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Were you harmed in an accident by someone negligent? We can help you! The personal injury lawyers of Arash Law serve clients in Downey and nearby communities with effective and compassionate legal representation. At our personal injury law firm, we offer a free initial consultation so we can build up your case and form a personalized approach for you. If you cannot come to us, our Downey personal injury law firm will come to you! Call us at (888) 488-1391 for your initial consultation so we can discuss your case.

Downey is part of the Gateway Cities of Los Angeles, just 13 miles away, in southeast Los Angeles County. It is recognized for the city’s contribution to America’s pivotal moment in history with the Apollo Space Program. It’s also home to the oldest operational McDonald’s in the world. The city had a population of 111,645 as of the 2021 census and is expected to be around 106,859 by the end of 2023. With such a large population, unfortunately, accidents are inevitable.
Keeping a Downey personal injury law firm number with you is wise if you live in the city. The law firm Arash Law assists clients in protecting their rights and seeking compensation after an accident. Put your trust in a personal injury law firm with the resources and experience many other firms lack. We have what you need for a hassle-free, seamless legal process in Downey, no matter what kind of accident you’ve experienced or what injuries you’ve sustained.
Car Accident

Our client was driving with his wife and son on a two-lane highway when a drunk driver crossed the double yellow lines, causing a head-on collision that claimed the life of a loving wife and mother.


IF YES, You may be able to recover financial compensation. TELL US MORE:
IF YES, You may be able to recover financial compensation. TELL US MORE:

Common Accidents and Injuries in Downey

Interstate 105, Interstate 5, Interstate 605, and Interstate 710 are the four freeways that pass through Downey, and thousands use them on a daily basis. The traffic in Los Angeles County is notorious for being jam-packed for most of the day, and Downey is most certainly affected by this traffic in one way or another.
Car accidents are common in Downey, making it one of the most dangerous cities for its residents. According to the most recent data the California Office of Traffic Safety reported in 2020, 694 injuries or deaths caused by auto accidents were reported. Many of these reported cases also involved reckless driving and DUI, with over 77 crashes caused by overspeeding and 61 DUI accidents with 194 arrests.

There can be severe to fatal injuries in these accidents, whether they involve cars, trucks, pedestrians, bicycles, or motorcycles, including:

  • Fractured bones
  • Serious spinal cord injuries
  • Injuries to the head and brain
  • Paralysis
  • Burns
  • Abrasions and lacerations
  • Amputation
  • Various Internal injuries
Whether you suffered injuries or lost a loved one in a local auto accident, contact a Downey personal injury law firm about your case. The California Civil Code allows you to seek compensation from at-fault parties following an accident. We can make a big difference in a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim when you work with one of our attorneys.

Getting Help from a Downey Personal Injury Law Firm

Numerous aspects of your life might have been impacted by your accident. Let the personal injury lawyers handle your lawsuit rather than adding to the already stressful circumstances. With decades of experience, Arash Law’s personal injury law firm has assisted those needing fair compensation by staying committed to our client’s case to the very end. We can help you with the following procedures when you hire us:

Initial Meeting
Due to our contingency fee, we offer a complimentary meeting without risk or obligation. This method allows us to understand your case and explain everything that must be done to resolve the issues without the limitations and concerns of payment.
Acquire Evidence
Your attorney will examine any evidence that might bolster your claim, including police reports, surveillance footage, and medical records.
Determine Damages
Your attorney can ensure that you request all appropriate damages and that no money is overlooked.
Interact with the Liable Party
We will see that any messages you send to the liable party get through and vice versa.
Negotiate on Your Behalf
Obtaining just compensation is not always straightforward. Leave the difficult task of negotiating with the insurance company to your lawyers.
Representing You in Court
Regrettably, there are situations in which negotiation is not possible. If so, your lawyer may persuade a jury to grant you damages by taking your case to trial.
Above all, your attorney will always support you. With our support and guidance, you will never be left to make a legal decision or fend for yourself.
Gabriel M.
Car Accident Settlement
This was a sad and tragic case in which our client was paralyzed after being struck by a distracted driver. The maximum policy settlement was 5.25 million and we were able to settle for the full amount. In addition, we were able to add additional workers' compensation benefits from our client's employer, as he was working at the time of the incident. The parties agreed to settle our client's workers' compensation claim for $2.5 million.
Car Accident Settlement
This was a sad and tragic case in which our client was paralyzed after being struck by a distracted driver. The maximum policy settlement was 5.25 million and we were able to settle for the full amount. In addition, we were able to add additional workers' compensation benefits from our client's employer, as he was working at the time of the incident. The parties agreed to settle our client's workers' compensation claim for $2.5 million.

