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Maritime Law in California: More About California’s Ports & Harbors

Labeled as the most densely populated state within the United States, California is home to approximately 39.5 million people. It also houses two major rivers: the San Joaquin River and the Sacramento River. Moreover, these rivers naturally flow through the San Francisco Bay into the Pacific Ocean.

The water management architecture of California provides for more than 30 million individuals, along with irrigating more than 5,860,00 acres of farmland in the state. Additionally, owing to its massive number of reservoirs, dams, lakes, and water-powered structures, it is responsible for navigating approximately 40 million acre-feet of water each year.

Combine this with the state’s proximity to the sea, and it becomes a whole new world of water management systems. Factually, the country’s economy is largely influenced by the import and export of goods through the seaports.

A significant portion of California’s international trade deals related to the movement of goods across the globe stems from these seaports themselves. If you’re involved in any of these systems and have suffered an unfortunate injury, then consider contacting a harbor-port injury attorney and filing a claim in California.

Tagged as the most significant port complex in the US, the combination of the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach has a substantial contribution to global businesses running on their sea routes. Given that it is the 4th largest carrier of container traffic in the nation, this industry will only keep growing.

Also, the Port of Oakland, which is known to be amongst the top 10 busiest ports of the country, manages incoming trade from countries in the Pacific Rim. It is responsible for delivering 99% of the containers passing the port across Northern California to the entire country.

As per the California Department of Transportation, California Has 11 Official Public Ports:
  • 3 “mega ports,” that is, Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Oakland
  • 8 “smaller niche ports,” namely, Hueneme, Humboldt Bay, Redwood City, Richmond, West Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, and Stockton
  • 1 “private port,” namely Benicia

The federal TIGER grant funds an upcoming barge shipping service, and the three ports involved in its development are – the Port of Oakland, Stockton, and West Sacramento. The activity at these ports is tremendous, regardless of the volume of workers or equipment.

Similarly, the Port of San Francisco in California, which manages seven and a half miles of San Francisco’s Waterfront adjacent to the Bay Area, is regularly responsible for the development, marketing, leasing, administration, and maintenance of its waterfront area.

Speaking of activity, the Port of San Francisco’s legally registered operations account for over 550 ground retail, commercial, office, industrial and maritime-related leases. And the presence of globally acclaimed landmarks such as Ferry Building, AT&T Park, Fisherman’s Wharf, and PIER 39 as the ones given a lease makes it a highly management-intensive process.

If you were injured while working off-shore, you could legally seek protection, compensation, and rehabilitation. Based on the maritime injury law category you fall under, harbor-port injury attorneys at our award-winning firm can help you obtain a range of benefits.

What Was The Cause of Injury?

Depending on who caused your injury, our harbor port attorneys can file a relevant claim and help you recover all losses. Whether a sliding container caused the injury or you had an accident with an on-site vehicle. Or maybe you suffered organ damage from drowning in a port while at work. Our attorneys can create and submit a claim that will be in your favor.

The injuries could be as basic as falling off a moving ladder or as complex as getting a head injury while on the ship. Either way, we bear the responsibility to seek financial aid for your treatment. To top it off, our California harbor and port injury attorneys Arash Law headed by Arash Khorsandi, Esq. also take up third-party liability claims for physically injured dockers, harbor employees, and additional members covered by the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Act.

Even for the employees at off-shore gas and oil platforms! Through a personal injury claim, injured victims have a higher probability of attaining compensation for the suffering and injuries that the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act did not cover.

Who Exactly Is Eligible to Receive The Benefits of Longshoremen Workers Compensation?

If you, as an injured victim, fall under any of the below-mentioned occupations, you are entitled to file a claim under the Federal Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act:

  • Longshoreman/stevedore
  • Equipment operations (cranes, forklift, container transfer, etc.)
  • Builders and repair workers of on-shore and off-shore platforms
  • Builders and repair workers of ships
  • Any additional categories of dockworkers
  • Any additional categories of shipyard workers

The Federal Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act also has a few more classifications of jobs, namely:

DBA (Defense Base Act): Overseas civilian employees working under US government contractors, including rebuilding projects in Afghanistan and Iraq.

NAFI (Non-Appropriate Fund Instrumentalities Act): Civilian employees deployed on US military camps

Outer Continental Shelf Act: Several categories of workers who work on fixed platforms on the exteriors of state territorial waters.

Harbor and Port Injury Attorneys


largest personal injury settlement in Calaveras County in 2020; client suffered lower leg injuries.
–  Judd Ross Allen

Maritime & Additional Water-Based Accidents in California

In California, maritime accidents and injuries are common mishaps. Owing to the large numbers of ports, trade routes, ship terminals, and growing water facilities along the coast of California, these maritime accidents come as no surprise.

These accidents may leave you overwhelmed. They can range from wildlife disasters, equipment malfunction, loss of human life, and even diving calamities. Each of these could potentially disrupt the built-up lifestyle of the victim and come with a plethora of career-disrupting injuries.

Sadly, these injuries can lay them off work for a significant time, leading to lower incomes, no chance of bonuses, and a complete professional downfall. To help injury victims, our harbor & port injury attorneys stay up to date with the complications in relevant disaster management efforts.

