your social media accounts - or in some cases, even follow you to your home. They train claims adjusters to use this information to create a low settlement offer. Then they hire armies of lawyers to defend the lowball settlement offer.

    In some cases, the attorneys will try to deny liability altogether. You don’t have to fight the powerful insurance company on your own. You also don’t have to deal with these complicated legal issues. An experienced truck accident attorney will know what tricks the insurance company is likely to use and how to stop them so that they can protect your legal right to compensation.

    Lawyers Consistently Get Higher Settlements Than Injury Victims Who Do Not Have Representation

    Time and again, studies have shown that injury victims who have lawyers get higher settlements than those who handle their claims on their own, without a lawyer. There are many reasons why this is the case. It is difficult to know how the insurance company might try to reduce compensation in your particular case, but the critical point is that attorney’s fees are worth the investment.

    A Personal Injury Lawyer Will Know What Your Claim is Really Worth

    The other guy’s insurance company will almost certainly try to claim that your case isn’t worth very much. They might say that you are exaggerating your injuries, or that there wasn’t very much property damage, or that you made your own injuries worse by failing to get medical treatment in time. You should never take legal advice from someone who is actively working for the other side. Only an attorney who is on your side will be able to give you a fair assessment of what your case is really worth.

    An experienced truck accident attorney will know how your case is affected by how the accident occurred, where the accident occurred, what the truck driver did, what injuries you received, and what similar cases have settled for. Enlisting the help of an experienced personal injury attorney could be the only way to get a fair idea of what your case is really worth.

    A Lawyer Will Handle the Paperwork So You Can Focus On Your Recovery

    After a stressful accident, you could face an equally stressful period of recovery. You might be off work. You might have to go through painful physical therapy or chiropractic care. The financial and physical stress of the recovery period is significant. You don’t have to add to your stress by dealing with a hostile insurance company actively working against you.

    When you hire a truck accident attorney, he or she will deal with the entire claims process. You can rest assured that your legal rights are being protected. At the same time, you can focus on getting better to make the best recovery possible from your injuries.

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