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If you have been injured in any type of accident, you need a San Diego personal injury attorney to protect your legal rights. Individuals and companies that cause injuries through their negligence have a legal obligation to compensate for their injury victims’ losses. Injury victims need to exercise this legal right. By holding negligent parties accountable, you help make San Diego a safer place for everyone to visit, live, and work in. Learn more about what a San Diego personal injury attorney can do to help you after an accident. 

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    Where Injuries Happen in San Diego

    While accidents can happen almost anywhere, they can be more likely to occur in certain places. Auto accidents are most likely to occur where there is heavy traffic, congestion, or road work. Use caution when traveling on the major highways and freeways around San Diego: the I-5, the 15, the 163, the I-8. Although these highways are particularly busy, other routes can all be dangerous.

    Accidents are most likely to occur where there is construction on these roads or during heavy rush hour traffic. Drivers should also be careful on our busy surface streets throughout the city, such as Friars Road, Genesee Avenue, La Jolla Village Drive, Clairemont Mesa Boulevard, and Boadway.

    Car crashes are not the only accidents that happen in San Diego. Our pleasant weather allows for year-long recreation, so boating accidents and water recreation injuries occur throughout the year. Be careful when you are enjoying the amenities of Imperial Beach, Coronado, Ocean Beach, Mission Bay, and Mission Bay Park, Pacific Beach, La Jolla Cove, or Torrey Pines. Further north, injuries can occur at Moonlight State Beach in Encinitas or along the coast in Carlsbad and Oceanside.

    Finally, injuries can occur at businesses that attract large crowds. Sea World, Balboa Park, the San Diego Zoo, and Old Town San Diego State Historic Park are all popular destinations that can be educational and fun for the whole family. But injuries can also occur: Sea World has many water exhibits that can cause slip and fall accidents. The Old Town State Historic Park is outdoors on uneven surfaces, and visitors can be injured by tripping. Have fun, but use care when visiting these popular San Diego attractions.


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    What is a Personal Injury? how can they help?

    A personal injury is one that is caused by the negligence of another person. It can also be caused by more than one person or by a company. If a person or company is negligent, they have a legal obligation to compensate you for all the injuries and losses caused by their negligence.

    One of the most common examples of a personal injury case is car accidents. Most car accidents are caused by a driver’s negligence. A negligent driver must compensate any other drivers, passengers, bicyclists, pedestrians, or others injured through this negligence. This requirement is why California - like other states - requires drivers to carry auto insurance with liability coverage.


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    Do I Need a san diego Personal Injury attorney?

    You might be wondering whether you really need to hire an accident lawyer for your personal injury case. Some injury victims indeed handle their claims independently, and you certainly have the right to do so if you choose. But many complications can arise, and there are many challenges you will face. Here are just a few of the many obstacles you will have to overcome if you choose to settle your claim without a lawyer’s help:

    You Have to Prove Who Was At Fault

    In order to have a legal obligation to compensate you for your injuries, the defendant must be found legally at fault (“liable”) for causing them. Liability is a legal term with particular standards that must be met. There are also defenses that the other side’s lawyer can use to deny liability. There are very few cases where it is clear that the defendant was liable and has no defenses.

    Usually, this is limited to rear-end auto accidents with no other factors or parties involved. In most other cases, you will have to fight to prove that the legal standard of liability is met for each defendant. You may also have to deal with defenses that could get the defendant out of paying. An experienced personal injury lawyer will know how to deal with these complex legal issues when they arise.

    You Have to Prove the Value of Your Losses

    The value of your claim is whatever it will take to fairly compensate you for all the injuries and losses you have suffered as a result of the defendant’s negligence. This value includes tangible losses, such as lost wages and medical bills, that can be easily valued with documentation. But it also has intangible losses, such as the physical pain of your injuries and emotional suffering. It can be challenging to prove the value of your intangible losses because there are no

    receipts for these losses. How much does it take to compensate you for being unable to hold your children? What is the value of missing a monumental life event such as a wedding or graduation? There is no clear answer. The insurance companies know this, and they will likely attempt to lowball you for these losses. They are incredibly hard on injury victims who do not have their own lawyers.

    They might assume that these victims do not know what other similar claims have settled for or what a jury is likely to award in your case. A personal injury lawyer knows the value of comparable cases and can use this information to get you the compensation you deserve.

