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Los Angeles Uber Accident Lawyers Helping Victims Obtain Compensation

Knowing what to do after a car accident is not easy, let alone if you were injured as an Uber passenger. As if your stress isn’t enough, insurance companies will try to settle your case for as little money as possible. You will need the help of Los Angeles Uber accident lawyers to protect your legal rights. Call Arash Law at (888) 488-1391 to schedule your free consultation today. Let our attorneys handle your claim while you focus on healing.

Los Angeles, with almost 3.9 million residents, is one of the cities with the highest Uber market share in the United States. The sheer number of vehicles operating in the area means there is also an increased risk of Uber accidents.

California was the first state to legalize ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft back in 2013. The California Public Utilities Commission created a new class of “Transportation Network Companies.” These rideshare services operate under a separate set of rules from regulated taxi services. As such, it created a new legal problem for consumers: who is legally responsible for accidents that involve a rideshare vehicle?

Our established personal injury law firm can help you identify who is liable for the injuries you suffer in an Uber accident. We will also protect your legal right to compensation after any rideshare accident.

Why Hire Our Los Angeles Lawyers For Your Uber Accident Case

Our team of personal injury attorneys at Arash Law is dedicated to providing top-notch legal services for all Uber accident victims in Los Angeles. Our knowledgeable and experienced lawyers have secured over $500 million in settlements and awards for our clients’ medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.

You can expect to receive a free, no-obligation consultation the moment you speak with us. Led by Arash Khorsandi, Esq., our Los Angeles lawyers will thoroughly review your case and discuss the legal options you could take following your Uber accident.

Here are other things we can offer you:

  • Expert Network—Our Los Angeles Uber accident lawyers can tap into a network of experts who can help us assess the value of your claim. With us on your side, you can make sure you recover compensation that covers all your damages and losses.
  • Extensive Legal Knowledge—Our knowledge of the law allows us to determine who is responsible for your accident. We also know the best and foolproof ways to establish their negligence.
  • Decades Of Experience—With our experience, we have tried and tested different strategies to help clients win their claims. Our lawyers, who win Uber accident cases in Los Angeles, tailor their approach to maximize your chances of winning.
  • Compassionate Service—Our services come with no upfront costs. We understand the financial burden that comes with paying for legal services on top of your increasing medical bills. As such, we will only charge you for our services after we win your case.

By working with our Los Angeles Uber accident lawyers, you won’t have much to worry about the legal aspect of the claims process. We will work twice as hard and do our best to make the process as seamless as possible so you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

Hit-and-Run Accident
Our client was a loyal rideshare driver involved in a hit-and-run. The at-fault driver struck our client and fled the scene. After years of litigating in Arbitration for the Underinsured Motorist policy, our co-counselor Kevin Levian set up the case perfectly for an arbitration trial. Ultimately, the case was resolved for the maximum policy limits one week before the arbitration.

How Our Los Angeles Attorneys Help You Win Your Claim

Our attorneys will handle the legal process for you and do our due diligence to collect evidence to support your claim. We will identify who is at fault through a thorough investigation and assess the full extent of your damages so we can build a strong case for you.

Additionally, our Los Angeles Uber accident attorneys fight aggressively to protect your rights and advocate for your best interests. We will negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf and ensure you get maximum compensation for your injuries. If the negotiations fail and the liable party refuses to settle, we are prepared to take the case to trial.

Arash Law has a proven track record of success. You can trust that our Los Angeles attorneys have the skills and resources to help you get the same outcome.

You can choose not to hire a lawyer in your pursuit of justice, but the process will be much easier if you do. With our legal expertise in personal injury and car accident cases, you will have a better chance of getting compensated for your injuries and losses.

How Uber Works: A Breakdown By Our Los Angeles Lawyers

For Passengers—Passengers use the Uber app to select a destination and pick-up point. The request is put out to available drivers, and the passenger is alerted once a driver accepts the ride request. (The passenger can cancel the ride if he or she is not comfortable with the driver who has chosen them.) The Uber driver usually arrives within minutes. This system generally saves riders time and money and is more convenient than taking a traditional taxicab.

For Drivers—Uber drivers choose when to work. They use their app to indicate that they are accepting rides. Then, when a ride request is made in their area, drivers can accept it and pick up the passenger. This is all done in the driver’s personal vehicle. Uber drivers are independent contractors who work on their own schedules. Other rideshare services in Los Angeles work in the same manner.

