What To Do After An Uber Accident

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    Millions of people use Uber for transportation because it’s a convenient way to get around without worrying about driving and looking for parking spots for their cars. Unfortunately, the widespread use of rideshare services makes accidents involving Uber vehicles inevitable. When the worst happens, you must take the proper steps that will help safeguard your well-being and protect your right to compensation.

    According to a study by the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, ridesharing services account for an approximate 3% annual increase in traffic fatalities. Although Uber aims to provide a solution to DUI-related car accidents, its drivers sometimes become part of the problem. Uber drivers also get involved in other types of traffic incidents, including red light running, speeding, and reckless driving.

    Uber accidents can be stressful and confusing. You must navigate a complex web of laws and regulations surrounding rideshare services as you deal with injuries, file insurance claims, and understand your legal rights and options. Whether you’re a driver, third party, or passenger in an Uber accident, you must take precautions to ensure your safety. It’s also important to understand the next steps, including pursuing damages through a personal injury claim.

    What Should You Do If You Get Into An Uber Accident?

    If you get injured in an Uber accident, you must take the following steps to protect yourself and your legal rights.

    Check For Injuries

    Safety should be your top priority. First, check for any injuries you may have sustained in the accident. Check for any bruising or cuts on your body. You might not be able to feel them immediately because of the adrenaline, but you have to make sure you’re alright. After doing so, ask if the other occupants are okay. If you’re an Uber passenger, check on the driver as well.

    Before getting out of the vehicle, make sure it is safe to exit. Once outside, find a safe spot to call and wait for the ambulance to arrive.

    Call 911 after an Uber accident

    Call 911

    Dial the emergency hotline or call local law enforcement for help after a traffic accident. It is crucial to have police at the scene to manage traffic and minimize tensions between those involved. Additionally, they will create an accident report, which can serve as evidence if you pursue a personal injury case.

    When speaking with the operator, describe the scene and any injuries as accurately as possible so they can send the appropriate help. Seek medical attention when the paramedics arrive, even if you feel fine. Adrenaline and shock can mask pain and injuries, and what may seem like a minor body ache could be a life-threatening condition. Bruising on your abdomen, for example, could be a sign of internal bleeding or organ damage. Immediately seek medical attention for these severe bodily injuries.

    Document The Accident

    If you are injured in an Uber accident, you need to document as much information as possible about what happened. You and your personal injury lawyer may need this evidence later when you file a claim.

    Be sure to take plenty of photos or videos of the accident scene. Focus on capturing the vehicles’ positions on the screen, any damage sustained, and nearby traffic signs. Additionally, take note of any relevant details, such as road conditions and weather, at the time of the accident.

    Lastly, include critical evidence that might disappear quickly, such as skid marks or debris. These can provide valuable clues about what happened. All this evidence can help the authorities and your Uber accident lawyer determine who’s at fault and establish the part of others involved.

    Gather Relevant Information

    Make sure you get everyone’s name, contact details, and insurance information from the crash. This includes the Uber driver, other drivers, their passengers, and bystanders.

    You must also get the details of the witnesses to the accident. Your Uber accident lawyers may need to contact them later to verify your story.

    Seek Further Medical Help

    Seek Further Medical Help

    You should see a doctor immediately after the accident, even if your injuries seem to be minor. Getting a more thorough medical evaluation can help you understand the gravity of your injuries and avoid further complications. Many injuries manifest immediately after an accident, while some signs and symptoms may appear days or weeks afterward. For instance, victims who sustain brain injuries may not necessarily feel anything wrong with them until their condition becomes life-threatening.

    Furthermore, failure to seek medical treatment might jeopardize your claim. The insurance company might argue that the accident did not cause your injuries or that they weren’t as severe as you claimed. You might not have medical records to prove otherwise.

    Contact An Uber Accident Lawyer

    If you’re injured in a rideshare accident, reach out to the best Uber accident lawyers near you. Skilled attorneys for Uber accidents can help you determine whose insurance covers your losses and injuries. Your lawyer, who will handle your Uber claim, can assist you in recovering compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, physical therapy costs, chiropractic visits, time spent recovering, and even childcare costs.

