How Much is the Average Slip and Fall Settlement?

Premises liability cases may involve many different types of accidents, including slip-and-fall incidents. Owners and occupiers of land have a duty to protect visitors and residents from unreasonably dangerous conditions. Many individuals who suffer injuries during premises liability accidents do not fall to the ground. Injuries may be caused by inadequate facilities, objects situated on a walkway, and wet substances on a floor.

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Slip-and-fall accidents cause millions of people to suffer injuries every year in the United States. Understanding the average settlement amounts for slip-and-fall accidents can help you understand the facts of your own case. By understanding which factors are relevant to slip-and-fall settlements, you can be better prepared to pursue financial compensation for your injuries.

Our slip-and-fall accident attorneys have decades of experience representing injured victims who have suffered injuries. We have recovered over $500 million for injured victims throughout California. We serve clients in San Francisco, Riverside, Sacramento, San Jose, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sherman Oaks, and throughout California.

Slip-and-Fall Accidents: Pain and Suffering

Non-economic damages such as pain and suffering may be difficult to calculate because no two individuals experience pain and suffering in the same manner. Pain and suffering may be difficult to quantify because every slip-and-fall case is different. An injured victim’s medical records and medical expenses are often used to determine non-economic damages.

Multipliers are often used during slip-and-fall cases. Insurance adjusters and lawyers may apply a multiplier to the number of medical bills associated with an individual victim’s injuries. The nature and extent of the injuries will also influence the pain and suffering amount. For example, amputations and severe lacerations may cause more pain and suffering than minor fractures or contusions.

The multiplier will be higher or lower depending on the nature of the injuries suffered during the slip-and-fall accident. It is important for you to speak to a slip-and-fall accident attorney at our trusted law firm if you want to understand how pain and suffering damages may be relevant to your case. If your injuries cause you to suffer temporary or permanent disabilities, your pain and suffering damages may be greater to compensate you for these injuries.

The multiplier may be lower if you only slipped on a wet floor and suffered minor wrist sprains. Your pain and suffering multiplier may be on the lower end of the spectrum because you did not experience extensive pain and suffering. However, you may develop symptoms related to injuries you suffered during the slip-and-fall accident. In these cases, you want to speak with your slip-and-fall accident attorney regarding the future injuries you may suffer from and how to obtain financial compensation for these injuries.

Slip-and-Fall Accidents: Average Settlement Amount

Most slip-and-fall accidents settle for an amount between $15,000 and $45,000. The facts and details of your case will influence the settlement amount associated with your case. If you suffer minor injuries and recover from those relatively quickly, then your case may settle for a lower amount.

However, if you must undergo multiple surgeries, extensive physical rehabilitation sessions, and chiropractic treatment, your case settlement amount will likely be on the higher end of the spectrum. Most slip-and-fall accidents will settle in the middle range between $15,000 and $45,000.

The Average Financial Compensation in Slip-and-Fall Accidents

The monetary compensation you receive for the injuries you suffer during a slip-and-fall accident will be commensurate with your total medical bills and the pain and suffering you endured. Direct expenses associated with your slip-and-fall accident will be factored into the final damages amount. The pain and suffering amount will depend on the nature and extent of your personal injuries.

Specific damages may also be applicable to your case that are not available in other cases. Also, the weight of the evidence will determine the number that will begin the settlement negotiation process. If you have more documentary evidence of your injuries and how the defendant caused you to suffer injuries, then it may be possible for you to seek more financial compensation.

Settling Your Slip-and-Fall Case Out of Court

Settling Your Slip-and-Fall Case Out of Court

The extent of your injuries, the nature of the accident, and the weight of evidence all influence settlement amount in slip-and-fall cases. Before beginning settlement negotiations, a slip-and-fall accident attorney will calculate all of your economic damages such as medical bills, surgeries, and lost wages due to the time you missed work while you recovered from your injuries.

Pain and suffering damages are also important to the value of a slip-and-fall accident case. If you suffer injuries that cause you extreme pain and suffering, you may claim an amount that is greater than your economic damages. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

We can discuss the facts of your case and determine any additional medical treatment you may need to undergo. The slip-and-fall accident attorneys at our award-winning California law firm have recovered over $500 million for clients in California. We have decades of experience representing injured victims in slip-and-fall accident cases.

Negotiating with insurance adjusters and defense counsel is a skill that experienced slip-and-fall accident attorneys possess. If you can negotiate in a careful and strategic manner, it is possible for you to build a stronger case. The opposing party must agree to a settlement agreement, and the settlement agreement resolves the case for both parties. Cases may also be resolved through mediation, arbitration, and trial.

Settlement Negotiations in Slip-and-Fall Accident Cases

Pre-trial procedures occur before the parties engage in formal settlement negotiations. It is possible for some slip-and-fall accident cases to resolve before filing a complaint that initiates a lawsuit. However, many parties must file a complaint before formal settlement negotiations can begin. The defendant will scrutinize evidence, engage in the discovery process, and analyze the facts of the slip-and-fall case. It is important that you retain a slip-and-fall accident attorney before initiating a civil lawsuit.

