Commercial Truck Driver Receives Recognition for Driving 4.4 Million Miles Without an Accident

A veteran trucker was honored recently, for the astounding accomplishment of driving nearly 4 and a half million miles without a truck-related accident.

On January 25th, 74-year-old truck driver Arthur “Art” Stoen was called the 2018 Minnesota Chauffeur of the Year by the Minnesota Trucking Association (MTA).

Throughout 2018, exceptional drivers are nominated by their companies and one driver is chosen each month to be the Driver of the Month. The drivers who are chosen meet a high standard of requirements including an outstanding driving and work record; contribution to industry and highway safety; and involvement in the community. In January, MTA hosts the Driver of the Year Banquet and one of the twelve nominees is selected as Driver of the Year by a panel of judges including Matthew Marin, Division Administrator for Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Deb Ledvina, Director of Commercial Vehicle Operations at MnDOT and Captain Jon Olsen, Minnesota State Patrol.

Stoen, who carries for Kane Transportation, has driven for 55 years without a trucking accident or mishap and has more than 4.4 million safe miles under his belt. John Hausladen, MTA president, said, “This award is a fantastic method to honor the very best in our market. Truck driving safely is no easy job, specifically when you think about his day-to-day driving conditions like congestion, driver distractions, and Minnesota winter seasons.

Having 4.4 million safe driving miles is an impressive accomplishment, particularly provided the distinct obstacle of securely delivering and unloading diesel and gasoline without incident. We’re happy to award Art for this impressive accomplishment.”

Stoen states that he retired for two years however missed trucking, so he returned to work.

Stoen’s recommendations for other motorists?

“Keep watching all the time. Do not rush; just do the speed limit. You can see way ahead if lights are braking,” he said.

You can see Stoen behind the wheel in the video listed below.

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