The Cases We Handle at Our Downey Personal Injury Law Firm

At our Downey personal injury law firm, we have been able to successfully represent individuals who have been injured in a wide range of personal injury accidents, including:

  • Trucking Accidents

    Tractor-trailers and other various types of trucks can collide with smaller vehicles and cause devastating injuries. Our Downey personal injury law firm will fight for your rights and help you gain justice and compensation from the motor carrier and any other parties responsible.

  • Uber & Lyft Accidents

    Cars used for ridesharing are undoubtedly not accident-proof. You can get compensation if you were injured in an Uber or Lyft accident by seeking help from a Downey personal injury law firm.

  • Car Accidents

    When an injury results from a car accident, even a relatively minor accident can be serious. Getting the compensation you deserve doesn’t have to be tricky; our experienced personal injury law firm can help.

  • Motorcycle Accidents

    Because motorcycle riders are more exposed than occupants of other vehicles, they can sustain severe injuries in even low-speed collisions. Dedicated to assisting motorcycle accident victims and their loved ones, our Downey personal injury attorneys offer tenacious legal counsel.

  • Bus Accidents

    Accidents concerning cases involving buses. Victims that often file in these instances are passengers, occupants of another car, or pedestrians.

  • Bike Accidents

    Even if you obeyed all traffic laws and were hurt in a bicycle accident, the Downey personal injury law firm of Arash Law will help you file your claim.

  • Pedestrian Accidents

    Walking is a healthy way to get around Downey and to admire the city. Unfortunately, pedestrians can still be harmed due to the recklessness of vehicles. If injured pedestrians require legal assistance, our attorneys are pleased to assist them in obtaining the necessary compensation.

  • Scooter Accidents

    Accident victims who have suffered an electric scooter injury can contact our personal injury law firm for assistance in obtaining compensation.

  • Slip and Fall

    Although a trip or slip-and-fall accident can happen instantly, the pain and injuries may last a lifetime. If you wish to file a claim against a negligent owner, our premises liability attorneys can help.

  • Premises Liability

    It is the duty of business owners to ensure that their premises are secure and well-maintained for guests. They may be liable for damages if they violate this obligation and someone is hurt.

  • Boating Accidents

    It is possible to have a devastating accident on the water. These are cases where any circumstance involving a boat leaves someone injured. Rather than dealing with the legal complexities of your case, let our attorneys handle it for you.

  • Train Accidents

    Specific safety standards must be met whether trains are publicly or privately owned. If the government owns the train, your claim would be subject to the rules for claims against government bodies. As per the California statute of limitations, your claim must be filed within six months of the date of the injury.

  • Charter Plane Accidents

    An airplane accident may be uncommon, but victims of plane crashes have legal rights that must be protected. Receiving adequate compensation for your losses and injuries is possible with the help of a charter plane crash attorney. If you have been hurt in a plane crash, get in touch with the personal injury law firm of Arash Law for free and with zero obligation.

  • Brain Injuries

    Many legal practices lack the requisite experience in managing cases involving brain injuries. Still, Arash Law’s personal injury law firm has successfully managed various brain injury cases, and we possess the courtroom knowledge to represent your family’s interests effectively.

  • Spinal Cord Injuries

    Spinal cord injuries are among the worst cases that can affect a person permanently.

  • Burn Injuries

    Scarring and severe pain are common effects of burn injuries. Our burn injury attorneys in our personal injury law firm can investigate your case to ascertain who may be liable for your losses and how to proceed with the claims process.

  • Dog Bites

    Victims can suffer long-term emotional and physical trauma from dog bites. In cases of dog attacks, owners are usually held responsible.

  • Wrongful Death

    It’s impossible to put into words the suffering caused by losing someone dear to us, especially when it was due to another person’s negligence. Even though it is impossible to replace what has been lost, our personal injury law firm will pursue justice to get your compensation to the fullest extent allowed by the law.

