8 Common Causes of Slip & Fall Accidents including 15 Example Scenarios and 10 Prevalent Statistics

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    From time to time, we hear or witness people getting injuries from slip and fall accidents. There is a high probability that you too may have tripped or lost balance and fell off while walking. Slip and fall is a common occurrence for most of us and especially seniors above 55 years. Unfortunately, when such an accident occurs, nothing is cut and dry. Slip and fall is a typical accident, and it can happen at any place and time. All you need is to take care and observe all the precautions to prevent this undesirable happening. Slip and fall accident can happen anywhere from the parking lots to the sidewalks, vacation rental properties, school or childcare playgrounds to shopping malls, or any other unsafe condition that your feet may be subjected to.

    In most cases, people assume that slipping off and falling is their fault. That is not always the case because business owners, landlords, property owners, and other employees may be irresponsible on their part. All the individuals mentioned above have a role to play in the maintenance of the properties and surfaces that they are in charge of. Any act of irresponsibility that may cause slip and fall is referred to as a premises liability. Since it is not your fault, you should be compensated by the responsible party.

    The effects of a slip and fall accident can range from just minor bruises to sprain or spinal injuries and even death. Therefore, you need to apprehend the common causes, example scenarios, statistics and how you can use a lawyer to get compensated. Our guide will inform you of the facts about slip and fall accidents and the best California personal injury law firm to approach if you’re ever in such a situation and it is genuinely not your fault.

    Most Slip and Fall Accidents Can Sometimes Be Avoided

    Most of the Slip and fall accidents are avoidable. Slip and fall are very common and costly; thus they are referred to as a public health problem. You can prevent slipping and falling in any condition. However, that requires the businesses and individuals to take precautions to ensure their property is safe for customers, guests, and employees.

    The United States Department of Labor has a published guide for property owners and employers on how to keep the workplaces safe to minimize slip and fall accidents. It is heartbreaking that according to the National Safety Council, a considerable percentage of unintentional deaths in the U.S are caused by slip and fall accidents. Therefore, these accidents can be prevented or minimized if only every individual plays their role as required.

    The 8 Most Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents


    1.  Wet and uneven walking surfaces

    The most common cause of slip and fall accident globally is wet and uneven surfaces. Damp and uneven surfaces cause more than half of all the reported slip and fall cases in this country. As far as wet and uneven sidewalks are concerned, the following associated instances can be very hazardous;

    •  Loose floorboards
    •  Loose mats
    •  Worn out carpeting
    •  Freshly waxed or mopped surfaces
    •  Parking lot potholes
    •  Defective sidewalks
    •  Poorly constructed staircases
    •  Cluttered Floors
    •  Moisture collection

    The occurrences as mentioned above make wet and uneven surfaces the most common cause of slip and fall accidents in domestic, commercial, industrial and even public places. It is everybody’s responsibility to prevent them from causing injuries and even deaths. Therefore, make sure the floor is uncluttered and fixed whenever you see uneven or wet surfaces.

    2.  Weather

    Weather is a natural occurrence that is impossible to control. That has made it among the leading causes of slip and fall accidents in the world.

    You can engage in various activities during the winter season but be cautious.

    Even building owners have a legal responsibility of shoveling the sidewalks, plowing streets, and salting walkways during this season.

    Otherwise, failure to take precautionary steps, they might be held liable. Most slip and fall compensations are as a result of weather caused negligence.

    3.  Poor training

    Inadequate training is a common cause of most slips and fall accidents in the construction industry. Every employee and even the employers must undergo proper training to avoid slipping and falling while on duty. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health in conjunction with other bodies has created a guideline that educates people on how to avoid slip and fall accidents. Proper training is a critical element in this particular cause. Therefore, everyone in the construction sites must be adequately trained on how to walk at the sites and also how to use various tools and equipment. Otherwise, the employer will be liable for all the damages caused to the victim(s).

    4.  Stray cords and electrical wires

    Another common cause of slip and fall accidents is stray electrical cords and wires.

    These cords and wires hook the shoes or make the legs slide over which causes slipping and falling of pedestrians.

    Many people have experienced this in the streets as they are busy walking.

    The concerned parties should take charge and rectify this situation. An experienced injury attorney can help you to get compensation in such instances.

    5.  Nursing-home neglect

    It is unfortunate that we get many slip and fall cases from nursing homes. Most people who are admitted to hospitals are easily vulnerable. Most of them are left by their own, and that has made this instance one of the common causes of slip and fall accidents in California. Aging and sickly people have a reduced sense of balance. That leaves them at an increased risk of slipping and falling. Such accidents can be life-threatening and even make their current situation worse. It is the responsibility of the ward administrators and nurses to not assist and monitor their movements within their premises.

    6.  Footwear

    Among the top causes of slips and falls, is improper footwear finds its way. Slips and falls are not only meant for women who wear high heels.

    Even those who rock in work boots and sneakers are equally at risk. If the shoes do not offer the best traction, you will be prone to slipping and falling.

    Also, the type of shoes matters a lot.

    Therefore, make sure you were the right type of shoes with the proper traction to avoid slip and fall accidents.

    7.  Broken/Damaged handrails

    Handrails are tools that are fixed to posts or walls to support people as they walk on pavements or staircases. Many slip and fall cases that have been reported have been linked to the broken or absence of handrails. Handrails are very important even in the bathroom. If you slip and fall in private premises due to the lack of handrails, you deserve to be compensated.

    8.  Poor lighting

    Poor lighting systems in buildings and pavements are among the common causes of slipping and falling accidents. The board of Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires every workplace and other public properties to be well-lit. Proper lighting will improve vision especially for those walking at night. Employers need to pay attention to the illumination of walkways, sidewalks, and staircases. Failure to install improper lighting makes it difficult for one to navigate safely from one point to another. If one gets involved in a slip and fall accident, the employer or the owner of the property will be liable for any damages caused.

