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For Others, It’s Just Business For Our Encino Car Accident Lawyers, It’s Personal

Encino has a generally low traffic incident rate. If you’ve been hurt due to someone else’s negligence, call our Encino car accident lawyers now at (888) 488-1391 for a free consultation. Regardless, every driver must be aware of their rights following a collision. We’ve recovered over $500 Million in compensation for accident victims; we can do the same for you.

Encino is an urban hub for people from all walks of life. This region of Los Angeles constantly witnesses vehicles moving in and out of the neighborhood, increasing the likelihood of car accidents. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS), about 129 victims were killed and injured on Encino and San Fernando roads in 2020.

Car accidents often lead to costly medical bills, lost wages, pricey car repairs, and other intangible damages. Unfortunately, thousands of victims across the state are unaware that they’re entitled to compensation.

The first step to recovering these financial damages is seeking legal advice from an attorney. Fill out our “Do I Have A Case?” form, and we’ll let you know your best course of action following a car accident. We’ll help you get justice for your personal injuries because, to us, it’s personal.

Car Accident
A farm worker, suffered multiple broken bones and other orthopedic injuries resulting from an auto accident where the defendant driver attempted to make a left turn in front of our client in heavy fog.

How Can Experienced Car Accident Lawyers In Encino Help You?

While victims can legally file an insurance claim themselves, we strongly discourage them from doing so without a lawyer. Facing a legal battle alone makes you susceptible to unbelievably low settlement offers.
Insurance agencies employ different tactics to minimize compensation. They might appear to be thinking of your best interests, but remember that insurance companies are businesses. As such, they will try to reduce the payouts to as little as possible.
Having an attorney in Encino specializing in car accidents prevents accepting a lowball offer by:
  • Reexamining the police report to refute claims made by the other party.
  • Analyzing witness testimonies to support your claim.
  • Quantifying all types of damages that should be included in your claim.
  • Communicating with the insurance company to revisit their settlement offer.
  • Bringing your case to court if a settlement isn’t reached.
A car accident is overwhelming in many ways, but the legal proceedings that follow can be even more stressful. Hiring an attorney lifts a huge burden off the victims’ shoulders, especially in proving that the liability falls on the other party.

Why Choose Arash Law’s Car Accident Attorneys In Encino, CA?

Under the leadership of Arash Khorsandi, Esq., Arash Law is California’s #1 law firm for personal injuries and car accidents. Our legal expertise extends to every city and neighborhood in the state. Here’s why choosing Arash Law’s attorneys will benefit your claim:

  • Multiple Million-Dollar Successful Claims – Arash Law has won several million-dollar settlements for car accident victims. Our proven track record shows that you’re in good hands. We determine a “fair settlement” if it’s the maximum compensation our client can receive, given the circumstances of the accident.
  • Help Beyond Financial Recovery – A car accident leads to all sorts of damages, some beyond recovery through financial compensation. Our compassionate lawyers provide access to the best psychologists, chiropractors, and surgeons in California to help with other aspects of recovery.
  • No Fees Until We Win – We don’t charge our clients by the hour. We also don’t ask for upfront fees. Instead, we sign clients on a contingency fee agreement. Our car accident lawyers in Encino provide free consultations and cover the financial side of the legal proceedings. You only have to pay us if and when we win your case.
Emperatriz Ayala
Emperatriz Ayala
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My husband had an accident 2 years ago, a 85 years old man hit him, the Arash law group works very well on my husband case that took 9 month and he won the case and my husband was happy with the results. A year later I got into an accident as well and I’m still waiting in my case is almost resolving and it’s 9 months already. This people knows the law and they do their job right to help you out in getting the most for you to fight on your behalf. I strongly recommend the Arash Law firm they do things right in a efficient and professional manner.
Chris Zavala
Chris Zavala
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Had a great experience with all the people at Arash law. Long story short was in a bad car accident. It was overwhelming and the whole process was a lot, but they kept me in the loop. They answered all my questions and gave me great advice. Couldn't be any happier. Would definitely recommend anyone looking for a personal injury lawyer. They'll guide you through the whole process!
Jill Smith
Jill Smith
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Having Arash Law handle my auto accident was the best decision I could have made. Everyone I interacted with was kind, professional and detail oriented. I am extremely happy with the outcome and would recommend them highly.
Joseph R. Porter
Joseph R. Porter
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From start to finish, Arash Law firm is there every step of the way with close, constant, personal contact and attention. I never knew a Law firm could actually care so much for me as a person and what I was personally going through as well as the settlement I was going to recieve once my case was finally completed. Thank you to everyone at Arash Law for your ongoing support and communication. You are the ONLY firm I will ever recommend to someone who is need of a great attorny.
Monica Parra
Monica Parra
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I had an excellent experience with Arash Law. I will definitely recommend to my family and friends. I interviewed a few firms before deciding to work with Arash Law. What made my experience excellent was (i.e. head attorney being accessible to talk to and he answered all my questions and concerns, sensitive and thorough personel who completed in home intake & follow up process, being connected immediately to quality Physicians who addressed my injuries and recovery process, clear contract-read throughly to ensure its something you can commit to). Being in a car accident is a traumatic experience and I had a sense of peace knowing Arash Firm was walking with me throughout the whole process. Thank you Arash Firm for all your hard work and help. I am so grateful and appreciative for you all! 🙏 With Gratitude, Monica Parra

What Should I Do After A Car Accident In Encino?