    The Insurance Company is Working Against You

    A lowball settlement offer is not the only tactic the insurance company will use to try to get out of paying you fair compensation. It is important to remember that the insurance company is not on your side - in fact, they are on the other side and actively working against you.

    An injury victim who does not regularly work with claims adjusters cannot be expected to know what tactics they will use to deny or devalue personal injury claims. They could deny liability for an accident altogether. They could try to convince you that your claim “isn’t worth very much” or push for a quick settlement before you have the opportunity to investigate your claims and losses thoroughly.

    Insurance companies even have private investigators that they send after injury victims. They do this because often, insurance companies assume that most accident victims are lying. They hope to be able to catch you working, or playing sports, or lifting groceries, or doing some other task that you have said you are too hurt to complete. There are troubling implications to being investigated: it means that a stranger is following you (and your children) to your home.

    You do not know who is following you, or if they are qualified, or even if they have a criminal record. The only thing you do know is that this person is hired to follow strangers around for a living. They will even investigate your social media channels. Do not assume that your posts and pictures cannot be found just because you have private settings - these are professionals who know how to get online information.

    This process is only one more insurance company tactic that injury victims have to deal with during a time when they should be focused on recovering from their injuries. A personal injury lawyer can help stop these tactics and protect your legal rights.


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    Common Types of Personal Injury Cases in san diego county

    There are many ways that a person can be injured. Any accident caused by someone else’s negligence can give you the legal right to compensation, so it is essential to protect this legal right by consulting with an injury lawyer as soon as possible after an accident. Here are some of the most common accidents our injury lawyers handle:

    Auto Accidents

    When you think of auto accidents, you probably picture a collision between two small cars. But there are many types of auto accidents that can lead to severe injuries - and even death. An accident might involve a large commercial truck or bus. (Often, these accidents result in the most severe injuries because a large, heavy vehicle generates much more force in a collision, which translates into more severe injuries for victims who are involved.)

    An accident can involve someone riding a motorcycle or bicycle. Auto accidents cause severe injuries to pedestrians because they have no protection from the full force of an impact with the vehicle. And in recent years, auto accidents involving rideshare vehicles (such as Lyft and Uber) have brought up new legal issues. The experienced San Diego auto accident lawyers at Arash Law have handled all types of auto accident cases.

    Workplace Accidents

    If you have been injured in the workplace, you likely have the right to workers' compensation. But workers' compensation only covers medical bills and part of your lost wages. Because of this, it is essential to consult with an accident lawyer about any other personal injury claims you might have. A personal injury claim against a third party could entitle you to all of your lost wages plus compensation for your pain and suffering.

    If, for example, your workplace injury was caused by defective safety equipment, you could have a claim against the manufacturer. It is vital to get a San Diego injury lawyer’s opinion about your particular case so that you do not miss out on any potential claims against any potential defendants.

    Slip and Fall Accidents

    Property owners have a legal obligation to keep their land free from dangerous conditions. This obligation is especially important for business owners, who invite members of the public onto their land for the specific purpose of spending money. If you have a slip and fall accident because of a dangerous condition at a grocery store, retail shop, restaurant, zoo, or theme park, the property owner could be liable for your injuries.

    Their obligation is to inspect their land and make it safe for the customers who come to spend money there. A failure to do so is negligence, and your injury lawyer can help you recover damages for the injuries you suffer.

    Boating Accidents

    Thanks to sunny weather all year long, we never have an off-season for water recreation here in San Diego. Boating, water skiing, jet skiing, scuba diving, and other water sports are very popular with residents and tourists alike. But these sports can lead to injuries. In some cases, another person or company will be liable for your injuries. If, for example, you buy a ticket on a commercial boat, the boat’s operator and the company that sold you the ticket owe you a duty of care.

    If the captain is negligent and causes an accident, the injury victims are entitled to compensation for their injuries and losses. These cases can bring up many different tricky legal issues. There may be complex liability questions between the boat operator, the boat’s owner, and a tour company that arranged the boat ride.

    There may be intervening forces like a storm or the negligence of another boat operator that crashed into the boat you were on. An experienced boat accident attorney can help resolve these issues to get the compensation you deserve for boat accident injuries.

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