Emperatriz Ayala
Emperatriz Ayala
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My husband had an accident 2 years ago, a 85 years old man hit him, the Arash law group works very well on my husband case that took 9 month and he won the case and my husband was happy with the results. A year later I got into an accident as well and I’m still waiting in my case is almost resolving and it’s 9 months already. This people knows the law and they do their job right to help you out in getting the most for you to fight on your behalf. I strongly recommend the Arash Law firm they do things right in a efficient and professional manner.
Chris Zavala
Chris Zavala
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Had a great experience with all the people at Arash law. Long story short was in a bad car accident. It was overwhelming and the whole process was a lot, but they kept me in the loop. They answered all my questions and gave me great advice. Couldn't be any happier. Would definitely recommend anyone looking for a personal injury lawyer. They'll guide you through the whole process!
Jill Smith
Jill Smith
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Having Arash Law handle my auto accident was the best decision I could have made. Everyone I interacted with was kind, professional and detail oriented. I am extremely happy with the outcome and would recommend them highly.
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Joseph R. Porter
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From start to finish, Arash Law firm is there every step of the way with close, constant, personal contact and attention. I never knew a Law firm could actually care so much for me as a person and what I was personally going through as well as the settlement I was going to recieve once my case was finally completed. Thank you to everyone at Arash Law for your ongoing support and communication. You are the ONLY firm I will ever recommend to someone who is need of a great attorny.
Monica Parra
Monica Parra
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I had an excellent experience with Arash Law. I will definitely recommend to my family and friends. I interviewed a few firms before deciding to work with Arash Law. What made my experience excellent was (i.e. head attorney being accessible to talk to and he answered all my questions and concerns, sensitive and thorough personel who completed in home intake & follow up process, being connected immediately to quality Physicians who addressed my injuries and recovery process, clear contract-read throughly to ensure its something you can commit to). Being in a car accident is a traumatic experience and I had a sense of peace knowing Arash Firm was walking with me throughout the whole process. Thank you Arash Firm for all your hard work and help. I am so grateful and appreciative for you all! 🙏 With Gratitude, Monica Parra

Common Uber Accident Scenarios In Los Angeles

Essentially, these technologies connect people looking for a ride with freelance drivers. To determine who must pay for your injuries, it is important to understand who is legally at fault (“liable”) for causing the accident. 

Some types of Uber accidents that our Los Angeles lawyers can help you with are:

Pedestrians Struck By An Uber Driver

In this scenario, drivers are usually at fault for a pedestrian accident. There are some unique circumstances in which a driver could not reasonably avoid a collision: if, for example, a pedestrian jumped out in front of the vehicle without warning. However, even if a pedestrian is crossing slightly outside of the crosswalk lines or slightly after a walk signal changes, drivers still have a legal obligation to use reasonable care to avoid striking them. This rule applies to rideshare drivers, truck drivers, and bus drivers alike.

Non-Uber Drivers Struck By Uber Drivers

If an Uber driver is at fault for causing an accident with your vehicle, then that driver is responsible for compensating you for both your property damage and your injuries. A Los Angeles Uber car accident attorney can help determine whether your rideshare driver or another driver was at fault for causing the accident.

Passengers In An Uber That’s Struck By Someone Else

The driver who is at fault for causing the accident has a legal obligation to compensate the injured victims of that accident. For example, you were riding in an Uber when your driver got into a big rig truck accident because the trucker ran a red light. In this case, the truck driver (and his or her insurance company) would compensate you for your injuries. 

Passengers In An Uber Accident Caused By The Rideshare Driver

In this situation, the rideshare driver is responsible for your injuries. Rideshare drivers must maintain their own insurance coverage. In addition, Uber carries a one million dollar policy that applies to all passengers injured by their driver’s negligence. Both of these policies will be available to an Uber passenger who is injured through their own driver’s negligence.

Accidents Happen
We Can Help

Top Causes Of Uber Accidents In Los Angeles

Driver errors dominate the list of the most common causes of Uber accidents in Los Angeles. These include speeding, reckless driving, poor navigation, distracted driving, and fatigue.

