What Should You Do After Receiving Your Car Back From The Auto Body Shop After An Accident?

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    Car accidents can shake us up, both emotionally and financially. Handling your vehicle repairs is daunting, from filing insurance claims to ensuring quality work from the auto body shop. After getting your car back, always review the repairs and paperwork closely. If you find any discrepancies, it’s wise to consult with car accident lawyers. For precise and expert guidance on post-accident procedures, contact Arash Law, led by Arash Khorsandi, Esq., at (888) 488-1391.

    Immediately following a car accident, legal and financial matters can get quite complicated. You must know your rights and liabilities, the party at fault, insurance coverage, and potential legal consequences. Knowing these details can help you make intelligent choices while filing a claim. It is about reducing emotional stress and ensuring you do everything necessary to protect your rights and work towards a fair outcome. Acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the claims procedure can effectively mitigate the overwhelming nature of this experience.

    To this end, car accident lawyers from Arash Law provide valuable insights and guidance on effectively handling the claims procedure. Our mission is to assist individuals like you in obtaining the support you need for damages after a car accident, ensuring that your vehicle is immediately repaired and you can regain your peace of mind.

    How to Inspect Your Car After Receiving It Back From The Auto Body Shop

    Obtaining the necessary documentation on time is essential to promote the smooth advancement of the claims process after the car accident. One important piece of evidence is the receipt or paperwork from the auto body shop that did the repairs on your car. Now, this begs the question about what you need to do to make sure that the repairs done on your car are adequate.

    Any reputable auto body shop should be confident in the quality of its craftsmanship. We strongly advise all our clients to review the quality of their vehicle’s repair work. As a car owner, you have the right to examine the repairs before you make any payments or give approval for your insurance to cover the costs.

    If the damage was extensive, you need to ensure whether or not broken components were replaced with original, high-quality parts. You also need to check for other things, including:

    • Wheel alignment
    • Paint quality
    • Power window switches
    • Any gaps between panels
    • Airbags
    • Under the hood
    • Doors, trunk, and hood
    • Fender and bumper edges
    • Tires

    A test drive will help ensure your car is in good working order after the repairs. Take a brief test drive in a safe location to check the following:

    • The headlights are functioning correctly
    • The steering operates smoothly
    • The vehicle is not producing any unusual or unfamiliar noises
    • The suspension is working well
    • The brakes are working perfectly

    Need Professional Inspection for Your Car?

    Before endorsing the insurance check or giving consent to retrieve your vehicle following auto body repairs, thoroughly examine your car until you are content with the outcome. You can consider the following steps:

    • Discuss any issues with the manager. If you find any issues with how your vehicle’s damage was repaired, like the new paint job or the quality of replacement parts, have a conversation with the auto body shop responsible for the repairs. Identify any problems you observe and ensure that your concerns are understood before settling the bill or forwarding it to the insurance company. The shop manager should provide you with reasonable solutions for addressing the issue.
    • Request a post-repair inspection. Reputable auto body shops typically conduct a post-repair inspection as part of their standard procedure before returning the vehicle to the owner. However, not all body shops follow this practice. A post-repair inspection aims to confirm whether the initial damage was thoroughly assessed, evaluate the quality of the repair work, and ensure that nothing was overlooked. An extensive examination by an experienced third party can either validate or dispel any concerns about the adequacy of the repairs. It’s worth noting that in some states, including California, even no-cost inspection services are available for collision repairs, providing additional assurance for car owners.

    What if I Am Not Happy with The Repair Work?

    What if I Am Not Happy with The Repair Work?If you receive your car back from the repair shop and are dissatisfied with the quality of the work performed, there are several steps you can take to address the issue:

    • Contact both your insurance company and the repair shop. Clearly explain your dissatisfaction and provide photographs of the repair work for reference.
    • Request to speak with a supervisor. If you need help resolving the matter with the insurance representative, ask if a manager can assist you in finding a solution.
    • Consider filing a formal complaint. If you continue encountering challenges, you can file a dispute with your state’s insurance department. The specific process for doing so varies by state, but in most cases, you can submit your complaint online.
    • Consult with an attorney. While it is possible to take legal action against the insurance company, weighing the potential legal fees against the extent of the damage after your insurance covers the repairs is essential. Consider pursuing this step only if there is substantial unresolved damage. Always remember that Arash Law is here to offer you skilled legal support during such circumstances. Our committed car accident lawyers can assist you in assessing the situation and determining the most suitable steps to secure the remuneration that rightfully belongs to you.

    Having your vehicle undergo auto body repair is often a relief, but it is necessary to conduct a post-repair inspection even when working with reputable auto body shops. Sometimes, people are so eager to return to the road that they may overlook potential issues. If you are unsure where to begin your inspection, here are some key areas to review and double-check before resuming regular vehicle use:

    The Area of Repair

    Regardless of which part of your vehicle requires attention, examining that specific area carefully is essential. Check for dents, ensure proper alignment, and verify that the paint color matches seamlessly. Do not hesitate to scrutinize the details up close. A reputable auto repair team will support and encourage you to do so. This close examination of the repaired area serves as the initial step in confirming the satisfactory completion of the repairs.

    All Electronic Components and Features

    Many people frequently skip this step, only to discover the problem days or even weeks later when they try to use the back seat and run into issues like windows not rolling down or doors not unlocking as expected. It is vital to thoroughly inspect all electronic components, such as windshield wipers, the radio, automatic locks and windows, turn signals, and more. This precautionary measure will prove invaluable in the future. Often, the solution is as simple as reconnecting a wire accidentally left unattached or adjusting a switch that was overlooked during the final inspection before you were notified.