Whether you’re a sailor, dock worker, ship cleaner, chipping professional, or any form of maritime worker, we are here to help you start working and living a stable life again. Here are a few of the most common injuries and accidents dock workers face:

  • Falling overboard
  • Legs, hands, back, or spine injuries
  • Toxic exposure to chemicals
  • Burns due to fire injuries
  • Insufficient knowledge transfer about equipment
  • Vehicle-related injuries
  • Electrical shocks
  • Amputation of limbs
  • Commercial fishing injuries
  • Load transfer injuries

Above all, there are also thousands of injuries every year to regular citizens indulging in recreational exercises around the ocean. California is well-known for its water sports, and many people visit the sea every day. People are boating, fishing, surfing, water skiing, kayaking, and even navigating in a range of different on-sea equipment.

No doubt they get the enjoyment they want, but many of them also suffer from severe injuries during these activities. To make matters more serious, a high percentage of these accidents lead to the loss of life or permanent disabilities. Do not forget to account for cruise ship passengers.

Thousands of them flock to or sail by California each year, and many of them also fall victim to cruise ship injuries. Whether it’s an electrical wire, a slip and fall incident, or an on-cruise assault, most cruise lines have adequate facilities to deal with such situations. But, simply getting justice won’t pay for your losses.

It would help if you received compensation for those injuries, mental health troubles, scars, or any other type of injury. It is another section in which our harbor-port injury attorneys use their expertise and red-handedly catch insurance companies trying to evade your rightful claims.

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We Serve All Californian Ports

Be assured our experienced maritime injury lawyers at our firm will get you the compensation you deserve. Each of our harbor-port injury lawyers is capable of representing you in a claim on any of the following Californian ports:

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Port of San Diego, California

Located 12 kilometers north of the US and Mexico border, the port is surrounded by two peninsulas that separate it from the Pacific ocean. Additionally, it is categorized as the cleanest and richest natural deep-water harbors on earth. This crescent-shaped bay is a 22.5-kilometer long landlocked port, and this serves as a strategic point for a complex combination of military bases.

Moreover, this San Diego port receives heavy sea traffic every day since it’s a reputed international shipping center. The port authority for the Port of San Diego is the San Diego Unified Port District.

Port of Los Angeles, California

Tagged as the busiest container port in the US, it employs 16,000+ individuals. Speaking of its size, the entirety of the port covers 7,500 acres of land and water along 43 miles of waterfront. Approximately 20 miles from downtown LA, it is located alongside San Pedro Bay.

Based on statistics, there were approx. two thousand two hundred sea vessels operated in 2010, and the annual tonnage of all goods was nearing 157.8 million metric tons. All of this was valued at $236.4 billion. With such large-scale activity, the chances of accidents increase by a considerable margin. While the port authority is given to the State Tidelands Trust, the Port of Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners is responsible for operating the port.

Port of San Francisco, California
Located nearly 375 nautical miles apart from the Port of Los Angeles, it is located near the Golden Gate, on the western edge of the San Francisco Bay. It plays the role of a semi-independent organization managed by a Board of Commissioners of 5 members chosen by the mayor. This division is responsible for cargo shipping, cruises, vessel maintenance, fishing activities, and a broad range of commercial and industrial marine ventures in the harbor. In 2008 alone, 53 cargo vessels transporting around 1.2 million tons of cargo were handled by the Port of San Francisco. The San Francisco Port Commission has authority over the port.
Port of Oakland, California

This is the 5th busiest container port in the nation and is situated on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay. It’s responsible for almost 60% of all sea container traffic coming from Asia, making it a widespread contributor for transportation and distribution businesses. In the year of 2008, this port accommodated over 1,928 cargo vessels.

Speaking of its capacity to hold equipment, it has over 300 hectares for container storage and houses 20 deep-water ship berths. Seven members chosen by the city council constitute the Port of Oakland Board Commissions, which has complete control of this harbor.


Dock & Harbor Workers: Longshoreman Workers Compensation Benefits

Dock and harbor workers have a series of benefits under the Longshoreman Workers Compensation Act. Some of these benefits revolve around compensation for lost income, medical expenses, vocational rehabilitation, and even in case of death of the victim.

Since these compensations could sum up to extremely high amounts, it’s in your best interest to hire a seasoned California harbor/port injury attorney who’s familiar with the Longshore Workers Compensation Act.

Above that, if the attorney you hire has a thorough understanding of typical duties for such harbor and port workers, there is a greater chance of higher claim returns. Afraid of costly consultation fees?

Fret not, Arash Khorsandi and his team at Arash Law offer a free initial consultation to determine the potential claim amount you can win. Even better, our attorneys will equip you with knowledge about your rights involving such unfortunate incidents.

Our Firm's Harbor and Port Injury Attorneys Are Capable of Acquiring Maximum Compensation For Such Claims

According to the Longshoremen Act, the victim’s employer is liable to pay all costs related to the process of filing a claim. Thus, you invest nothing and stand a chance to win back all the money you spent as a result of the accident. Our Arash Law harbor-port injury attorneys managed by Arash Khorsandi, Esq. aggressively represent all our clients and use our decades of industry expertise to recover what is rightfully yours.

Whether you were injured while on maritime vacations or maritime duties in and around Southern California, we are here to safeguard your benefits. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Whether you’re in or around LAOrange County, or anywhere in Southern California, we’ve got your back.

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