Sometimes, getting into a car accident disorients us, leading us to forget what we must do after the crash. You’ll never know when an accident will occur. Here’s what to do after a car accident if you’re conscious and able:
  1. Call 911 – After moving to a safe location, call emergency services and inform them of your location and what happened. Be sure to let them know if you need medical attention as well.
  2. Document The Scene – Pull out your phone and take photos or videos of your surroundings, especially essential pieces of evidence you may use for your claim. Read our guide on what’s included in an accident report for instructions.
  3. Gather Contact Information – Get the contact information of all drivers involved in the incident. Make sure that you also list their insurance information to make it easier to file a claim. However, avoid talking to insurance companies before you talk to your lawyer.
  4. See A Doctor – Make sure you see a doctor regardless of whether you think you have an injury or not. Some injuries may not be superficial and only appear upon closer examination. Save every receipt for your visits as well.
  5. Talk To A Lawyer – Finally, call Arash Law at (888) 488-1391. Our personal injury lawyers will guide you through the steps to take following an incident.
What Should I Do After A Car Accident In Encino
Common Causes Of Car Accidents In Encino, California

Common Causes Of Car Accidents In Encino, California

Human error is among the primary causes of car accidents in Encino and virtually every part of the US. Most of these accidents involve one or several of the following elements:

In 2020, San Fernando law enforcers made 86 DUI arrests. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), nearly 37 people die in drunk-driving crashes in the US every day. Alcohol and drugs can impair a person’s driving ability due to poor judgment, slow reaction times, and compromised coordination.

While there are only 8 fatal and injury crashes in San Fernando involving speeding, that number is still too many for something easily avoidable. In a recent study on the relationship between speed and the probability of fatal injury, the risk was only 5% while driving at 18 MPH. However, the probability of death increases to 90% at 50 MPH.

In 2021, 140 people were killed in California because of distracted driving. Distracted driving increases the risk of crashing your vehicle since your eyes are focused on something else.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (CA-DMV) imposes several right-of-way rules and regulations to keep our roads safe. Unfortunately, numerous drivers disobey these rules regularly, leading to increased vehicular accidents.

Thousands of drivers use Encino roads to go to and from Los Angeles. Some of these drivers are still in high spirits from prior LA activities, causing them to disregard other motorists. This increases the likelihood of a car crash in the neighborhood.
Our Encino car accident attorneys have handled cases involving these elements in the past. If you suffered injuries and property damage from drivers exhibiting these behaviors, call our firm immediately.

Common Car Accident Injuries

The injuries suffered by the victim in a car accident vary based on several factors, including the vehicles’ speeds and angle of impact. Nonetheless, most car accidents end with one or several of the following injuries:
  • Cuts And Lacerations
  • Broken Bones
  • Soft Tissue Damage
  • Eye Injuries

Regardless of the injuries you sustained, the consequences of a car accident can be life-threatening. If you have questions about your injuries and potential compensation, we’re here to help. Our Encino car accident lawyers are relentless in their pursuit of justice for injured victims. Contact us today to learn more about your case.

Franchot M.
Personal Injury Settlement
Our client was the victim of a rear-end accident who was left injured and severely in pain. Arash Law was able to outshine other injury law firms when he searched online, and thankfully we were able to handle everything for our client from A to Z — All that he had to do was ask and focus on his recovery. Our client’s life has changed forever, and the compensation received for the pain and suffering has opened paths for new lifelong opportunities.
Personal Injury Settlement
Our client was the victim of a rear-end accident who was left injured and severely in pain. Arash Law was able to outshine other injury law firms when he searched online, and thankfully we were able to handle everything for our client from A to Z — All that he had to do was ask and focus on his recovery. Our client’s life has changed forever, and the compensation received for the pain and suffering has opened paths for new lifelong opportunities.