    Depending on the nature of the repairs performed, it is advisable to have your vehicle’s alignment examined. Many auto repair establishments typically include an alignment adjustment, if required, even when the repairs themselves do not directly relate to alignment issues. To enhance your post-repair inspection process, we suggest requesting permission from your repair team to take a brief test drive around the vicinity before finalizing your approval. Ensuring your vehicle drives smoothly and feels normal is a significant aspect of the post-repair evaluation.


    During your test drive, you should refrain from playing music (after confirming that all music-related features function correctly and the speakers perform as expected). This precaution is essential to detecting any unusual or unfamiliar noises from your vehicle. If you notice any sounds not present before you bring your vehicle in for repairs, it is essential to inform your repair team to investigate and address the issue.


    Contact Your Car InsuranceBrakes play a critical role in ensuring safe driving. When assessing your vehicle after repairs, it is essential to conduct brake tests in various scenarios. Test them under normal conditions and assess their responsiveness when forcefully applied. While we do not recommend intentionally creating situations that require hard braking, having confidence in your vehicle’s ability to stop quickly can provide peace of mind. Identifying any issues arising from the repair under controlled circumstances is better than discovering them at a critical moment.

    Reviewing the repair work does not insult your auto body repair team. It is an integral part of the repair process. Conducting a post-repair inspection is not only anticipated but also encouraged. After all, it is your vehicle, and you should feel completely assured of the quality of work performed.

    Contact Your Car Insurance

    Your vehicle should be returned to its pre-accident condition, even if a body shop outside your insurance company’s preferred network performs the repairs. You should contact your car insurance company if you need help reaching a satisfactory resolution with the body shop or if the repair quality needs to improve. At this juncture, your insurance agent can oversee the resolution of the dispute. In some cases, an inspection by an insurance claims adjuster may be required before any payment is authorized.

    What to Do if The Repair by An Auto Body Shop Goes Wrong?

    What to Do if The Repair by An Auto Body Shop Goes Wrong?You might visit a local auto body shop for various reasons, such as accidents, vandalism, or car upgrades. Regrettably, not all auto body projects are successful. Depending on the chosen shop, your vehicle may acquire new issues like chips, cracks, dents, or broken parts that were not present before, or it may not be fully restored to its pre-accident condition. If you ever encounter a negative experience with substandard auto body work, here are some valuable tips to consider.

    Document The Issue

    If you retrieve your vehicle and have concerns that the work done does not match the initial quote or is of inferior quality, begin by recording the issues with the repair. Capture multiple photographs or videos of imperfections or damage, and think about gathering statements from trusted friends who can witness the issues.

    State The Issues

    Subsequently, inform the auto body shop about the issue. Many body shops offer warranties for their work, so inquire if they have such a guarantee and if they are willing to rectify the situation. Compare their initial quote before commencing the work with the final result, highlighting any disparities to the auto shop. If the front desk personnel cannot provide a satisfactory resolution, contemplate requesting to converse with their supervisor or, if necessary, the shop owner.

    Request A Refund or Promise of Delivery

    When discussing potential warranties with the shop, it is essential to maintain a calm demeanor. If the shop does not provide any guarantees for their work, consider inquiring about the possibility of receiving a refund due to the subpar quality of their work. If necessary, present the evidence of the damage and consider obtaining an estimate from another shop to determine the cost of rectifying the inadequate work.

    The body shop may respond in various ways. They may agree to reperform the work without additional charges, offer to redo the work at a reduced price, or decline to redo it altogether.

    Conduct Research Before Hiring Someone

    The factors mentioned emphasize the significance of conducting a comprehensive examination of an auto body shop before entrusting it with your vehicle. A trustworthy and officially certified auto repair shop typically exhibits five primary characteristics:

    • Favorable consumer reviews
    • Reasonable pricing or available financing options
    • Exceptional customer service
    • Certified technicians
    • A commitment to guarantee their work

    Consider Speaking to A Legal and Qualified Attorney

    Consider consulting a seasoned attorney for legal guidance if the auto shop proves uncooperative. Arash Law is at your service, ready to assist you in pursuing damages for car accidents, facilitating car repairs, and getting you back on the road. Our accomplished car accident lawyers are dedicated to advocating on your behalf.

    Suppose you face complications associated with interacting with mechanics or addressing vehicle repair issues. In that case, you can reach the expertise of the highly proficient car accident lawyers at Arash Law, led by Arash Khorsandi, Esq. Our decades of experience handling car accident cases will enable us to assist you in resolving issues regarding defective vehicles and determining the appropriate legal course of action.

    We take pride in extending our services across a multitude of locations throughout California, encompassing Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco, Riverside, Orange County, San Jose, San Diego, Anaheim, Bakersfield, Fremont, Fresno, Glendale, Gustine, Oceanside, Santa Ana, San Bernardino, San Luis Obispo, Santa Rosa, Tehachapi, and Visalia. Our dedicated legal team is accessible around the clock, ensuring our availability when you require our assistance.

    Our practice spans diverse domains of personal injury law, including the technicalities of handling challenging car accident cases. Start the initial steps toward a resolution by contacting Arash Law today at (888) 488-1391 for a complimentary case evaluation. Our exceptional track record of securing over $500 Million in client compensation is a testament to our legal expertise. Your journey towards justice commences with us.

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