The discovery phase of litigation permits both parties to view the evidence possessed by both parties. Once the parties gain a more objective perception of the case, settlement negotiations may become more productive and serious. Your slip-and-fall accident attorney does not have to share their legal impressions or conclusions regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the case.

The defense does not have to provide you with their professional impressions or conclusions regarding the case. Yet both parties typically agree to begin settlement negotiations at a reasonable place on the spectrum discussed above.

Settlement Negotiations Concerning Slip-and-Fall Accident Cases

Many causes and conditions can contribute to slip-and-fall accidents. Each party in a civil lawsuit may send correspondence back and forth while seeking a specific settlement amount. Both parties provide detailed facts of the case in these letters. Relevant laws and issues are discussed in the context of the case facts and how the slip-and-fall accident occurred.

Oftentimes these letters will give rise to informal settlement negotiations. Typically, serious settlement negotiations begin after each side has had a chance to examine the relevant evidence possessed by both parties. Informal negotiations may give way to a form of alternative dispute resolution known as mediation. Parties may agree to participate in mediation, or a court may order the parties to participate in mediation proceedings.

Compromise, settlement, and resolution are the goals of mediation proceedings. Many parties do not want to sit down and speak with one another, but a mediator acts as a neutral third party who can consult independently with both parties. These independent consultations may lead to the parties agreeing to a satisfactory settlement agreement.

A slip-and-fall accident attorney at Arash Law led by Arash Khorsandi, Esq. can help you prepare for mediation proceedings. The more information you and your slip-and-fall accident attorney bring to the mediation, the more productive the session will be.

Lost Earnings and Lost Future Earnings

You may be permitted to claim lost earnings as part of your damages. After suffering an injury during a slip-and-fall accident, you may have missed time from work. The lost earnings claim can help you recover the funds that you lost due to your injuries. However, you must substantiate your claim for lost earnings by providing wage stubs and payroll documents.

Also, tax returns are acceptable for proving lost earnings and future lost earnings. An employer must substantiate your earnings by producing written evidence of your pay rate, the time you missed from work, and when you returned to work after the slip-and-fall accident. A slip-and-fall accident attorney at our trusted slip-and-fall accident attorneys can help you obtain this evidence for your case.

In some cases, you may not be physically able to return to your chosen career or profession. Also, you may not earn as much as you previously did in your former job. You may recover damages that will compensate you for the loss you experienced, namely, your inability to return to your former profession.

Settlement Negotiations in Slip-And-Fall Accident CasesAn expert witness may have to support your claim as part of your slip-and-fall accident case. The expert witness will examine your injuries and your injuries. If you establish that you can no longer perform your former job duties, the compensation you can receive for lost future earnings is the cost of retraining you for a different profession or paying you money that is equivalent to your lost future earnings amount.

Incidental Damages

Injuries often cause expenses that accrue when someone is recovering from a slip-and-fall accident. An injured victim may have to spend money driving to chiropractic treatment sessions every week. These damages are termed incidental damages. Contact a slip-and-fall accident attorney at our firm to learn how you can recover incidental damages in addition to the standard damages related to slip-and-fall accident cases. The injured victim must establish clear connections between the slip-and-fall accident and the injuries associated with incidental damages.

Slip-and-Fall Accidents: Should I Choose to Settle?

If you retain a slip-and-fall accident attorney, you will have to make the decision whether to accept or reject a settlement offer. You are the client, and you get to decide whether or not to settle your personal injury case. If both parties agree on the damages amounts and a just amount of financial compensation, then it is reasonable to settle the case.

Trials cost time and money. No party is guaranteed to win at trial. You can save money by settling your case. Also, trials require time and energy, which may make it a less attractive option for you if you are ready to settle the case and move on with your life. The slip-and-fall accident attorneys at Arash Law headed by Arash Khorsandi, Esq. can provide you with the information you need to make settlement decisions regarding your case.

Our California injury lawyers can help you seek financial compensation for your injuries. The slip-and-fall accident attorneys at our firm have recovered over $500 million for clients in California. We have decades of experience helping injured victims pursue the financial compensation they deserve. We serve clients in San Francisco, Riverside, Sacramento, San Jose, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sherman Oaks, and throughout California.

A Reliable Slip-and-Fall Accident Lawyer Can Help You Today

The following are some of the most common ways a slip-and-fall accident attorney can help you recover monetary compensation for your injuries:

  • Making sure that you collect any financial award or judgment related to your slip-and-fall case
  • Writing and editing settlement agreement documents
  • Offering you legal advice regarding whether you should accept a settlement offer or proceed to trial
  • Negotiating with insurance companies and defense counsel on your behalf
  • Forming a reasonable and strong case strategy

A slip-and-fall accident attorney at Arash Law and the team led by Arash Khorsandi, Esq. will help you with every aspect of your civil case. If you want to gain financial compensation for your injuries, a slip-and-fall accident at our law firm can offer you skilled legal representation.

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Contact our experienced legal team today at (888) 488-1391 to learn more about the legal services we offer. We serve clients in San Francisco, Riverside, Sacramento, San Jose, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sherman Oaks, and throughout California. We have collected over $500 million for clients across California.

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