    Your Uber accident lawyers will deal with the insurance companies by showing proof of the responsible party’s negligence and negotiating for the highest compensation possible. They will make sure you get appropriate compensation from all parties responsible for your injuries and losses.

    Being represented by good Uber accident lawyers also protects you from the insurance company’s tactics to lower your payout as much as possible. Your personal injury attorneys can prevent you from signing documents or saying something that can harm your claim. They will also safeguard you from being unfairly blamed by the opposing parties and their insurers.

    Filing An Insurance Claim After An Uber Accident

    After an Uber accident, you must file an insurance claim to recoup your expenses and get compensation for your non-economic losses, such as pain and suffering.

    Who’s Responsible For Compensating You?

    You can file a claim with your insurance company in no-fault states, regardless of who caused the accident. California is an at-fault state, which means the individuals or entities responsible for the accident are also responsible for paying you. You must file a personal injury claim with their respective insurance companies to get monetary reparation for your damages.

    Who Are The At-Fault Parties In An Uber Accident?

    Determining who is liable for accidents involving Uber can be difficult. It can involve one or all of the parties below:

    • The Uber Driver — The Uber driver is responsible for the accident if it is proven that their wrongful action or inaction caused it.
    • Uber — The company can be held accountable if the accident happened due to its direct negligence, such as failure to screen its drivers properly.
    • Another Driver — If another driver is negligent, whether in a car, motorcycle, or truck accident with Uber, they will be held liable for any injuries or damages.
    • Other Third Parties — Depending on the specifics of the case, government agencies, car manufacturers, and even pedestrians could share responsibility for an Uber accident.

    You need personal injury lawyers who specialize in Uber accidents to find out who’s on the hook for compensating you. They can also assist you with the claims and legal processes.

    Does Uber Cover Accidents?

    Uber classifies its drivers as independent contractors rather than employees. This classification can further complicate the process of holding the rideshare giant liable for an accident. Nevertheless, Uber provides a third-party liability insurance policy for its drivers. This policy covers passengers and other people involved in an accident where the Uber driver is at fault. The extent of coverage depends on several factors, specifically the period during which the accident occurred.

    The four periods of Uber insurance are:

    Does Uber Cover Accidents

    • Period 0 — If the driver is not logged onto the app, Uber does not provide coverage. In this situation, the driver acts as a private person, and their activities are unrelated to their status as a ridesharing company contractor.
    • Period 1 — During this period, the driver is logged onto the Uber app but still waiting for a booking. Uber’s liability coverage applies if the driver’s insurance does not fully cover the claim amount. Uber provides a minimum of $50,000 per person injured, a total of $100,000 for injury liability per accident, and $25,000 for property damage.
    • Period 2 — Once the driver has accepted a trip and is driving to pick up the rider, liability coverage increases to $1 Million.
    • Period 3 — This period starts as soon as the driver picks up a passenger through the app and ends when the passenger exits the vehicle. The insurance coverage is the same as in Period 2.

    When filing a claim with Uber, the compensation you can get will depend on the period in which the accident occurred.

    How Do I Submit A Claim To Uber?

    You can submit a report to Uber through their website or the Help section of their app. Provide a detailed description of the incident, including the time, date, and location. Additionally, describe the injuries you sustained and the damage to vehicles or any property.

    You may also have to upload documentation, such as photos of the accident scene, medical records, and proof of vehicle damage. Otherwise, keep them safe for your Uber accident lawyers and once Uber representatives contact you.

    Uber will review your claim and contact you for further questions or updates. It’s important to note that if you were involved in an accident, you should also contact your insurance company immediately.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Should I Accept The First Settlement Offer From The Insurance Company?

    In most cases, declining the insurance company’s initial offer is advisable. Typically, it takes more than one round of negotiations to arrive at a fair amount that will cover all your past, current, and future losses in relation to your Uber accident.

    The insurance company will likely offer an early settlement to lower their financial risk. They’ll take advantage of your vulnerability, hoping you’re unaware of the full extent of your injuries and damages. However, remember that the case is over once you accept an offer. You can’t file another claim or sue the insurer if you find out later that you need more money for your medical and other expenses.

