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    If you have been injured in a truck accident, you have important legal rights that must be protected. You are entitled to compensation for all your losses. These losses include those that cannot be seen (such as pain and suffering) and those that have not yet occurred (such as future medical bills).

    The experienced Los Angeles truck accident lawyers at Arash Law can help you get the compensation you deserve. We fight hard for injury victims, and we will ensure that your legal right to compensation is protected, too. 

    Learn more about the types of truck accidents that can occur, the common injuries that occur in truck accidents, who is responsible for paying for your losses, and what losses can be compensated.

    Common Types of Truck Accidents in Los Angeles

    If you have been injured in a truck accident, you have important legal rights that must be protected. You are entitled to compensation for all your losses. These losses include those that cannot be seen (such as pain and suffering) and those that have not yet occurred (such as future medical bills).

    The experienced Los Angeles truck accident lawyers at Arash Law can help you get the compensation you deserve. We fight hard for injury victims, and we will ensure that your legal right to compensation is protected, too. 

    Learn more about the types of truck accidents that can occur, the common injuries that occur in truck accidents, who is responsible for paying for your losses, and what losses can be compensated.

    There are many ways that a truck accident can occur. Different accidents can lead to various injuries, and more severe accidents that occur at high rates of speed or with heavy vehicles tend to cause more severe injuries.

    Here are some of the most common truck accidents that occur on Los Angeles highways:

    Jackknife  — A “jackknife accident” refers to one in which a large truck begins to skid. The trailer swings away from the truck, causing the trailer to fold across the highway (like a jackknife). These accidents often lead to severe traffic congestion because the trailer can block many traffic lanes and be especially difficult to remove. 

    Truck Rollovers — Rollovers can occur in large trucks, just like any other vehicle. In fact, if a truck driver is inexperienced or not used to the load on his rig, a rollover can be even more likely. Truck drivers must maintain control over their cargo load at all times.

    If not, the vehicle can roll. Rollovers are dangerous in any vehicle because they cause multiple collisions within the same accident. When a heavy truck or large cargo load is involved, the collision generates even more force, and injuries are even more likely to be serious – or even fatal. 

    Tire Blowout — Tire blowouts also occur in large trucks, just the same as passenger vehicles. In some trucks, such as an eighteen-wheeler, a blowout can be even more likely, simply because there are more tires to blow. A blowout is more dangerous in a large, heavy truck than in smaller passenger vehicles. This increased danger occurs because it is more difficult to maintain control of a large vehicle, especially one with a separate cargo load. 

    Wide Turn — Large trucks have a larger turning radius than smaller vehicles. As a result, they need more room to maneuver through places like intersections. Truck drivers who are not prepared for this can cause collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians nearby. They can also injure other drivers by parts that fly off the truck or tipping their truck altogether.

    Blind Spots — Trucks have larger blind spots than smaller vehicles. This feature can lead to accidents when truck drivers are not prepared or rely too heavily on their limited mirror range. Other drivers nearby must be cautious and allow more room when a truck is nearby. Doing this helps you stay out of the driver’s blind spot.

    Rear-End Collisions — Large trucks also require a longer braking distance. This occurs because the weight and size of the vehicle generate more force, which in turn takes more braking effort to stop. Newer truck drivers might not be prepared for this, and rear-end vehicles ahead of them if they are not prepared to stop in time. Even experienced drivers can cause rear-end collisions if they are distracted while operating the truck. 

    Underriding — Because semi-trucks are so high, small passenger vehicles could actually become wedged underneath them. This can lead to catastrophic injuries such as decapitation. The Department of Transportation required the use of “Mansfield Bars” on the back of all trucks in the United States after an especially devastating accident in the 1960s.

    Actress Jayne Mansfield was riding in the front seat of a car that was wedged under the semi-truck in front of it. The accident killed her instantly. Her children in the backseat – including future Law and Order Actress Mariska Hargitay – survived the accident. After this tragic accident, the government required trucks to be equipped with bars across the back to prevent vehicles from being pulled under the truck. Unfortunately, these bars are still not required on the sides of trucks, and underride accidents still occur in these areas. 

    Lost Load — Trucks are difficult to control. The load on the truck can make it even more challenging to control the vehicle. Liquid cargo (such as gasoline) can create a heavy sloshing effect, which can cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle if it is not stopped in time. Large trailers are attached to many semi-trucks, and these too create different centers of gravity, which require a driver to adapt. In some cases, the loss of control causes the cargo to detach from the vehicle altogether. Detached cargo is wildly dangerous to everyone in the vicinity.

    Common Catastrophic Injuries in Truck Accidents

    Truck accidents cause some of the most severe injuries of all auto accidents. This is because the added size and weight of a truck generate more force in a collision than smaller, lighter vehicles. The more force that is generated in a crash, the more severe injuries are likely to be. Many injuries are even fatal.

    If a victim is able to survive an accident, he or she could be left with permanent disabilities. These catastrophic injuries include:

    Catastrophic injuries can leave a person unable to return to any type of employment. They can even leave the victim unable to walk or talk or complete simple daily tasks (such as feeding or dressing yourself). When injuries cause these permanent losses, the victim is entitled to compensation for all the care they will require.

    Other Common Truck Accident Injuries

    Of course, not all truck accident injuries result in catastrophic injuries. Many injuries are far milder. Sometimes victims are able to recover on their own after a few days of rest. 