    Other significant causes of slip and fall accidents include; fraud, poor stairway maintenance, defects in pavements, snow and ice accumulation, torn, raised, or worn carpeting, and spilled liquids on the floor.

    Examples of Negligence in a California Slip and Fall Lawsuit

    Your age doesn’t matter; someone’s negligence can cause disastrous slip and fall accidents. At Arash Law, we service all of California and have won over 100+ million for clients. Our vast experience in injury cases has made us realize several examples of negligence that can be used in a slip and fall claim.

    1. Failure to install handrails and other accommodations in inappropriate places.
    2. Failure to install warning signs of slippery surfaces.
    3. Poor stocking of shelves and goods in the market.
    4. Failure to spread out runner carpets when it is raining and after the rain.
    5. Poor choice of flooring materials in various walking surfaces.
    6. Poor property inspection.
    7. Failing to repair and maintain leaky appliances like freezers and fridges.
    8. Failure to note, clean, and warn people who spill things deliberately or unknowingly on walking surfaces.
    9. Employees using poor floor cleaning solutions.
    10. Failure to rectify slip and fall conditions caused by weather conditions.
    11. Failure to rectify uneven walking surfaces.
    12. Failure to give the employees proper job training especially in construction sites.
    13. Failure to install proper lighting system in both residential and commercial buildings.
    14. Poor use of flooring material and signage from steep walkways.
    15. Failure to maintain the stairways can cause a slip and fall accidents.
     Causes of Slip & Fall Accidents = Statistics

    Popular Statistics about Slip and Fall Accidents That Occur in California

    1.  More than a million people around the world are admitted to emergency rooms every year because of slip and fall accidents.

    California alone records a significant number of cases out of approximately two thousand cases registered in the U.S.A. It is surprising that slip and fall accidents are the third leading cause of unintentional deaths in the United States of America. We have the best personal injury lawyers experienced in slip and falls in California at Arash Law firm. We can help you claim compensation as we have recovered more than 100+ million for our clients. Emergency treatments and other damages can be costly. Why incur all these tremendous costs yet it was not your fault? Call us today, and we will be there to help you with your claim.

    2.  The cost of remedying a severe slip and fall injury can range between twenty thousand dollars to fifty thousand dollars.

    That amount is very high for an average Californian. The nursing costs not only devastate the affected families, but they as well raise insurance costs. If you want to avoid the huge payments, we’re the go-to slip & fall attorneys in California.

    3.  About 5% of all slip and fall accidents involve broken bones.

    Most cases indicate broken hip bones, arm, and spinal bones. Of all the bone fractures about 25% are severe injuries. Broken bones cause physical and emotional anguish. You can relieve yourself by hiring one of our personal injury attorneys to help you get compensated after the slip and fall.

    4.  Approximately a third of all slip and falls recorded involved adults over 55 years of age.

    That fact proves that the older you become, the more your body balance deteriorates. For these sets of individuals, their slips and falls cause more significant injuries than younger people.

    5.  Slips and falls are a common cause of brain injury accidents.

    Although many cases of brain injuries are recorded from organized sports; still falling causes more brain injuries. A brain injury can stagnate every aspect of your life. It is a devastating moment that requires you to contacts us to receive justice.

    6.  Medical bills for Slip & Fall accidents are very high.

    More than $34 billion is used to treat slip and fall injuries each year in the U.S alone. Medical bills are found among the leading causes of bankruptcy.

    7.  It is proven that slip and fall accident victims miss approximately 11 days of their monthly working period.

    During this period, they are counted absent from work, and besides medical bills and other damages cause more devastation. Slip and fall accidents lower productivity because the victims are tortured emotionally and physically. You can still recover lost income and damages by working with us.

    8.  At least 2% of all slip and fall cases go to a jury trial because most people think it is their fault.

    Most people hesitate to contact a personal injury lawyer, and that denies them justice. An experienced injury attorney will help in determining if your case deserves to go to a jury trial or not. Therefore, you are advised to contact Arash Law which is the best injury law firm in California as far as legal matters on injuries are concerned.

    How our Experienced California Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help

    If you get involved in a slip and fall accident, our experienced California injury lawyers can come to your rescue. Arash Law injury lawyers will help you in assessing the value of your claim and suggest appropriate action compensation. We will also help you prepare your case in a way that the other side will be responsible for your injuries and damages. In essence, recovering from a slip and fall accident is essentially a stressful process that requires you to have a reputed injury lawyer.

    Also, there are complexities involved with slip and fall accidents that can be overwhelming if you go alone. Our expertise has helped in recovering more than 100 million for our clients. We investigate and collect key evidence to develop the case. From our achievement, we’re the go-to slip & fall attorneys in California.

    When you get hurt in a slip and fall, the leading California law firm gives you a chance to recover from a responsible party. If your fall was caused by someone else, they owe you compensation. We can help you to file a claim for the recovery of the losses and damages caused.

    More About Our Award-winning California Slip & Fall Injury Law Firm

    We are Arash Law injury lawyers. We service all of California, and we have won over $200+ million for clients. We are essentially the go-to slip and fall attorneys in  California, and our consultations are always free. We do not charge service fees unless we win the claim. If you are injured in a slip and fall accident in Los Angeles, Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto, San Diego, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, or anywhere else in our beautiful state of California, please contact us at (888) 488-1391 soon as possible. We’ll get you medical care right away!

    The sooner you report to us, the faster we assess the situation and determine the value of your compensation. We are dedicated to fighting on behalf of our clients until they get their deserved justice and compensation. Working with us will ensure that you get the best medical cover and obtain a victory for your slip and fall accident lawsuit.

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