Let’s look at each of these causes more closely: 


Speeding is one of the most common – and dangerous – causes of accidents. High speeds magnify the impact of a collision, leading to serious accidents like rollovers The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that speeding killed 12,330 people in 2021. This was 29% of all United States traffic fatalities that year. That means that more than one out of every four traffic fatalities are caused by speeding.

Failure To Stop

All drivers have a legal duty of care. This means they must take reasonable steps to avoid a collision. Running a red light or stop sign, failing to yield, failing to control speed, and tailgating can all cause a driver to fail to stop in time, causing rear-end and T-bone accidents

Unfamiliar Territory

As any Southern Californian knows, Los Angeles is a confusing place. We have dozens of major freeways and hundreds of winding side streets that don’t always follow a clear pattern. This can be a dangerous situation for any driver – especially one who is not familiar with L.A. and its surrounding cities. The infamous L.A. traffic only makes this situation worse.

Pedestrians can also be at risk, as Uber drivers might not know where they can stop safely. They might recklessly pick up or drop off passengers on the sidewalks rather than in any designated spaces or parking lots.

Distracted Driving

According to the NHTSA, 3,522 traffic fatalities occurred in 2021 as a result of distracted driving. Distracted driving has become a major problem in recent years. As mobile devices, navigation systems, and built-in entertainment systems have become common in almost every vehicle in California, drivers have more temptation than ever to take their eyes off the road. This is negligence, and distracted drivers are liable for the accidents they cause.

Driving Under The Influence (DUI)

Alcohol and drugs can significantly impair an individual’s motor functions. If people drive under the influence of these substances, they endanger the lives of other users. Whether you’re a passenger, another driver, or a pedestrian hit by an impaired driver, call our Los Angeles Uber accident lawyers today. We help DUI accident victims obtain the justice and compensation they deserve. 

Driver Fatigue

This is an easy trap for drivers to fall into. Unlike drunk driving, it is not always clear when someone is too tired to drive safely.

A long workday is often tiring. Many Uber drivers have packed schedules or several jobs, making them more prone to exhaustion. In order to earn more money, they sometimes choose to drive for Uber, even if they’re tired. Unfortunately, they do not always consider the impact that fatigued driving has on their and everyone’s safety. When they fall asleep and drift off their lanes, they could collide with oncoming traffic and cause catastrophic injuries.

Other causes of Uber accidents might be beyond the driver’s control. Rainy weather, for example, can cause a car’s tires to lose traction on the road, leading to an accident. Poor road conditions and auto defects are other factors.

No matter what caused your Uber accident, our Los Angeles lawyers are ready to bring you closer to justice. We will look into your accident’s details and ensure that the liable party adequately compensates you for your injuries.

Common Injuries In An Uber Accident

Based on our experience, most victims sustain injuries to their heads, necks, chests, backs, and limbs. Here are the ones that our Los Angeles lawyers frequently encounter when handling Uber accident claims:

  • Head Injuries—These may include concussions, cuts or bruises on the face, hemorrhages, or skull fractures. In more serious cases of brain injuries, victims may suffer aneurysms or traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) that could lead to a coma or even death.
  • Neck Injuries—Many Uber victims suffer whiplash, especially in rear-end collisions. A whiplash is among the more minor injuries, and it could fully heal in a few weeks with a neck brace. However, it could lead to nerve damage if left untreated or not treated properly.
  • Chest Injuries—The blunt force trauma from the impact of an Uber crash can lead to bruising in the victim’s chest or abdominal area. Defective airbags may also lead victims to suffer rib fractures or, worse, internal organ damage.
  • Back Injuries—A herniated disc is a somewhat permanent injury that leads to reduced motor function or weakness in the legs, affecting a victim’s walking capacity. In some Uber accidents, victims also suffer spinal cord injuries that could lead to permanent paralysis.
  • Limb Injuries—These are any cuts, bruises, burns, or fractures in a victim’s extremities, such as their fingers, toes, arms, and legs. Limb injuries are often treatable but, in severe cases, could lead to amputations.

If you want to make sure you receive a comprehensive medical examination after an Uber accident in Los Angeles, our lawyers can help you. We can connect you with the top medical specialists in the area so you can receive proper care and treatment for your injuries.

What Happens After An Uber Accident In Los Angeles?

The first and most important thing to do after an accident is to determine if you or anyone on the scene needs medical attention. Call 911 and let emergency medical personnel help determine who needs to go to the hospital. Be sure that everyone’s immediate safety is secured. Then, work with police on the scene.