    Other times, the victim might require a period of physical therapy or chiropractic care. Regardless of the severity of your injuries, you are entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering. Other common injuries that occur in truck accidents include:

    Insurance companies sometimes try to claim that these injuries “aren’t worth very much” if they did not result in dramatic losses. Remember that the insurance company is working against you. They are on the other side. 

    Only your own Los Angeles truck accident injury lawyer can give you a fair idea of what your claim is really worth. The experienced truck accident lawyers at Arash Law have handled many cases and know what fair compensation is in your particular case. 

    Potential Defendants in a Truck Accident

    In order to get compensation for your injuries, it is important to identify the person who is legally “at fault” (liable) for causing the truck accident. Doing this is necessary because only liable parties have a legal obligation to compensate injury victims. A defendant could be an individual or a company. Liability could be split between more than one defendant. 

    Here are some of the most common defendants in truck accident cases:

    The Truck Driver Many truck accidents are the result of the truck driver’s negligence. The driver might be distracted or simply not paying attention. They might be dozing off or falling under “highway hypnosis” after too many hours on the road. They could even be impaired by drugs, alcohol, prescription medications, or a dangerous combination of all of these substances. 

    The Transportation Company — Truck drivers are not the only ones who are liable for their negligence. The United States follows laws of “vicarious liability,” which allows an employer to be held liable for any negligence committed by their employees while on the job. A transportation company that employs a truck driver can be held liable for their negligent driving. Many companies have tried to get around this rule by classifying their drivers as independent contractors instead of employees.

    While vicarious liability might not apply in these situations, it is still possible to hold the transportation company liable for its own negligence. For example: what if a company allowed an independent contractor to continue driving for them after causing several accidents? In this case, the company could be directly liable for its own negligence in allowing the driver to continue working for them. 

    The Owner of the Truck — The owner of any vehicle can be liable for damage caused by that vehicle. Because of this, auto insurance policies will usually cover damage caused by someone who had permission to drive your vehicle (unless that person is regularly driving your vehicle in violation of your auto policy). Commercial truck owners can also be held liable for allowing a negligent truck driver to operate the vehicle.

    Often, this is an LLC or other company, and the business is required to carry a commercial auto policy with high policy limits. Doing this ensures that there are funds available to injury victims who are legally entitled to compensation.

    The Manufacturer of the Truck — Some truck accidents are not the fault of any of the involved drivers. Imagine, for example, that a truck had defective brakes, and the driver was unable to prevent a collision because of this. Truck manufacturers are liable for accidents caused by defects in their products.

    Those products can include the vehicle, its systems, and all of its parts. Manufacturers of products sold in the United States are subject to laws of “strict liability.” This phrase means that injury victims do not have to prove that the manufacturer was negligent – only that they were injured while the product was being used as intended.  

    The Losses That Must Be Compensated from a Truck Accident

    Injury victims are entitled to compensation for all the losses they suffer as a result of the defendant’s negligence. Some of these are easy to prove with receipts or invoices. Others are less tangible and more challenging to prove. The Los Angeles truck accident lawyers at Arash Law will ensure that all your potential losses are submitted to the insurance company for compensation. 

    Here are some of the most common areas of compensation in a personal injury claim: 

    Medical Bills — All medical bills that are related to the accident are subject to compensation in a personal injury claim. These bills can include your immediate medical care, such as an ambulance ride or emergency department bill. It also includes your follow-up care with your primary care provider, any recommended specialists, and other medical professionals who diagnose, evaluate, and treat your injuries. 

    Finally, your medical reimbursements also include rehabilitative services. You might require physical therapy or chiropractic care to manage your pain. You might need occupational or speech therapy to relearn skills that have been lost in the accident. Sometimes insurance companies try to claim that you got too much treatment, or that your providers charged too much, or that you made your own injuries worse by waiting to get treatment. Injury lawyers are prepared for these tactics and know how to prove the value of your medical bills. 

    Lost Wages — Most injury victims miss at least some time from work as a result of a truck accident. If your injuries are minor, this might only be time on the day of the accident or for a day or two of recovery. More severe injuries might lead to weeks of lost work (or time off to make your medical appointments). The most severe injuries can result in permanent disabilities. Whatever time off work your injuries require, you are entitled to compensation for the wages you have lost during this time. 

    Pain and Suffering — Injury victims endure a wide variety of intangible losses as a result of a truck accident. These are collectively referred to as your “pain and suffering.” This includes the physical pain of your injuries and the emotional suffering of the accident. It includes your loss of enjoyment of life, your fear of getting back on the road, and other emotional changes. These are real losses. 

    You are entitled to compensation for them – in fact, pain and suffering is often the largest component of many personal injury awards. Because of this, the insurance company will try to challenge it and claim your pain and suffering “isn’t worth very much.” The truck accident lawyers at Arash Law know how to fight for fair compensation for your pain and suffering. 

    Future Losses — When a personal injury claim is filed, you will likely not have accrued all of your losses. You might have medical bills for years to come. You might be permanently out of work, and your pain and suffering could last the rest of your life. You are entitled to compensation for these losses. Truck accident lawyers know how to hire expert witnesses to make accurate projections about these costs in order to get you the compensation you deserve.

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