    As a general rule, you should not sign any document, give recorded statements, or agree to anything without talking first to the best Uber accident lawyers who can represent you. They’re your legal advocates and can advise you on the best course of action for your specific situation.

    Can I File A Lawsuit Against Uber After An Accident?

    Yes, you can sue Uber under certain circumstances. However, you must prove that the rideshare company’s direct negligence caused the accident and your resulting injuries. Here are a couple of scenarios where Uber could be held liable:

    • The company failed to enforce safety measures over a known risk, leading to an accident.
    • Despite several complaints, Uber did not deactivate a driver’s account, and the driver subsequently caused a collision.

    Note that drivers are not employees, so Uber doesn’t have automatic liability for the negligence of its drivers. Rideshare passengers may not be able to sue the company directly in most cases. You’ll likely need to consult experienced personal injury lawyers to see if you have a valid lawsuit against Uber.

    Will Uber Deactivate My Driver Account Even If The Accident Was Not My Fault

    Will Uber Deactivate My Driver Account Even If The Accident Was Not My Fault?

    If you’re an Uber driver and you get involved in a car accident, Uber will most likely deactivate your account temporarily, regardless of whose fault it was. The company has to investigate first to see if you’re a safety risk to passengers. You can get your account reactivated if they find that you’re not at fault, and only then can you continue accepting passengers.

    Are Uber Drivers Required To Have Insurance?

    Yes. Uber drivers must maintain auto insurance coverage. Insurance is crucial for rideshare drivers because if they are not on the clock, they are not covered by Uber’s accident insurance.

    Do I Need An Uber Accident Attorney?

    Some signs will tell you if you need to hire a lawyer for your Uber accident. First, you sustained injuries from the accident. Next, the negligent party’s insurance is offering you a low-ball settlement. Another important thing you should note is that Uber accident claims are much more complicated when their insurance is involved. You might also be confused about the claim process. In this scenario, you’ll definitely need to work with an Uber accident lawyer to win your case.

    How Do I Find The Best Uber Accident Lawyers For My Case?

    When choosing an Uber accident lawyer, look for personal injury attorneys with the necessary experience to win your case. Ask around in your family and friends or community for referrals. You may also check out Yelp, Google reviews, and other platforms that allow you to compare attorneys based on their client ratings, fees, and other factors.

    You should also consider that if your case needs to go to trial, your Uber accident lawyer should be able to present it in court. Other attributes you should look for when seeking legal help include success rate, honesty, open communication, and genuine care for your well-being.

    Arash Law provides experienced personal injury attorneys who have handled a wide range of cases, including Uber accidents. We follow a “no win, no fee” policy that gives our clients confidence and peace of mind that we only work for their best interests.

    Get In Touch With Experienced Uber Accident Lawyers

    Get In Touch With Experienced Uber Accident Lawyers

    If you’re injured and thinking, “I need a personal injury lawyer for my Uber accident,” then look no further. Reach out to our Uber accident lawyers, who are always ready to help you.

    Arash Law, under the direction of Arash Khorsandi, Esq., handles challenging cases like rideshare accidents with Uber and Lyft. We know the ins and outs of the laws governing personal injuries, car accidents, and ridesharing services. Our Uber accident attorneys will assist you in filing a claim and negotiating with insurance companies. If necessary, our personal injury lawyers will represent you in court.

    Whether you are an Uber passenger or someone who suffered injuries from the accident, you may have the right to compensation. We operate on a “no win, no fee” policy. This contingency fee agreement assures our clients that we’re working towards the same goal. Call us at (888) 488-1391 for a free consultation.

    Our personal injury lawyers represent Uber accident victims all over California, including Glendale, Orange, Anchor Bay, Lower Lake, Middletown, Calistoga, St. Helena, Yountville, Napa, Fairfield, Vacaville, Brooks, Esparto, Vallejo, Novato, San Rafael, Concord, Pittsburg, Woodland, San Joaquin, San Diego, Sacramento, San Jose, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Barbara and Riverside.

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