Once your immediate needs are taken care of, the legal process can begin. An insurance claim can be opened at any time. Be aware, however, that any statements you make to the insurance company can be used against you. Insurance claims adjusters will often try to twist your words or claim that you didn’t mention a particular pain or injury. These are slimy tactics that warrant the help of our skilled Los Angeles lawyers specializing in Uber accidents.

What Should You Do After An Uber Accident?

Here’s a list of what to do after an Uber accident in Los Angeles:

  1. If your car got hit by an Uber, don’t leave the scene for any reason unless it’s to get help. You might get charged with a hit-and-run, even if the collision is not your fault.
  2. Report the accident to the police. Keep it factual and refrain from adding your own speculations and other details that may not be true. These false details could be used against you later on.
  3. Document the accident scene if you can. Take pictures and videos of the crash site, the plate numbers of the vehicles involved, all property and vehicle damage, and the injuries you suffered. Also, look around and take note of any establishments that could have recorded the accident through their surveillance cameras.
  4. Get the information of the drivers involved in the crash, such as their name, contact number, and insurance provider. You should also ask for the contact details of any possible witnesses.
  5. Do not discuss the crash with anyone or post about the accident on social media so you can avoid accidentally saying or doing something that could harm the claim you’re about to file. Similarly, never apologize for anything. This could be interpreted as an admission of guilt.
  6. Take note of all the details you can remember about the accident. Whether it’s in your notes app or an actual journal, documenting all things related to the accident will prove useful later on.
  7. File a report with Uber as soon as possible. Only then can the legal process begin.
  8. Speak with our Los Angeles Uber accident lawyers so we can advise you on what to do, especially before talking with any insurance providers about the accident. Call us today at (888) 488-1391.
Who Is At Fault For Causing An Uber Car Accident?

Liability is not always as simple as assigning fault to one driver over another. For one thing, California is a pure comparative fault state. That means that fault can be assigned to more than one person. Each person only pays damages on his or her portion of the fault.

So if, for example, each driver was found to be 50% at fault, then each could only have to pay for half the damages caused by the accident. This can create complications for Uber accident victims. If both the rideshare driver and another driver are at fault, then you must go after each driver (and their insurance companies) to pay for their half of the damages.

Uber drivers are required to have their own auto insurance, but their policy may not apply if they get into an accident while driving with Uber. Unlike taxis, rideshare drivers use their private vehicles in a commercial setting. However, not many carry commercial vehicle insurance coverage. As such, Uber’s insurance covers them to different extents, depending on the nature of the accident.

Patricia R.
Truck Accident Settlement
A top rated and large delivery truck company rear ended our client on the freeway. Our client was a middle aged woman who suffered neck and back injuries. The defense tried to blame it on her weight and pre-existing conditions. Eventually, we were able to resolve the matter at mediation, before going to trial.
Truck Accident Settlement
A top rated and large delivery truck company rear ended our client on the freeway. Our client was a middle aged woman who suffered neck and back injuries. The defense tried to blame it on her weight and pre-existing conditions. Eventually, we were able to resolve the matter at mediation, before going to trial.

Our Attorneys Will Make Sure Uber Is Held Responsible For Your Accident

Uber accident victims are sometimes found to be partially at fault for causing their own injuries. Imagine that a pedestrian crosses outside of a crosswalk. A jury found that this was 30% negligent but also found that the Uber driver was 70% negligent for hitting the pedestrian. In that case, the pedestrian is owed 70% of all his losses from the Uber driver. This is an important reason to have your case reviewed by Uber accident lawyers in Los Angeles. Even if you were partially at fault for an accident, you may still be entitled to significant compensation.

In the case of a rideshare accident, the company itself might also be liable. Because Uber drivers are independent contractors, the rideshare company is not liable for their negligence. However, Uber can still be liable for negligently hiring bad drivers or allowing drivers with a criminal record to remain on the app. This direct liability occurs if the business itself does something negligent. 

Finally, an auto accident involving Uber can be caused by a defective vehicle. Negligent design or manufacturing can cause a vehicle to fail and crash. When this happens, the manufacturer is liable for accidents caused by its defective products. This is why car manufacturers will spend large sums of money on recalling parts. It is less expensive to replace the parts than to pay for personal injury lawsuits.