How To Recover Damages After A Car Accident In Encino, CA

Generally, car accident victims receive compensation through three legal methods: an out-of-court settlement, an insurance claim, or a lawsuit. Here’s how they differ:
Out-Of-Court Settlement
Ideally, Encino car accident attorneys will try to resolve the conflict without having to file a case in court. This brings us to the first legal method, known as out-of-court settlements.
These are settlements or “written agreements” between the victim and the guilty party outlining the details of the compensation. If the guilty party can pay for the damages and the victim agrees to the compensation amount, an out-of-court settlement is feasible.
Insurance Claim
Although insurance claims resolve disputes outside of court, they’re different from out-of-court settlements in many ways. For starters, insurance claims work within the boundaries of the policy.
While the payout is generally larger, you will need a skilled personal injury attorney to fight for the maximum compensation. In some cases, the liable party agrees to pay the remaining compensation amount if the insurance policy can’t cover it all.
This means both parties agree to resolve the dispute through a combination of an out-of-court settlement and an insurance claim.
If both parties can’t reach an agreeable resolution outside of court, your lawyer will most likely bring the case to trial. Lawsuits typically take longer to settle. However, it’s sometimes the only avenue available for victims to receive fair compensation.

How Do You Prove Liability In An Encino Car Accident?

The burden of proof typically falls on the plaintiff in car accident cases. That is, your Encino car accident attorneys must prove that the defendant bears responsibility for the crash. Proving liability or fault generally involves one or several of the following elements:
  • Negligence – Failure to exercise the duty of care for other drivers or pedestrians using the road
  • Intent – An act committed with the goal of harming others
  • Recklessness – Willful disregard of traffic laws and other people’s safety
  • Strict Liability – The fault is determined despite the absence of negligence, intent, or recklessness (i.e., brake failure, tire blow-up, etc.)

Victims must recognize that California is a “comparative fault” state. It means that you may still receive compensation for your injuries despite being partially responsible for the accident. However, the amount you receive will be based on how much you are at fault.

For example, let’s say that the accident was 50% because of another driver’s recklessness and 50% because of your negligence. If the settlement is for $100,000, you will receive $50,000 as compensation for your injuries.
How Do You Prove Liability In An Encino Car Accident
Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
December 2016: $22M+ verdict in a mild traumatic brain injury case. The entire details of the case can be found in the public record filings by the defendant entity that sued its defense.

How Much Money Can You Receive In A Car Accident Settlement In Encino?

Forbes, along with several other websites and surveys, estimates the average car settlement amount at $20,000 to $25,000. However, every car accident is different, which means the settlement varies substantially as well.

The final amount will depend on several factors, such as the severity of the victim’s injuries, the extent of damages, and the negligible party’s actions that led to the incident. Car accidents resulting in minor injuries typically go up to $75,000.
On the other hand, more severe cases that lead to paralysis, TBIs, and wrongful death can reach millions of dollars. Experienced car accident attorneys in Encino will find a way to maximize your settlement by including the following types of damages in your claim:
  • Economic Damages – Medical expenses, repairs for damaged vehicles, lost wages, etc.
  • Non-Economic Damages – Pain and suffering, emotional distress, inconvenience, loss of consortium, etc.
  • Punitive Damages – Additional compensation meant to punish the defendant for malicious conduct

What Is The Statute Of Limitations For Filing A Car Accident Lawsuit In Encino?

The deadline to sue someone depends on the type of lawsuit you plan to file. Car accidents commonly lead to injuries or property damage. The statute of limitations for each lawsuit is as follows:

  • Personal Injury – Two years from the date of injury or date of discovery
  • Property Damage – Three years from the date the damage occurred
The guilty party’s failure to accomplish their duties according to the settlement agreement is also grounds for a civil case. The statute of limitations for this offense is as follows:
  • Oral Contract – Two years from the date the oral agreement was breached
  • Written Contract – Four years from the date the written agreement was breached

The legal proceedings for filing a lawsuit are much more complex than when filing a claim. Make sure that you have one of Arash Law’s Encino car accident lawyers backing you up. Fill out our contact form so you don’t face this challenge alone.

Encino Car Accident FAQs
When should I hire Encino car accident attorneys?

Consulting and hiring an attorney as soon as someone’s negligence injures you or damages your property significantly improves your chances of winning a claim.

Where do most car accidents occur in Encino, California?
Most car accidents in Encino occur on Freeway 101, Freeway 405, and other major roads such as Ventura Blvd., Mulholland Dr., Reseda Blvd., Lindley Ave., Burbank Blvd., and White Oak Ave.
Can I continue to drive my car after an accident?
You should wait for emergency personnel to clear the scene before leaving. Furthermore, make sure that you’ve exchanged information with the other drivers and that your car doesn’t have structural damage before driving away.

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We also accommodate car accident victims from Encino’s neighboring places, such as Calabasas, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, San Fernando, Culver City, Burbank, Agoura Hills, Glendale, Westlake Village, Inglewood, Santa Clarita, and Malibu.

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