  • Other Personal Injuries

    Whether you were injured by another person’s negligence or wrongful act, our personal injury law firm can help. Every day of the week, our lawyers are available to accept your case.

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Essential Steps to Take After an Accident in Downey

  • Prioritize your safety before tending to others involved in the accident. Make sure that you move to a safe location only if it is necessary to prevent your injuries from worsening.
  • Contact emergency responders and authorities to notify them of the accident.
  • Record what happened before the accident, mentioning particulars like the location and the environment’s state and condition, such as dim lighting, poor road quality, slippery floors without a wet floor sign, etc.
  • Photograph the accident scene if possible.
  • Collect the contact information of any witnesses present during the accident.
  • Ask the authorities for a copy of the incident report.
  • Make sure you seek immediate medical attention and keep a medical record.
  • Contact our reputable Downey personal injury law firm to discuss the appropriate course of action for your claim.

Getting the Reimbursement You Need in Downey

The term “damages” refers to a legal remedy that requires compensation in an amount that corresponds with the damages sustained due to an act of negligence, leading to an injury sustained by another individual.

Terminologies such as damages, monetary compensation, and other comparable variations can be associated with “compensation.” The sum of money awarded to accident victims who suffered as a result of the conduct of another person is what these terms all refer to.

It might be possible for you to receive compensation if your physical, emotional, or financial well-being was damaged through the following:

Non-Economic Damages
Any physical or psychological suffering sustained due to the accident is included in what is also referred to as general damages. Among the examples are:
      • Decreased standard of living
For example, you may find that you can’t manage basic tasks like eating, bathing, walking, or engaging in any activity as independently as you once did.
      • Disabilities and handicaps
These conditions restrict your ability to move your body or function properly due to chronic pain and other issues.
      • Pain and suffering
You may suffer from physical or mental injuries as a result of the accident, such as a decline in your overall well-being due to physical discomfort and emotional distress.
      • Scarring and disfigurement
Noticeable deformable marks from your wounds.
Economic Damages
Your expenditures or financial losses resulting from the accident are included in financial harm, also known as special damages. The following can be:
      • Medical expenses
Out-of-pocket spending for medical care, prescriptions, physical therapy, and other medical necessities.
      • Lost wages
You were unable to earn a salary for days, weeks, or even months after the accident because of your injuries.
      • Damages to property
Any property you own that was damaged or destroyed in an accident that you spent on to be repaired or replaced.
      • Expenses for extra services and care
These can include hiring a babysitter to look after your children since your injuries make it impossible for you to do so. Or by hiring a caretaker to help you with your everyday activities while recovering.
Punitive damages
Additionally known as exemplary damages, they are intended to deter similar inappropriate behavior on the defendant’s side in the future. Depending on the case, these are only handed down by the court in certain situations.

Deadlines for Filing Your Case in Downey

The statute of limitations is the term used to describe the deadline for filing your personal injury case. By state law, it is necessary to file a lawsuit for personal injury in California within two years of the accident or injury. Upon the expiration of the two-year deadline, the cases will be dismissed.

It may, however, be possible to suspend the statute of limitations in some instances. Minors are not subject to the limitation period, which only takes effect once the minor reaches the age of eighteen. It is also possible to extend the statute of limitations if the defendant was in prison or out of the country at the time of filing.
Considering all of these, always remember that each case may have a different deadline for filing. If you want to be sure about the statute of limitations for your injury case, make sure you consult our Downey injury law firm to learn more.

Win with the Best Personal Injury Law Firm in Downey

Many personal injuries may share similar characteristics in that they can cause long-term damages that are difficult to recover from without an attorney.

If you have sustained an injury and have suffered from dangerous and unlawful behavior caused by another party’s carelessness, contact our experienced personal injury lawyers in Downey at Arash Law today at (888) 488-1391 or through our “Do I Have a Case?” form to schedule a free case evaluation and consultation. Our legal team has won over $500 Million for our clients in California, so we assure you that our lawyers have more than enough experience to handle your claim.

You have nothing to lose by putting your future in the hands of our skilled attorneys. We put your case’s success first because we will never charge you for our services if we don’t win your case! No win, no-fee guarantee!
We also extend our services to clients throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area and surrounding cities, including Bell Gardens, Maywood, Pico Rivera, South Gate, Walnut Park, Lynwood, Montebello, Paramount, and Norwalk.

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