In the case of a defective rideshare vehicle, the legal situation becomes complicated. The driver, the rideshare service, the manufacturer, and the other driver will all be trying to prove that the others are at fault. You need aggressive Los Angeles Uber accident lawyers to protect your legal rights in this complicated scenario.

Our Process For Uber Accident Cases

Through the years, our Los Angeles lawyers have developed a step-by-step process for handling Uber accident claims. Here’s an overview of how we plan to take your claim to victory:

Initial Consultation

To set the legal process in motion, you will need to set an appointment to tell us about your accident. You may call us at (888) 488-1391 or fill out our “Do I have a case?” form to schedule a meeting.

During the free initial consultation, we will review your case and give you expert advice on how to proceed with your claim.


Once you decide to hire us, we will take you through our onboarding process. We will lay out our plans and strategies for handling your claim and getting you maximum compensation. We will also answer any questions you may have about the accident or the legal process.

This is also where we figure out the best way for us to communicate, whether it’s in person or through video calls, texts, and emails. Our Los Angeles Uber accident lawyers can work around your schedule and meet with you where it’s most convenient.

Case Building

After discussing these things, we will immediately get to work and acquire evidence to support your claim. We will gather surveillance footage, photos of the accident scene, witness statements, and other documents related to the accident.

Our accident lawyers will also work with experts to make sure we don’t miss any details, especially regarding the damages you can include in your claim.


Once we have a solid case, we will start negotiating with the at-fault parties and their insurance companies. We will be relentless in our fight and make sure you receive maximum compensation for your injuries. Negotiations with the at-fault parties can take time and are filled with back-and-forth calls. Rest assured, we’ll handle this process so you can focus on healing. You can also expect us to maintain communication with you so you can make informed decisions.

Know that our lawyers, who handle Los Angeles Uber accidents, will always advocate for your best interests. We will never let insurance companies lowball you or get away with giving you a less-than-fair settlement. 


If insurance companies refuse to settle, our Los Angeles Uber accident attorneys will take your case to court and file a lawsuit. We are prepared to go through this complex legal battle if it means getting you justice.


After the negotiation or lawsuit, you will receive the final settlement amount. This is initially given to us as your legal representatives, and depending on the terms we’ve agreed on during onboarding, this could either be given to you through a bank check or wire transfer.


Once you receive compensation, all that’s left is for you to focus on getting better from your injuries. Every client who walks through our doors is important to us. Remember that you can always reach out to us if you need further assistance or have questions, even after your claim has been resolved.

Motor Vehicle Accident
Settlement in a motor vehicle accident involving a ride share company; client suffered spinal injuries

Compensation For Your Injuries & Losses From An Uber Accident

An accident can result in many types of damage. These damages are not always tangible, and they may not have a specific dollar amount, but they are very real. The law requires negligent drivers to compensate their victims for all of these losses:

Medical Bills

This includes anything you or your health insurance company have paid for your injuries. It also includes medical bills that are reasonably expected to be incurred in the future. For permanent injuries, this is a complicated projection that covers years’ worth of future medical expenses. It often requires a professional economist to testify as an expert witness.

Property Damage Or Loss

An Uber driver who crashes into your vehicle is also responsible for compensating you for property damage or loss. This includes all expenses you incur in the repair or replacement of your vehicle, whether it’s a car, motorcycle, or bicycle.

This type of damage may also apply in single-vehicle Uber accidents where the driver crashes their car into your property.

Lost Wages

This can include bonuses, overtime, and other compensation that can be documented by your employer. It also includes all wages reasonably expected to be lost in the future. If, for example, you were unable to ever return to work as a result of an accident, the negligent driver would be liable for all the income you would have made over the rest of your career.

Any Permanent Disability Or Disfigurement

This includes large, dramatic losses (such as paralysis or amputation). It can also, however, include smaller disfigurements. A scar might be small, but it is still a permanent disfigurement caused by the defendant’s negligence. The amount of compensation will vary with the severity of the injury, but injured victims are entitled to compensation for all permanent changes in their lives—big or small.

Pain And Suffering

A settlement offer is usually a cold calculation based on the amount of the victim’s medical bills. Insurance company software assumes that damages for pain and suffering are valued at one or two times the amount of the victim’s medical bills. However, this does not account for the ways in which an injury victim’s life is changed by an accident. More importantly, it doesn’t take into account an individual’s particular circumstances. Reach out to our Los Angeles lawyers if you want an accurate estimate of the value of your Uber accident claim.

Loss Of Enjoyment Of Life

These intangible losses are very difficult to place a fair settlement value on. How much money will compensate a paralyzed victim for not being able to walk across the stage at her graduation? What about a parent who can no longer hold his children or a concert pianist who no longer has arms? Even something as simple as not being able to enjoy sports as a hobby is a very real loss. Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t value them fairly.

Our Los Angeles attorneys, specializing in Uber accidents, will fight for both the tangible and intangible damages you are entitled to. We will make sure you receive an adequate amount that could help you return to the quality of life you had before the accident.

The Expenses Of A Wrongful Death Accident Caused By An Uber Driver

In the worst Uber accidents, victims can die from their injuries. Surviving family members can pursue a wrongful death case against a negligent driver. In this case, the defendant is required to pay damages resulting from the death. This can include:

  • The victim’s medical expenses prior to death
  • Lost wages the victim could have earned had he or she lived, and the value of other
    benefits the victim would have earned (such as health insurance or a pension plan)
  • A surviving spouse’s loss of companionship, love, affection, and other pleasures of the marital relationship
  • A surviving child’s loss of parental guidance and love
  • Property damage (such as a totaled vehicle or burned building)
  • Psychological damage suffered by the survivors
  • The victim’s funeral and burial expenses

The types of damage that surviving family members can claim depend on their relationship to the victim who died. Surviving children and spouses have claims for “loss of consortium,” which is the loss of the relationship. More distant family members do not have this claim. An executor cannot maintain this claim in a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of the victim’s estate. Our Los Angeles Uber accident lawyers can further assist you in navigating wrongful death claims.

Uber’s $1 Million Insurance Coverage For Accidents In L.A.

Anyone who drives on the public roads of California is required to carry liability insurance by state law. Uber also requires their drivers to provide proof of this insurance coverage. In addition, rideshare companies also carry their own insurance policies that can supplement drivers’ individual policies. Uber, in particular, provides a $1 million policy to cover passenger injuries. This policy pays for any damages not covered by the at-fault driver’s policy (up to Uber’s $1 million policy limit). Here is when Uber’s additional coverage applies:

Period 0: The Driver Is Offline And Not Working

During this period, a driver is not working for Uber in any capacity. Insurance coverage is limited to what the driver carries for themselves on a personal policy. No additional Uber policy will apply.

Period 1: The Driver Is Waiting For A Ride Request

If an accident occurs before a driver accepts a ride request, Uber’s insurance covers bodily injury damages up to $50,000 per person, $100,000 per accident, and $25,000 in property damage.

Period 2: The Driver Has Accepted A Ride Request And Is En Route To Pick Up The Passenger

During this period, the $1 million Uber policy applies. The amount of the victim’s damages is reduced by the available insurance coverage from the at-fault driver. Then, the remaining damages (up to $1 million) are covered by the Uber policy.

Period 3: The Driver Is Traveling With The Passenger To The Destination

As with Period 2, Uber’s $1 million insurance policy applies during this period. The only difference is that coverage now extends to the injured passenger who was inside the vehicle during the accident.

Tips For Rideshare Passengers Who Are Involved In An Accident

  • Screenshot or download your trip information. Transportation companies like Uber provide passengers with certain information prior to their trip.  Getting the driver’s name, the route you are expected to take, departure and arrival estimates, and vehicle information can all be helpful to your Uber accident claim.
  • Contact a Los Angeles Uber accident lawyer ASAP. The sooner you are represented by an attorney, the better protected your legal rights will be. This can also save you from being harassed by the insurance company. As soon as they are notified that you are represented by an attorney, they are legally required to stop contacting you about the accident.
  • Keep track of medical appointments, records, and expenses for travel. You have the legal right to be compensated for any expense that is incurred as a result of an accident. This includes medical bills, prescription medications, medical devices, over-the-counter medications, Ace bandages, and anything else you have to buy because of your injuries. It also includes mileage reimbursement for traveling to your medical appointments.
  • Document all of your injuries resulting from the accident. It can be difficult to describe your pain and suffering to an attorney or jury months after the accident occurred. It is helpful to have a record of the pain and discomfort you experienced when you were unable to sleep, the days you missed from work, and other details. Take photos of bruises, cuts, and other visible injuries. The more evidence for your case, the better!

Our Los Angeles lawyers will be able to give you more tips on what you should do after an Uber accident. We can also guide you through the whole process to make sure your rights and claims are protected.

Uber Accident Statistics

The rise of rideshare services like Uber has made it more convenient for people to travel. Offering a somewhat more secure mode of transportation, especially after a party or night out, these services have effectively reduced the number of alcohol-related crashes. People now have an alternative means to get home without having to drive while drunk just to avoid overpriced taxi fares.

However, while we celebrate the continuous growth of these rideshare services, we also have to look at their implications on safety. More Uber vehicles mean more road congestion and a higher risk of getting into traffic accidents. According to a study from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, ridesharing services contribute to a 3% annual increase in traffic fatalities.

Moreover, Uber’s safety report revealed that 91 fatal Uber accidents led to a total of 101 deaths in 2019–2020. The top three leading causes of these accidents were speeding (32%), drunk driving (23%), and wrong-way driving (15%), mostly by third-party drivers.

Uber accidents also average about 100 annually. Almost half (42%) of the fatalities from 2019 to 2020 were vulnerable road users. Pedestrians were the most at-risk (64%), followed by motorcyclists (29%) and bicyclists or scooter riders (7%). 

While Uber claims to prioritize safety, the occurrence of these accidents proves otherwise. Clearly, there are many other ways to make the roads safer for everyone, such as conducting a more thorough background check and driver selection process or training drivers before they accept their first passenger.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes. If you get into an accident while inside an Uber, you can file a case against your driver. Moreover, getting injured as a passenger entitles you to Uber’s $1 Million insurance policy if the driver is at fault or shares liability in the accident.

If another driver is at fault, they will be the ones responsible for compensating you. However, suppose they don’t have insurance or their policy is not enough to cover your damages. Even if the Uber driver is not at fault, Uber’s uninsured and underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage may apply to cover the difference.

For a more in-depth explanation of UM/UIM insurance coverage, you may consult our Los Angeles Uber accident attorneys.

If you’re the driver of another vehicle that the Uber crashed into, you are qualified to file a claim against the Uber driver. The driver’s personal auto insurance will kick in if they are not logged in on the app during the accident. Uber’s insurance will apply if they are logged in during the accident.

Take note, though, that Uber will try to deny your claim or give you a lowball offer. Going against this big company will not be easy, but our Los Angeles Uber accident lawyers can help you. We will offer our knowledge and expertise to help you get maximum compensation for your injuries.

Some conditions, like brain injuries, may not be immediately apparent. The symptoms of an injury may not appear immediately, and not all injuries are external. Even if you feel fine after an Uber accident, you should still see a doctor and get properly examined. Only then can you ensure that all injuries will be treated promptly. And if there are none, at least you have the assurance that you won’t be experiencing further complications from the accident.

Also, seeking medical attention after an accident can do good for your claim. Medical records are documents that help strengthen and support your case, regardless of whether you have minor or major injuries. Our Los Angeles Uber accident attorneys can help you get the best medical services in the area for the treatment of your injuries.

The statute of limitations for Uber and Lyft accident claims in California is two years from the date of the accident. This time limit has exceptions, though. If you want to make sure your claim is valid, file it as soon as possible. Our Los Angeles Uber accident lawyers can help you submit the paperwork and meet legal deadlines.

Law firms like Arash Law offer a contingency fee agreement for clients. In this setup, we won’t charge you for our services until we win your case. In the unlikely event that we aren’t able to secure compensation for you, you won’t have to pay us anything.

This is how our Los Angeles lawyers maintain compassion and integrity for our clients injured in Uber accidents. We will first do our best for your claim and wait for the results before we even remotely worry about being paid for our services.

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The best Uber accident attorneys in Los Angeles are right here at our reliable law firm. We are experienced in personal injury claims and know how to fight hard for the compensation you deserve. Our lawyers can protect your legal rights whether you have been injured as a passenger or a third-party victim.

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Our top-notch legal services also extend to these nearby areas: East Los Angeles, Huntington Park, Maywood, Walnut Park, Commerce, Bell, Glendale, South Pasadena, Monterey Park, South Gate, Cudahy, West Hollywood, Alhambra, Montebello, and Bello Gardens.

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